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I have that as a suit. Excellent stuff, and a color that looks quite dark in winter and shows more of the herringbone when spring gets closer. It would probably work as a jacket by itself, especially if you did the roll 2.5/patch pockets thing. Edit: I might have the char blue HB on the next page. Either way, it's worth thinking about.
He can also make boring ones if you ask nicely. I have a few pair of those.
No Saphir or GlenKaren?
Or EDT. Sorry.
Among two Neapolitan data points that has been true for me also. I also prefer a bit of structure (SR not HK), but am fine with taking my belt seriously as a solution.
I see that the laptop bag is smaller than the original briefcase but a tad deeper. Does it hold the portfolio as well, and, if so, is there room for the Lenovo X1 Carbon charger, etc.? This is all sounding a bit like Russian dolls, but I am trying to figure out a practical mix for travel.
And multiplication.
There's an interesting group.
Do they even make cows that big?
I subscribed to chestnut, but if tan were the one available I would probably go for that just as easily.
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