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Time flies like an arrow.Fruit flies like a banana.
Would that be the Fresco-esque New Fine Worsted?
In Cold War days there was a joke going around East Germany.It seems that there was a rancher in Texas who had heard about how hard it was to buy a Trabant, with 8-year waiting lists, etc., that he insisted on getting one for his collection.The East Germans were so thrilled to be on the other end of a hard-currency trade that they rushed him to the factory for a personal tour, and sent him home with a car after he wrote a check.He never stopped bragging about it to his...
Hitchcock is much of the same house style, and is used to working with guys who are not rail-thin. In particular, I like how he's nailed the drape problem to have fantastic mobility in the arms without losing shape through the chest and waist.Of course, he isn't in New York every weekday.
Two useful lines from professors I've heard over the years. One was a health-care policy guy that I didn't like much, but who could be clever. He stopped one of my more irritating classmates (a lawyer, as it happens) by saying "'With all due respect' is one of the most thoroughly passive-aggressive things you can tell someone." Then there was the famous literary critic who recalled once a faculty meeting where someone said "You know, George is a real asshole. Of...
21-oz corduroy is very useful stuff. Obviously twills will behave differently, but no reason not to experiment.
Rangoon is a Minnis tropical, a bit stockier than Lesser SFT. Figure 8-9oz.
None of which are in the standard books (esp. the dark blue)?
Different strokes. I run warm, but I've found the linens to be just fine in the summer, and the Brisa throughout cool summer through warmer spring and fall. At this moment, I'm wearing a jacket made of the donegal. The cool, damp weather of Oxford makes that a logical choice. We'll see how it feels on the east coast when I get home tonight. In the winter, the biggest limitation is central heating. If you deal with rooms heated to much above 72, "winter weight" isn't...
A lifetime's supply of brown sport coats right there.
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