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Solito was collaborating with Ambrosi when he had so much trouble getting back to NY for fittings. So it does sound like him. Perhaps someone else in Naples was bailing him out on his overdue work?
Have you thought of Glaser Designs?
I've never seen a tailor with this stuff around. Are there distributors in the US or London?
There's an 11 oz whipcord in one of the books-- a medium-firm twill, sort of a relaxed gabardine. You normally see it in grey or tan, but there is at least one maker (Holland & Sherry? Minnis?) who has olive and slate blue in the lineup.
I have no idea about this particular fabric, but it's the same weight as Lesser SFT and Harrisons Mystique. So if you're not expecting Guardsman kind of crispness, it would likely do OK.
What constitutes a roll?
Some time back, Carl from CEGO gave a pretty nasty review to most of Acorn's lines. I don't know if he was speaking more about feel under the hand (or machine), or if there was some objective history with wear or shrinkage. Either way, if justified, it is a shame, because their colors and styles are very classic.
Mirage is a very good sport jacket material for spring or cool summer wear. Obviously not ideal for the office, but not very flashy either, and it tailors beautifully. I have one of the blue herringbones, and I like it a lot.Steven Hitchcock put some of the Sunbeam on his blog not too long ago. You'd have to want a bright color, but it has promise.
How much is one roll, and what do they normally charge per yard/meter?
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