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When I was in college, I had a thrifted Harris tweed, probably made in the 60s. Pea-green base, with competing overchecks in grey, white, and sky blue.I called it my puke-colored jacket. Its main virtue, apart from fitting surprisingly well and costing me only $15, was that it went equally well with everything I owned.
I've been to the Jermyn Street shop a few times. There is an older guy who is vaguely helpful one out of three times. A very young sales guy, though, was great. And maybe last year there was a young woman who was also very helpful.
I have some money that disappeared for a pure cloth order maybe 1.5 years ago. Is that the one you're policing?
Are those prices correct-- 10 and 12/GBP?
Has anyone tried Yorkshire Textiles (YTC) for suits? Saw their small book at a shop recently and it seemed to have potential.
There may be a trick to washing shirt fabric that I'm not aware of. Luckily, Ascot Chang tends to do that quite mercilessly as a matter of routine. Any shirts I'll be subjecting to hotel laundries generally come from them. Not sure about NsM-- Mina still warns me about anything but the most careful laundering.
Those soles are definitely miles away from the standard MTO. What sort of upcharge these days, and were you hit with any restrictions on what they wouldn't do?
Nice pussy. has 337s.
Just got my pair (finally!-- not their fault, though). Very good, obviously handmade, fit not bad. I did get measured in Warsaw, but did not have a fitting. They seem a little big at the moment, although maybe the heels' softening will change how my feet feel on that issue. Otherwise, I can see using medium instead of fine socks to increase the comfort. I'm still forming opinions about the proportions. The photos of models on their website are quite stunning-- mine...
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