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And here I am, wearing the new (1st-generation) shoes in my Warsaw hotel room. Wonderful quality, and an excellent fit-- even if that be improved a micro-meter next time. A bit more solid than the best English shoes, and maybe 1/4 inch longer than my Cleverleys, but still very comfortable and elegant. Excellent support. I'll take them for a spin over cobblestones when the rain finishes up later this week in England. First bet is that they will behave well. Only...
Are there other shades available? The original is based around chestnut, but runs from light tan to almost black, depending on the kind of abuse it suffered. Also, FYI, the Duke of Cornwall allowed salvage only if the premiums was kept to a reasonable sum. I do not know what that amounts to at the moment, but it used to be less than 500/pair. New & Lingwood sometimes carry loafers that would provide a more current gauge.
From an e-mail this morning: Dear friends, Winter SALES have started in Greece and we participate with a 30% discount on our ENTIRE collection. Visit our store now to see the new attractive prices at K
Lamlana also worth a look.
Is that an Eric Glennie collar?
So where does that leave Ralph?
If you want to see the effect of construction, eliminate as many variables as much as possible. Specific workmen, different kinds of fabric, etc., will all have an impact on what we experience. Why introduce differences in all of those while trying to compare 3-fold vs. 6-fold? I suppose if you already know what Hober's brand of reppe silk is, and are also thoroughly familiar with the Japanese wool/silk blends used by Vanda, then you're OK. But I'm guessing that if you...
I love Vanda ties, so those are worth a look. But they are usually without much in the way of linings, and use a much more idiosyncratic repertoire of silks.To get a cleaner comparison of construction methods, try maybe two Macclesfields or Oxford weaves with Hober.
A lot may depend on the quality of fabric selected. Of course, if you're not committed to only one tie, you could run your own experiment.
Is there a category within that works better or worse?
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