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Is that 13 different patterns still in stock?
3636 will have a lot more room and look a lot more stubby. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
Perhaps it is the source of Triscuits?
That is how it is supposed to work. If you get a different deal (and there was a time when some did), your fellow shareholders are subsidizing your trading.
Yes, on all points. The jacket looks very A&S, except that the boutonnieres suggest somebody from another continent. As do the buttons, of course.
Of course, older people often have more fully-stocked closets and so can take a bit of risk.
God, she's overdressed.
Lower looks more Italian. Personally, I don't care for it most of the time. That's one thing the Brits have nailed properly.If you want to have fewer than 2 buttons showing at the top, try a 3B jacket, with or without a roll to 2.5. Certainly for tweed or flannel, there should be no problem.
Maybe a scan of your RTW list would be more helpful... BTW, the new samples in your shop of the 700-pound RTW (or is it semi-bespoke?) are really gorgeous.
Oh, come on. You don't remember getting jeans that you had to grow into when you were a kid? Totally part of the look.
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