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Damn. I made a point of ignoring BMW convertibles ever since they started paying James Bond to use them, but this looks very nice. Who made it? Looks rather like a mid-50s Mercedes. No gull-wings, of course...
Not sure I like the fabric, but an excellent piece of tailoring.
What is that exactly? What length available, etc.
I tried Dainite once, on Edward Green shoes. It took no time at all for the spikes to wear down, and the soles were then like bars of soap. Resoled with double leather.
Maybe the best solution (which I intend to try) is GlenKaren conditioner/cleaner followed by some of the Cleverley stuff to restore the smell.
But tell us about the jacket!
Not always. Sometimes you don't get the stamp on your pass, and if you're not careful about wearing shoes without metal (**COUGH:alden:COUGH**), you'll still have to remove them at the x-ray.Even so, it's a frequent and pleasant reminder of pre-9/11 security regimes.
Is that corduroy or moleskin?
Nope-- but you should find out pretty quickly.
Aesthetically, F aims right at where the 82 has come to rest. Its normal width, however is more trim than the E82. There are people who can wear both, but for me the 82 needs more than a little conditioner and patience, and so I had to go to a wide F. I have since decided that even that doesn't work so well for me. Its shape is less bespoke-looking when my foot gets squeezed in -- a bit of the pie-server thing going on-- and it is not nearly so comfortable as the 82.An...
New Posts  All Forums: