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Graduated today. And wore a stiff wing collar for the first time.
Hell, I wore a winter suit about twice last year. (Boston). The almanac predicts different weather this winter, but we ar still waiting.
If you gotta have two breasts, may as well make them good.
Getting rid of the VAT would bring it down close to the Sam Hober price on unlined 8-folds. Not that I've ever felt the urge to get those from there.
Crispaire is smoother and finer (if less porous). I think it is in its own book. It is the website that sucks.
And, of all things, I am thinking of finding a place where I can push beyond my master's thesis. [Graduation next week---yay!] Given, however, that the good US programs are (a) paranoid about rankings (I.e., how many young bodies they can shove into academia), (b) jealous about how they dole out a finite number of scholarships, and (c) insistent on the need to get yet another master's degree before seven years of indentured servitude, I'll probably be aiming for...
3.5 will be pretty neutral. 3.25 a tad more Mad-Men-ish without being extreme. Try one or both and see how you feel.
The crease is OK, but the fly seems to be made to facilitate c-sections.
What is the width of your current favorite?
These are quite beautiful, and different from most other lines of good ties out there. A few questions: The most recent models are 9cm wide, which is a good standard width. Will that be usual from now, or will pre-orders have a chance to specify width and length? Do prices include VAT, and will that be removed for shipments out of the EU?
New Posts  All Forums: