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Thanks. Now I see what you meant.
Sorry-- just to clarify, the Po'W patterns of the Dugdale wear coolest (b/c they are hopsacks, maybe?) and the greys are cooler than any other solid color in the book?
I think there was some recent talk about the Dugdale, which looks like an attractive solution to the problem. Some writers, though, said either that their particular pattern wasn't so hot (i.e., effective) or that they'd noticed performance differences between patterns. I have no idea how you'd sort out the latter part of that in advance, and it may be an urban legend anyway.
Much depends on how you experience heat and humidity. For real summer, I'd avoid any Fresco but the lightest. The 10oz and 15oz are pretty scratchy when your skin gets red. Same with Finmeresco-- the midweight is more for spring than summer, but the lightweight is nice, if not insanely durable. Piuma is more elegant than either, although might benefit from air conditioning to cope with the extra ounce of wool and slightly finer weave. I just got my first Piuma suit ...
Piuma is softer and somewhat more tightly woven than either light or mid-weight Fresco. More like a heavy version of the lightest Finmeresco, or maybe a luxury Crispaire.Brisa is nominally heavier than the 10oz Fresco, but is both finer in texture/more flexible and (I think) more porous, so it really doesn't feel like 13oz. Although different, those two are fairly good substitutes for one another.
Well, I'm going to take delivery later this spring on a (more or less) navy blazer that is Fresco. 2 buttons, 2 patch pockets. Darker than 520, but not midnight blue. Not optimal, but I need something for spring and summer that will travel well and survive warm rooms for dinners and left coast business meetings. And there always seems to be something wrong with summer blazer fabrics. Compromises and difference-splitting everywhere. I did/do also have the lightest...
Brooks Brothers socks?
GlenKaren has a useful and much less toxic line of conditioners/waterproofers. No idea what their waxes are like.
Maybe in Scotland it would work, but as much as I like Steadfast cloths, they don't stay useful into warm spring days, let alone summer. If you want hopsack, there are a few in the Fox worsted book. One is 11/12, I think, and that has a better shot of solving your problem. Otherwise, if you were tempted by Crispaire, the standard Fresco II navy blues look pretty substantial even if they are only 10oz. There is also, of course, the Fresco 14/15oz, which will be more...
The big win on the interior would be if they can get headroom into the back seat. That's the one major failing of the S (apart from it being too damned big for a lot of urban driving).My guess is that they get close. The profile is more 328GT than 328i, and that's a great car for tall people. Add in the glass roof, and you've got some possibilities.
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