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One of the nicest-looking IWC Pilots. If they did the same in 38.5mm I'd think about it.The big problem with pilots in general, for me, is that the water-resistance tends not to be great. Which is logical, as you won't be worrying too much about the exact time or the health of your jewelry if forced to bail out into the ocean from a fighter jet. Still, as someone who sails rather than flies, it's an irritating omission.
the liability-driven asset allocation.
Damn.Of course, those who like Minnis 12oz and want this effect, but don't want special order pricing with two rounds of postage (possibly with Customs each way) now have the option of Minnis 510067, which might get you most of the way there.
Can someone figure out what they do so we can apply the same to Vass shell?
We took delivery today of the Golf SE, and I drove home from the dealer. Very adequate all around, with nothing excessive about it. We got the high-tech lighting package, but passed on the Driver Assistance stuff, which saved about $1,500 and a lot of distraction while driving. I'm not smart enough to use all of that help intelligently. So far it seems to drive at least as well as the Saab 9-5 when it was behaving well. That's getting harder to remember, as the engine...
Are those built with elastic?
I think so. Your shoes will say 7/7.5 inside, so the US website will just say 7.5.
But that's the crucial piece. In addition to what you have to put up with before then.
Nice post on Perry's work, which is somewhat under-appreciated. There are shops with more conspicuously fabulous cosmetic work (G&G, Fosters, the better French & Italian shops), but Perry gets a brilliant fit and creates some of the most elegant lasts going. Also, now that the Brits have hiked their prices, he is quite competitive on the international scene as far as that goes.
I hope you find it.
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