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Who else have you used? I've heard from some others that Huntsman is on the built-up end of the scale.
Will they be making their signature padded shoulders for it, or will the cloth hold up by itself?
No, Waldenbags.
Or stop buying her shirts for $400 and move on to Louis where you can pay $800 and up for Kiton that might not be your size. I've heard that their shirts are very nicely made.
Very similar, maybe just a hair darker than what you posted. Now I see you meant regular Cognac shell, which for all I know is the same as Saddle.
It may vary by batch. I have a pair of antic cognac, and it looks nothing like the pix of saddle or whiskey. More like one of the lighter versions of EG's dark oak.
5 = 2.5 x 2. Put a sport jacket in the bank. Either that, or have a very relaxed suit for the proverbial museum visits on Sunday.
Is there some confusion here between the prices paid in the US for NsM shirts and what one can get on the ground in Naples? I'm all for saving money and so on, but it's hard to get uncritically behind a recommendation that starts with "hop a flight to Rome."
These guys still in existence?
I see on eBay that Ascot Shoes is selling some models on the "New Budapest" last. WTF is that? P2 or P3, or is there some other model out there that nobody's heard of?
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