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There may be a trick to washing shirt fabric that I'm not aware of. Luckily, Ascot Chang tends to do that quite mercilessly as a matter of routine. Any shirts I'll be subjecting to hotel laundries generally come from them. Not sure about NsM-- Mina still warns me about anything but the most careful laundering.
Those soles are definitely miles away from the standard MTO. What sort of upcharge these days, and were you hit with any restrictions on what they wouldn't do?
Nice pussy. has 337s.
Just got my pair (finally!-- not their fault, though). Very good, obviously handmade, fit not bad. I did get measured in Warsaw, but did not have a fitting. They seem a little big at the moment, although maybe the heels' softening will change how my feet feel on that issue. Otherwise, I can see using medium instead of fine socks to increase the comfort. I'm still forming opinions about the proportions. The photos of models on their website are quite stunning-- mine...
Those appear to be Macclesfields. Also, there's a Mogador pattern on the site now that looks a little like the light blue one.
Does EG have a close equivalent to GG's Hatch Grain ( Utah seems to get most of the way there, but as far as I can tell it's a different beast.
No biggie. I think my W Bill linen jackets are not fully lined, but humidity will eventually travel through lining. Heavy linen is powerful stuff.The main thing is to avoid the super-fine cotton/plastic bag effect in your shirts. Without getting that right, your suit matters zilch.Some would say that the right undershirt can help. Unfortunately, the best weave I've seen from Zimmerli is very short in the body, and I have a long torso. And I normally never wear...
LL is very useful-- very heavy, but quite comfy. In the DC area, you want anything that won't cause humidity to stay right on your skin. I've used NsM and Ascot Chang for those, as well as Budd with a similar-quality batch of Irish linens. No special change from my usual style, although sometimes Ascot Chang has softened their (unfused) collar for me. I also got them to copy a Mercer unlined button-down, and they didn't screw up that errand the way most bespoke makers...
They have what they call the Londoner with stitching on the vamp/toe. More urban-looking, but the same general appearance.
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