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If you know what high and low prices for individual stocks are, by all means trade. Just be aware that you'll be buying from, or selling to people who think they know as much as you-- or at prices set by people who really might know more than you. The problem isn't that you're dumb, it's that a lot of other people are smart. The dumb ones get kicked out, and at the end of the evening everyone has left the poker table except Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, and you. If you...
If you hold onto that, you'll know more than a lot of people.
Thanks, all, for making my indecision worse.
I'm about to commission a pair of oxfords in black shell cordovan. The only question is how much broguing. Has anyone done oxfords in shell who can share special success or letdown in that department? I'm thinking F last (G width), in either model 62 (plain cap-toe), 77 (quarter-brogue), or 76 (semi-brogue), all from the Italian page on their website. Metal taps on the toes but otherwise nothing unorthodox.
At least he's buying. But-- God! what a mess. If he ever wanted to lighten up on foreign equity, which shares would he sell, and how many?
Very suit-like. Maybe with three patch pockets...
http://www.intweed.co.uk/goods-for-sale/overcheck-tweeds A few alternatives.
The tile third from the bottom-- that is a light/French navy and a midnight navy?
Haven't made any up yet but it is softer and more (surprisingly) luxurious than Finmeresco. It is to standard tropical what the Mistral is to heavy-duty serges at the other end of the scale.
All the same, I might try the wide-fitting version of F for some black shell oxfords. Foul winter weather and all that.
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