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So you think this fit him when he was slimmer and turned into a poncho as his waist grew?
If it isn't a black tie event you will be fine.
Kahneman and Tversky did work on that.
Two negatives making a positive? ("First I thought those monks were ugly, but now I see that they're way better than the chukkas you're also wearing.")
Depends on where you spend your summer.
This no longer applies to a lot of people, but because it burns up your annual gift, the 529 plan is remarkably inefficient from the point of view of estate tax. You can pay tuition directly without any gift/estate tax consequences, which is a big savings on estate tax when you also give to a minor's trust or UTMA/UGMA account. Even better, grandparents can pay tuition directly, which saves both estate tax and generation-skipping tax, assuming they were hoping to leave...
Smith Finmeresco (9oz and 12oz) might have your color. The 12oz is softer than the 10oz Fresco, which might make it more comfortable in heat. YMMV. Also, the Dugdale New Fine Worsted allegedly has a bit of Fresco's twist, with more of the Lesser urbanity. There were some slightly mixed reviews on this thread, but it is still probably worth a look.
That's a little odd, given that they make the 9-10oz Wheat and Sand...
Last fall I got the black 82 Chelseas with that sole. It is very effective.
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