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Has anyone tried a 325 in D width? I fit 335E pretty well but prefer the look of 325, even though it leaves more "wobble room" than is ideal.
Oh, go on-- claim your own 15 minutes.
much of Minnis/HFW website, nor just Fresco.
Did you see it in the flesh? B/c some of those photos are pretty awful.
I had a black-tie rig made from the lightest Finmeresco. Smiths has re-done the book, but there should be at least one black in there.
If you have a standard model in mind, bring a picture unless you're sure you can specify it in their lingo. Think if there are any required extras, like toe taps or thick soles. They'll ask what kind of toe shape you want-- have a theory about round vs square. If you get a chance to specify overall shape, remember that "Blobb" often defaults to potato shape. Not sure if their current staff is still working that end of the spectrum.
Meaning what-- you have to be an English 'public' school alumnus?
London or Paris?
Depends on the foot. I take 11E in E.G. 82 (and 888, if I didn't find the toes too prominent, and my only pair of G&G is 10.5F, after a consideration of 11F.
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