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Keep us posted on that. If you look on the LL site there is a nice donkey flannel that Alden had made up-- that would be a nice model.
I have enough for 2 suits-- just in case there's a disaster or I lose 30 pounds in 10 years. I think version 1.0 will be 3pc, notch lapels. Not sure about 2b or roll 2.5. It will essentially be a city suit for cold-weather days when I don't need to be unbelievably formal. Having my own office in Boston makes both all three of those things possible.Version 2.0 might well be DB-- we'll see how it behaves and what successes other folks have.The other problem is which...
The second-- but anyone buying the first will have more than one jacket to choose from.
At one point, his wife became very ill. That was what upset his schedule when he tried a few years back. I don't know if she made it through, or if he wants to stay closer to home for other reasons.
My first employer was a (profoundly mediocre) mutual fund company that took itself private. Their 401(k) required investment in their funds, which were so expensive (200bp expenses, plus lousy performance) that I wouldn't buy in. They did match contributions up to a point, but only with funds. They wouldn't let the equity in the management firm trickle down until they started having cash-flow problems. Then they started using stock to match contributions-- just when...
A lot of hat-sized remnants there.
IRR can be interesting, but can also conceal a lot. Without time-weighted return of the whole portfolio, you have no meaningful measurement of the manager's usefulness.
Many different flavors of drape. Steed, Mahon, Hitchcock (Jr) and Hitchcock (Sr) deliver very different-looking and -feeling jackets, even if they're all obviously not mainstream-traditional SR.There may be some technical choices involved--cut, construction, handling of the iron-- or it might just be what each cutter in his mind's eye thinks is possible and desirable for a given physique. Remember-- they're all varied heights and builds. What each sees in the mirror...
You're not the only one. Sometimes "rock of eye" makes you look the way the tailor wants you to look.
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