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It's not an enormous selection of shirt fabrics, but what they have is good-- much of it remarkably good. And they're cool about CMT, if you have another source you want to use instead. There is a default taste toward tight shirts in Naples, but if you come in with a well-cut Jermyn Street creation that is more spacious and say you like it that way, they'll work to accommodate. I think I've made maybe four tweaks to my pattern since starting. Well, the first one was a...
Nice-looking pics, to confirm the nice-looking belts you've already made for me! On the rentetsu buckle, is there a reason that only two leathers are available? Also, what is the deal with the Mayfair sterling buckle? On some items it is available and on others, sold out.
A bit of a nose-picker, but/and it has great charm.
There is a nice scholarly article by David Cannadine about Bond. One thing to remember is that Fleming started by sketching a self-portrait: boring upper-class sprig serving his country and fighting boredom. His own preference for the film was (the young) Roger Moore. After the first two films, he filled out the portrait with a few Connery details. Even then, of course, Bond was a far cry from the World Famous Secret Agent that Hollywood manufactured.
And now I see that the Harrisons Flannel book has pretty much both of these covered (39226 and 39227). Has anyone been able to compare Harrisons to Minnis in this pattern? No sense doing a special order if it's in a book already.
Actually, to change my previous answer, I think a preferable solution if you were going to go that direction might be to unearth the "donkey" colored flannel such as the one that LL made a while ago. Portnoy had a suit made of it, and it was a nice informal mix of khaki and grey.
I usually get told 2.5m for a jacket, and 2m for trousers. There's obviously a little built in for safety-- one tailor I use was able to turn 4.5m into a 3-piece, and very nearly had enough for an extra pair of trousers. But with drape cuts, large patterns, DB, patch pockets, and so on, you often need more than the bare minimum.
No-- sort of camel/donkey over cream.
I'd be interested in at least one suit length (4.5/5m). While this pattern is a fairly dusty grey, it might have further legs if it were explicitly tan.
I'd certainly think about it.
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