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Best not to find out.
NFW looks interesting but haven't tried. Crispaire is a little heavier than the lightest Fresco and a slightly tighter weave. Maybe the most urban-looking of these. Too hot? Depends.Fresco is a bit stiffer and has a more open weave. The midweight chalk stripes actually look a bit like flannel.Not mentioned were the Finmeresco patterns. The 4-ply I used to like a lot, but is maybe a bit too soft for my taste. Not sure about that now. Their 3-ply lightweight is very...
Gabardine is very flat-- like a very dressy pair of chinos. Cavalry twill, on the other hand, has prominent ribs and will tend to take more abuse before it obviously needs cleaning and pressing. Not a bad idea if you're going to be wearing them while living on a horse. I think Venetian is more of a knit-type texture, but not sure.
I'd be interested to see what you're thinking about.
Has anyone else had trouble with their "military spec" black hardware? In particular, does it handle salt air gracefully, or is it prone to corrosion?
A&S occupy that building, but I don't know how precisely they would be mimicking the cut.
Looks like John Thaw (Inspector Morse).
Without VXX it would have been pretty ugly this week for the Roth IRA. Also helped by having half of this particular account in un-quoted gas royalties. Even if there isn't an actual illiquidity premium for private assets, being unable to sell on jitters is often a good thing-- for me, anyway. In any case, the news continues to be adequate to very good on those particular properties, so we'll see how that all works out in a few years.
It's the only LL Flannel from the heavy collection that I've had made, but it looks terrific as a suit. If you're not frightened by the weight, it is a good thing to try for cold weather.
Edo-Bitsu, Tinu-Winu Yolu polka-dut bikinu
New Posts  All Forums: