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Just make sure that her job isn't selling luxury products to successful VCs. You could end up with some unfortunately high correlations.
Without knowing anything about that cloth, I'd have to consider the signalling involved. Anyone who puts 10% cashmere into a suiting fabric is not telling you they value durability.
This is great. Never heard of them before, but they're obviously doing a lot right.
Quite true. Start with the Glorious Twelfth book for a few nice checks that are very similar to this one.
Very dark (Oxford) grey. For use with black shoes. Mid/charcoal grey. Whatever else floats your boat. Some variant of khaki could certainly work, or maybe slate blue. For very casual, a lot depends on the season. In warmer weather you could do white, yellow, Nantucket red...
Interesting. Which H&S book?
Hitchcock was trained as both, and will do some of his own work. But if you want a true one-man (or one-couple) shop, even that won't do. He does have a small stable of outworkers--- one of whom also works for Huntsman!
Fox has some interesting looking hopsacks. Very blazer-ish. Don't know how they behave in the wild.
Author and typist?
At the end of the day, what really matters is the product and how it works on the client's back. If Despos's shop has their way of making suits, that's great. His track record suggests that that is one way to make it work properly. The London shops have their misfires, but also a lot of success doing it another way. When my cutter at A&S retired, it came out that he had been using the same coatmaker for my stuff over 15 years or so. The guy worked out of his house 100...
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