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Ah, yes. One of the legendary gaps in Dege service. I can see why you went for it, though, as it is nice-looking. Perhaps specifying something a little less crisp in detail (notch lapels and open patches, even 3-button) would have made it more friendly.
Link to the post? Even if gone, it would be good to see.
What is the jacket material?
Those white ones are 3636?
Definitely looks like half of a business suit. You should be ashamed.
Normally I think of flannels as blazer-ish stuff if not being made into a suit. But there are probably some patterned ones that you could stretch over the border into sport jacket land. The 18oz London Lounge POWs might work, especially if you installed patch pockets or some other cue that it didn't start as a suit jacket. They're substantial enough that they almost look like tweeds.
Basically good design, but a very Italian palette, which I don't really care for. Check out some of the better Scottish equivalents.YMMV.
www.thelondonlounge.net .A discussion site whose owner creates high-end fabric for subscriptions among the members.
W Bill is a good staple, and has some excellent classic colors. For a significant premium, the London Lounge linens are even better, and there are a handful of colors that you can't get elsewhere. Not that you'll want your first suit to be anything other than light navy, mid/dark grey, or tobacco.
Gorgeous. Wide?
New Posts  All Forums: