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I did that-- it's a good suit but the b/w POW is a little brighter than I care for in town and a little too assertive for the weekend. Which is not a flaw in the cloth, just a recalibration of my taste at the moment. I'm hoping the Agnelli tweed will fade into the woodwork a bit more. It is more of a Town look.
Potentially perfect for the office in Boston. Put together, but not aggressively sharp. Get some black shell Budapester oxfords or Cleverley pigskin plain-toes and you're ready for the cool weather. Someone even did what might have been a nice DB, which is worth considering.
Second essay for my master's degree just came back, with loads of feedback and a decent grade.
Not only that, but if he botches something in the process and it's your cloth, there may be no way to replace the too-short arm, or whatever. If he's been going through his channels, he'll get the problem fixed one way or another.
Even more annoying is getting hit with duty when you ship it back to the country of origin to have it made up.
All true, although fault lines will vary by individual. For me, 11/12, 12/13, and 13oz worsteds (Lesser, Smith) aren't so different from each other in terms of comfort. 16oz worsted is noticeably heavier than all of them, as in harder to pack or wear if you're tired, and is substantially warmer as well. We'll see. I shall try to experiment a bit more with the Lesser 16oz book while it still exists this spring, for next winter. The good news is that a real winner in...
Oohh-- Neapolitans don't like braces, from what I've seen.
I don't know just how Neapolitan it is, but he did the same without being asked on a (linen) suit jacket for me. Perhaps luckily, this was made over a long period of time when I was losing weight, so I really can't wear it. Anyway, that is just my taste. You seem very comfortable in the suit, and that is what counts at the end of the day.
He does like that double stitching on the lapel. Very '70s, IMO.
Wow-- 36 pages of hate. You really join some interesting parties.
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