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82 fits me better, but 202 at its best does look better.
Now there's a real humble-brag.
Oops. Full marks for candor, though.
+1. There's nothing at all wrong with what you have. Still, going half a notch down would be worth a shot, especially because you're not especially heavy-set and have rather slim lapels. A well-balanced, early-60s look.
Probably should have. I ordered my normal wide F size and will probably be better selling the result. Not awful, but not quite right either.
My laptop's security is warning me away from SF, citing a phishing/identity threat. Anyone else seeing this?
Kudu is nice stuff. I got a plain-toed derby in that, but erred by (a) getting a shade lighter than what you have, and (b) getting talked into a 3-eyelet configuration instead of 5. Not ideal for my less than elegant feet. I did also do a pair of saddle oxfords with kudu saddles, which is fantastic.If I were to go that way again, I think it would be a cap-toed (Chelsea) or plain-toed oxford in dark-ish brown for all-purpose knocking about.
Some people can wear both. I generally fit OK in the P2 but need the next wider fitting in F. Even then, it doesn't always look or feel great.
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