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Anything noticeably lighter than the navy blue would be fine. So, seersucker (conventional blue/white), tan linen, tan faux tweed, cream, yellow, Madras would all work. Grey or tan would be fine for trousers, depending on what the top half is.[edit] Now I see that it's a conventional cloth shirt, not a knit. Same advice, but just be sure to keep everything casual, so you don't look like a movie-star/mobster wannabe. In the extreme, you could go for a linen sweater...
And now they're out of the Edward Green business. Oh, well. Good thing I didn't fly out to see them.
LeatherSoul doesn't require personal visits.
Well, I'll be on Jermyn Street in a few weeks, so I'll find out what they say. And perhaps triangulating to Northampton via Hawaii would produce a more satisfactory answer.
No to shell, or just shell in the unlined loafers? Because crup seems to be on the broader menu these days.I'd forgotten for a moment about C&J. I'll give them a try when next in London. Even if I have to wait for MTO, they do more than one flavor of shell. Alden created the look they're aiming for, but they do a nice version of it.
Aldens are certainly sturdily built, and, as you say, it is personal. For me-- not using the orthotics-- they are a little flatter and looser than ideal for my stance and gait. The Vass (so far-- they're still quite new) have higher heels and slimmer arch, coupled with a very sturdy sole. At the moment, I would place them not far from some of my best bespoke lace-up shoes as far as comfort. We'll see how it all works when the honeymoon ends.
Speaking of loafers, I'm just breaking in a pair of Vass on the wide (F width) F last. Antic Cordovan shell. Very beautiful shape-- they are more than their oxfords on the wide last, even thought the lake is a tad narrow for the purpose. Also much better support than Alden (Van 11E) and more substance than the Wildsmith slipper (standard-issue EG Harrow), while retaining 85% of its elegance. Anyway, I was thinking about shell loafers. The Shoe Mart is putting their...
That is my initial thought. It's a weird intersection of obligations-- useful for a suit, but will also do double-duty with a grey/black/white sport coat or sweater combo; can handle bad weather, and has enough texture to stand up to a flannel or cheviot tweed. If it's too heavily brogued, it might collect crud off the street and be hard to clean. But a simple cap-toe might not look good with anything other than a standard worsted suit, especially since I get one of...
Very attractive-- and nice to see such thoroughness.Does Nicholas have a storefront, or did you have to meet in the back of a pub somewhere?
I usually have trouble with the aesthetics of AE's lasts and modeling, but those are very nice looking indeed.
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