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Not identical, to say the least. My 202s are in wider fittings and while the derbies are OK, the oxfords never really worked even with a little increase built in over the top.By contrast, the standard width 82 fits me very well, even though I don't like the shape of it as much..
I'd assume they're using calf instead of reindeer, but damn, that's nice-looking.
Remember-- IRR gives you credit for allocating to your account at a fortunate time. But if you want to measure your management skill on the money that is actually in your account, you need to do time-weighted return. There's a reason that mutual funds and institutional managers never use IRR in their reported returns.
Is that her pussy?
Depends on what you need. The Dallas is very light weight, but so closely woven that it is really uncomfortable in humidity-- unless you wear a fantastic undershirt, which sort of defeats the purpose. Still, very elegant looking and will take up no space at all under a suit jacket. Capri is really good stuff. If you're still building a wardrobe of good shirts, start there. Anything finer than 120s (or 140s-- some of those can be very nice) touches on shameless luxury.
^^^ Really. I thought they were paying people to be assholes and firing people who weren't asshole enough. On a contrary note, an excellent value manager I employ just increased his exposure to WFC a small bit.
Fashions do change. When QEII was crowned in the early 50s, her husband apparently led a shift among the Mayfair set to showing no cuff. A military thing, perhaps.
Very nice!A&S?And who is the wearer?
Just picked up the first shirts I have knowingly had made from the Bonfanti Tessuti "Dallas" line. I'd thought this fabric would be a tad more substantial than the "New York", and maybe it is, but it is still astonishingly silky and light. The manager at Ascot Chang said that D&J Andersen's 170s book would be more durable. We shall see. Whether he's correct or not, I think the maximum value from Bonfanti will be their "Capri" line, which is elegant enough and quite...
Just a couple of weeks ago I did the same thing, while parking on the street. The tire blew immediately, although it had >50,000 miles on it, not 1,000. After we flipped over to the all weather/winter tires, we just discarded the other three from the OEM set.Not sure where that leaves you. Probably worth sending the pic to a pro you trust.
New Posts  All Forums: