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My usual size-- 45. I asked for wider and they suggested that "G" width would make it all work, given that P2 was a more or less exact match across the instep.
I'm not finding much volume in the toes, so there isn't any tell-tale shell creasing yet. Of course, the widest part of my foot is pretty far forward. And while the profile has just a hint of Central European DNA (or is that northern Italian?), they are remarkably svelte from any angle that doesn't involve sniffing carpet. Doubtless, the black color helps there, too.
OK, my F oxfords (wide fitting?) came today. Black shell, quarter-brogue. They are slim and elegant indeed. So elegant that they could plausibly be a bespoke London product, if you don't look too long. But so slim that I had trouble putting them on. Also, the quarters don't close up parallel the way they do for P2 and 3636 oxfords (normal width). There's still close to a centimeter's separation at the top. That said, they give decent support, probably better than P2...
Maybe. But P2 can look surprisingly svelte with the right model (and maybe the right day in the shop). One giveaway would be the soles. Are the waists beveled? Because I think that is only done for the Italian (F, U, K) lasts.
Nice collection-- even the U, which can look over-done in other styles and colors. It came out brilliantly here. I especially like the very English broguing of the first Burgundy oxford. Sometimes (as in the Antik Cognac F) they leave out the bit that goes up the quarters, which seems to create a bit of a mismatch. Do you find F to be any longer than P2, or narrower in the heel?
I guess his college apps just got interesting in a way he hadn't expected.
That's a bit of R&D expense with which to be sure.
I have some F oxfords in G width coming in a few days. Here's hoping.Reszo said that "it gives some 3 extra mm each way. Left and right!"Not sure exactly what he means by that, but he does think that it will fit me, given that P2 is a close fit on my foot. Normal-width F last I could just squeeze into if I wasn't going to walk, but I needed close to another 1 cm across the top of the laces to be able to be comfortable.
The tweed isn't very tweedy, but neither is it high-risk. If you like that color, you'll find lots of reasons to wear it.
Apart from moving your cuff buttons further away from your elbow, perhaps a discreet pattern or two. Herringbone, POW.
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