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A mock portfolio isn't a bad idea. Good habit to get into, though, which seems to be omitted by a lot of chatterers; track your performance. If you start with a hypothetical $100K and it goes to $105K, you're up 5%. You might learn more by figuring out your individual positions, and where /how you did well-- or not. But don't get so hung up on those you forget to measure your skill. People tend to look at the crumbs and assume the whole loaf is doing great.
Is it your intention to invest, to entertain yourself, or pay $2,000 for an education? Be sure of that before you make any further plans.
I was just in the Whitcomb & Shaftesbury shop, and they had some Ariston books with 13oz Irish linen. Very classic stuff, and less complicated than many of the patterns they're more famous for.
By dealing with the humidity, heavy linen buys you a lot of space on the thermometer. Especially if you use linen or linen blend shirts (and socks!).
I'm less than thrilled by that, but with a proper belt everything works pretty well.
That's two votes for hiking in polyester seersucker suits. I'll have to wait and see on that one.
Poly = lousy in hot weather. I am intrigued by that wool seersucker.
Actually, you can park outside your slip, close the front door, and use a remote to go the last 10 feet. And vice versa on the way out.Time will tell as the X becomes more established, but I think the real benefit of the rear door will be its height when open. A lot of people, some young, some quite elderly, might welcome the chance to stand before they hop out into the rain.
Has other drawbacks, though. "Two ties on sale! Oh, crap-- now I have to call my tailor for two more suits. "
I just sat in a Model X at their new Boston showroom. Very cool. The gullwings were frozen open, though, for display purposes so I couldn't see how they worked IRL. Are those rabbit ears on the blue Porsche?
New Posts  All Forums: