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Yikes. It's easy to want to gloat, but there was a lot of pain dished out to people who had no idea. That special needs mom's story hits close to home. People have seen worse, but it's still a huge blow.
Those don't look quite svelte enough to be F, so they're probably P2 or Peter. The second one, especially looks Peter-ish. Banana isn't totally out of the question, but I've seen so few of those I wouldn't want to make too wild a guess on that.
Is this Fidelity? They just asked me in last month for the same thing. No time for networking, and we were asked to comment on some pretty skeevy/unethical advertising they wanted to do.
It's been a while since I've had contact with the American Funds/Capital Group, and it wasn't on the retail side, but FWIW, it has always been known as a good organization. The funds tend to be very large and run by teams (Mr X gets 13%, Ms Y runs 7%, etc.), but for some reason they tend to make good use of the firm's thorough research. Whether that's continuing today, at high enough levels to earn the fees, I couldn't say.
I've got an Alden Glen Check tweed in the works that is about the same but with even a little larger check. We'll see if my shoulders are broad enough to confuse onlookers about that.
Logical first stops.Finmeresco comes in slightly different weights from Fresco, and is softer and more apparently refined. That doesn't always make for a better-looking jacket, but it's worth knowing. I prefer their lightest weight (3-ply) to the light Fresco, but am not sure how I feel on the 10/12oz comparisons. Only Fresco offers 15oz, which is a thing unto itself.
Tax-free growth is always good. If it goes on long enough, it might outweigh the gift/estate tax losses and account fees. I think the only other way to get that would be a Roth IRA.
If you know you're paying full freight and have the money to do so, you may be better off not opening a 529. Why? If your ultimate goal is to pass on funds to your family and lower estate tax, the 529 basically cuts your ability to do so in half. If you don't use one, you can still use custody accounts or minors' trusts to soak up your annual tax-free gift, and then pay for college yourself--- which is also free of gift tax and further lowers what winds up in your...
Has anyone run across the High Twist/Vintage and the Cool New Wool from Huddersfield Cloth Online? Both look promising.
New Posts  All Forums: