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Moving back to the less exotic, does anyone have favorite books from Smiths? My only recent purchases were a mohair blend tropical DJ (DB), and a suit that arrived today made from the Botany book. I'm deliriously happy with how that one looks and feels. The risk is that Harrisons will decide it's too close to the Lesser 13oz and won't renew the patterns when they go. This won't shape all of my purchases in the next year, but I'm really surprised how much I like the...
I don't know why the Osloer boot should be different from the Norweger shoe. It might have a closer relation to the Londoner with raised stitching, although I don't think that model has split toes.
Bear in mind that the length of Vass shoes varies a lot by last. Very roomy shoes can end up being on the short side.
Norweger makes any last look good.
Excellent. By now I've more or less forgotten exactly what is in the pipeline, so this would be a nice thing.
Perhaps they're so used to multiple currencies and foreign exchange that they assume expertise. IIRC, Hungarians got into a lot of trouble a few years ago because of mortgages denominated in Yen and Swiss Francs.
That would be convenient."When they were toe to toe, his nose was in it, and when they were nose to nose, his toes was in it."
I took them out this morning, and haven't yet returned them. I'm assuming they fit pretty well.
My usual size-- 45. I asked for wider and they suggested that "G" width would make it all work, given that P2 was a more or less exact match across the instep.
I'm not finding much volume in the toes, so there isn't any tell-tale shell creasing yet. Of course, the widest part of my foot is pretty far forward. And while the profile has just a hint of Central European DNA (or is that northern Italian?), they are remarkably svelte from any angle that doesn't involve sniffing carpet. Doubtless, the black color helps there, too.
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