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Interesting. My last shipment from them to HK cost nearly 50 quid. So that's a nice savings, if you were planning to have all that made up.I know that Acorn's taken some heat on this board from Carl-- has anyone recently tried the Grasmere or Cambridge cloths?
Hacking, almost certainly not. Ticket pockets can be OK. Apart from Butler (above), John Hitchcock of A&S likes ticket pockets on his own DBs. Nevertheless, there are arguments to keep the front of the jacket less complicated. Some would even do without flaps on the pockets.
I'm not familiar with these specific plans, but in general the relative merits of the plans depends on your tax status and what you expect it to be. If you expect to have a low-ish retirement income, a conventional IRA-type thing is better. You get deduction against your higher taxes now, and withdraw when you're in a lower bracket. Conversely, if you have a lot of money or expect to down the line, a Roth account is great. You do pay taxes today, but never again. ...
[/quote]It seems to me that Steven's tailoring has bumped up in quality in the last few years or so, but the prices listed on his website are now very much in the mainstream of SR. If he's correct that they don't include VAT, then he is no longer the economy option.
You've finished buying, then?
The lighter 3-ply flavor of Finmeresco handles differently from Fresco, and will be worth a look, depending on what colors you need.
Is the blue/black a winter weight? Also, what is the texture like? Looks almost like a thornproof, although I'm guessing the Italians would go a different direction.
Who made the blue/black (and how much of it)? Also, what is the weight of the Reid & Taylor?
For those, make REALLY sure that you're not naked.
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