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Like Lesser's, but a tad beefier. Nice stuff. I missed most of the sale but snagged some of the black, which I just turned into a suit for concerts and/or academic occasions. Unfortunately, with the postage from and then back to England, it wound up costing close to retail. I think ~B~ is selling some on one of his websites. I'm tempted, not that I need any more in the cellar.
Do they have a lot of those? I've occasionally seen samples of odd things, but I never know if they have an actual program going.
If anyone is interested in another Fresco order, I would suggest a run of the 15/16 oz stuff in a mid-charcoal grey that can be worn as a suit or under a blazer. The current range is too dark for that, and it would be a perfect use as travel gear.
I have P2 chukkas, and while they aren't a disaster from the last's point of view, they aren't nearly as nice as those Fs. They also didn't end up fitting as well as Vass usually does, but that's another story.I've got a pair of wide Fs in process, and if they work, that will imply some re-thinking of my casual shoe inventory.
Madder, challis, or grenadine in dark colors. Sam Hober has nice examples of all 3.
If it were F, it would almost certainly have the beveled waist. Too Central European in any case. Is this so you can replicate an order? Before you get hung up on the best-looking last, find out which ones you fit-- and don't .
Sturdier but not heavier (in the urban tweed family) would be Worsted Alsport II. There are a few windowpanes there. https://shop.hfwltd.com/collection/41
Maybe the first one, which seems to have more height/volume in the toe.
Yikes. It's easy to want to gloat, but there was a lot of pain dished out to people who had no idea. That special needs mom's story hits close to home. People have seen worse, but it's still a huge blow.
New Posts  All Forums: