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The Greeks voted No. First reaction was a 1% drop in the Euro. Should be an interesting week.
Not smoked, IIRC.
Oh, crud. I never knew that project had made it off the ground. Please post pics.
One interesting discovery this year was a white Scottish tea sold by Fortnum and Mason. Grown in Scotland (and presumably picked by Scottish monkeys off the cliff). One of the best teas I have ever had, although that may just be because the price frightened me into using distilled water at the correct temperature.
No basis for comparison to other Singapore destinations, but Raffles is lovely and offers the best room service food I have ever had anywhere.
Fed cuts in the extreme. Thanks for the insider tip.
The 120s with cashmere? Nice stuff that tailors very well, albeit not of industrial strength. If he needs a go-to-every-other-day kind of suit, that won't be the one. As for formality (the windowpane subtracts a little from that) or weight/warmth, I couldn't tell you what needs your friend is facing.
Luckily, the destruction of Europe's banking system won't have too much of an effect, either.
Blue pants? Perish forbid!
Maybe I'll place a phone call the next time I'm in England. I have a college e-mail and address that might work as a mail drop.
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