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There's one around here that is priced around $31k. For all of its weirdness, it could be a useful and pleasant commuter car. Oh, wait... that's just the discount. For mid-40s there are other things I'd want to get right.
I'm not crazy about Brown brown, but this points toward a very useful direction.
Interesting observation about the Achilles-- that is one of the slight oddities in the C&J Harvard loafers I got from Ben Silver. (I can't remember this being an issue when I tried the same model on in London.) Compared to Aldens, there is a lot of curve in the heel counter and they do like to reach into my Achilles tendon more than any other shoes I have. They are actually quite comfortable to wear, especially while walking, but this does make them harder to put on...
Looks like someone stole his hubcaps.
I drove a Model S yesterday for the first time. Amazing stuff-- if the back seat had more headroom, I might have thought about buying one. As it is, the Model X will be part of the calculation.
This guy always looks well put together. Jacket is a little short and has a slight Italian accent, but nothing extreme. A nice adaptation of the A&S aesthetic.
"I don't always drink beer, but when I do..."
You don't believe in SF-style bargain hunting? "Well, first [to the novice in Oklahoma City], you go to this guy on the West Side who charges WAY less than the department stores. Tell him I sent you..."
Interesting, but might have more to do with the test protocol than what the makers are up to. Or, at least, it could be gamesmanship rather than actual fraud. IIRC, some of the US mags like to point out that US mpg estimates don't always track with the European ones.
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