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Cause and effect?
Trying pretty hard to look casual.
The main virtue of A&S is that they get things very nearly exactly right with no fuss. No tricks or gimmicks that are easily identifiable.Other favored sources are (at 11 St George, Hanover Sq) Denman & Goddard, Steven Hitchcock, and Whitcomb/Shaftesbury-- the last of which offers the deeply-discounted option of Indian handwork to go with McCabe's cutting in London. As much as I like Ed and his work on other people, I've pretty much drifted away from Steed. And I have...
I have tried each of the other three iGent favorites. I found that Steed tends to give me very spacious clothes-- perhaps because I am less slender than Ed. Ambrosi started by making the first pair too tight at first, but when I brought him a pair of London trousers to a fitting, he got things mostly very good. Slightly shorter rise than usual, and a rather narrow cuff, but generally OK. NsM has less of a "house style" and is willing to take more direction. From them...
Bespoke? I find them to fit very well. They're one of my favorite suppliers-- the only real drawback being price. They are just as good with belt loops as brace-tops, which can't be assumed in the UK. One cool and unique thing they do is the pockets. If you can't decide between the invisibility of on-seam or the ease of slanted, they'll do both for you. Slanted seams following the contour of the pocket. Waistband is a hair more flexible than some other SR shops, but...
Of course, there are the untaxed dividends of rent not paid (less the cost of maintenance, etc.). If you buy more than you need, that percentage won't be high, but it is still there.
Interesting project. I'd thought that another not-too-formal black tie rig might be black woolen flannel. You could even mix that with black suede oxfords.
That's a very fine book. One could argue that the London Lounge book is even better, although it will be more expensive.
Risk vs. return-- and some of the risks are conflicting. E.g., there is the risk involving the lack of liquidity created by paying down the mortgage in cash vs. keeping it in your brokerage account.
Sounds like take-away from a curry joint.
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