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Too bad. eBay has a great auction for a new Submariner band, plus a matching belt.
Times must have changed since Ambrosi was doing his solo trips.
Wite-Out for me. Works every time.
That's the Shetland? I was just looking at that this morning in the cedar closet, wondering if this is the year to make a real brown (without green) for next autumn.
Now that the second dusting of snow arrived, we are finally ready for winter. CeramicPro 9H added to the Golf late last week, and we finally swapped over to the Nokians (16" wheels) this morning. Unless we have a reason to invest $2k into the Saab's brake machinery instead of renting cars/taking cabs when absolutely necessary, I'm afraid that one is pretty well finished.
No snow tires?
Anyone know who makes Purdy's sweaters? The 4-ply cashmere or wool are both sporting some very nice sale prices, even before you factor in the improved exchange rate.
It does remind one of the '69 Mets.
I had that done for some oxfords, and while it technically stretched across the instep, it never felt right. Also, the laces kept wanting to untie themselves. It's better on the derbies (no adjustment, IIRC), but the pleasure is not there.
I had sort of the same problem, much of which had to do with the instep. I did end up going with an F fitting, but that was never great for me. 88 worked better, and 32 and 33 (both E) better still. A little while ago, I tried the 82 E and that was also very good-- lots of room across the ball of the foot and adequate space for instep, but an elegant waist and no slipping around. I haven't bought a pair yet, so that is only a preliminary impression. But in any case,...
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