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You can get darker Oxford greys, but this is definitely in that bucket.
It's darker IRL than that pic.
330 is a dark grey-- not at all black, but also not the sort of mid-grey that would work against a navy blazer. It's still useful to throw at all kinds of lighter colors, including tweeds, cashmeres, tartans, sweaters, etc. Add black or very dark brown semi-brogues or loafers, and you're good for a night out at a bistro.
I have a suit made from that. Good choice for medium-weight (worsted) flannel trousers . I wish they'd thought to put basic solids in the worsted part of their new flannel book.
Carving is so cruel to the wood. For this errand, I keep a fleet of Norwegian virgins on staff to shape pieces of cedar or mahogany through erosion between their thighs.
Shrunken lapels.
Antique Cognac cordovan is much more useful. If whiskey is a flashy California cab that wins Parker points, the Antik is like a decent Bordeaux that you can actually have with dinner-- sans hangover.
Anyone ever use a non-electric rotary razor? They used to be common in yacht cruising catalogues years ago, and now it seems that there are just a few vendors. I'm thinking one might be useful for long-distance air travel, among other situations.
Some of the less autumnal gun clubs-- e.g., in Fox Twist or Worsted Alsport-- could get you there pretty quickly. I have a tartan jacket that is 10oz-- works fine (aesthetically) in the summer, and for winter dinner parties alike. If I actually moved to the British Isles I could see getting another of the same pattern in 13oz.
??? or ?!?
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