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I'm thinking about getting a balmacaan (SB overcoat, shirt-type collar) for next winter. There are lots of practical things to do in that department, but I;m thinking about something nice and soft for going out in the evening without necessarily looking over-dressed. Has anyone here had experience with the Harrisons navy camel hair coating? Or on a more practical level, has anyone found a useful source of loden cloth?
Lining down to the knees should help some of this.
I have one in beige linen that hasn't yet seen a ton of wear. It's a little too dark to be a summer dinner jacket, but otherwise I should be able to dress it up or down.
Lesser 8/9 (sharp office-wear) or RAF POW (relaxed office, slightly off-duty) are fine additions to have in the rotation. Or you could get the winter equivalents (Lesser, LL) if you think that the fresco will cover you for this summer. All will be useful to have around. Which to choose first really depends on what you don't have but need today.
Get therapy-- NOW!
Summer is coming soon, believe it or not, and if you don't have a lightweight suit you might find yourself wanting one. Depending on how fast your tailor works, you wil likely have time to put the other ones in production. That LL RAF Mistral is gorgeous! I'm afraid to make mine up in case I suddenly lose weight or get in a car accident.
Just adhere to forum orthodoxy and never clean them. You'll get that khaki look in no time.
Good to know. I can certainly ask about keeping the finish suitably water/stain-resistant. And I still may look to shell or shark to be waterproof on its own merits.
Thanks for that advice. They're also admitting to using "crup" now-- which they never used to do. (The sort of Englishman who would buy bespoke shoes will often prefer to be a horse's ass than see someone wearing one.) Anyway, that may be the first port of call instead. Unless you have another suggestion.
Lazarus thread... Cleverley's website says that pigskin handles the stress of winter weather better than most. Has anyone tried to cope with slush or salt-strewn streets in these things? Shell cordovan works remarkably well-- if pigskin is in the same league, I might think about getting a black pair for the winter. I now know for a fact that calf can get badly damaged by that stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: