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Actually, to change my previous answer, I think a preferable solution if you were going to go that direction might be to unearth the "donkey" colored flannel such as the one that LL made a while ago. Portnoy had a suit made of it, and it was a nice informal mix of khaki and grey.
I usually get told 2.5m for a jacket, and 2m for trousers. There's obviously a little built in for safety-- one tailor I use was able to turn 4.5m into a 3-piece, and very nearly had enough for an extra pair of trousers. But with drape cuts, large patterns, DB, patch pockets, and so on, you often need more than the bare minimum.
No-- sort of camel/donkey over cream.
I'd be interested in at least one suit length (4.5/5m). While this pattern is a fairly dusty grey, it might have further legs if it were explicitly tan.
I'd certainly think about it.
Not for 4m. Let me contemplate the remaining 2 before signing off on it.[BTW, if you ever decide to help Ben get organized on these orders again, I'd love some more Bonfanti linen/cotton.]
Seamstresses at the factory get the month off, but the shop should be open at Place Vendome.
You will have to call her or e-mail to make sure that she is even in town in August. I'm assuming that she is European enough for that to be a real question.If you're just there for a week, you might be able to have measurements (and photographs) made now and forwarded to her by e-mail, so that she can make a very rough draft for a first fitting when you are in Paris. That is roughly what I did, and the resulting first sample was not perfect but very good. Unfortunately,...
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Diameter or circumference?
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