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You're branching out to crotch-warmers?
Do you really want all vegans to have to be naked?
Logsdail client, right?
Interesting. I have a 32 from some years back that fits perfectly, and I have a fairly wide forefoot. Of course, I now fit the resinated 82E perfectly, and while the new 202E is OK, 202D is even better, to my surprise.My main question is if the 32 has become wider recently along with some of the other lasts.
Faille is much finer than reppe. Same general idea, though.
I can see shortening the knot to keep it entirely between the leaves of the collar, but I have no religious convictions on that point. Perhaps checking with your shirtmaker (or David, for that matter) might produce some other opinions.
Yes-- if you want grenadine, that isn't going to be it.
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