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Which is this?
If you're just swapping a US security for a Canadian-listed version of the same thing, why would there be any benefit? If the Canadian dollar is lower, than its price in C$ will be higher, all else equal. If not, arbs would swoop in and make it happen.
Or half as good with 28 times his $$.
He obviously meant private equity/buyout-- same general structure, different strategy, different scale.
P2 fits reasonably well, most of the time. I have a few P2s but now that closet space has nearly vanished, I may have to devote the budget to fewer items that require less of a compromise. Among other things, P2 provides less support than the wide ("G") F-- which itself is much less graceful than its standard-width brother.
Very fine indeed, and a nice solution to the composition problem. I only wish that the standard F last fit me as well as it does you.. Perhaps a boot from Cleverley or Foster will solve that problem.
There's one around here that is priced around $31k. For all of its weirdness, it could be a useful and pleasant commuter car. Oh, wait... that's just the discount. For mid-40s there are other things I'd want to get right.
I'm not crazy about Brown brown, but this points toward a very useful direction.
Interesting observation about the Achilles-- that is one of the slight oddities in the C&J Harvard loafers I got from Ben Silver. (I can't remember this being an issue when I tried the same model on in London.) Compared to Aldens, there is a lot of curve in the heel counter and they do like to reach into my Achilles tendon more than any other shoes I have. They are actually quite comfortable to wear, especially while walking, but this does make them harder to put on...
Looks like someone stole his hubcaps.
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