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I just looked again at those, and still like them a lot. Two necessary changes: don't keep the hands too short on the Classic, and get rid of the second hand for anyone who doesn't want to be reminded that he's wearing a quartz watch. Small things, but such is the narcissism of luxury goods.
Right ho. Carry on.
would a Harris tweed work? There are some plain blue/greys in most books.
What do the investments cost, and how tight is the lock-up?
To me, broccoli cooked on a baking sheet makes the house smell like a urinal. Yet another enzyme at work.
Will that also cost Indiana $700k/year?
Stick with a winner, unless you really need to experiment.
I bet his left foot helped the car slow down before it hit the other two. Possible that he was pumping the brake instead of letting the software do it for him? Or maybe badly worn all-seasons.
Of course, most planes don't have a miniaturized Pentagons or secured lines to the CIA onboard.
New Posts  All Forums: