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How does the Banana fit as far as width, instep, etc.?
Which collection is that from?
Nice looking suit! I did a blazer in the navy, and agree with your evaluation. The main chore now is to figure out when to make the other patterns, and what flavor to pursue-- SB/DB, drape/classic SR. Normally, I'd blindly experiment but there isn't an infinite amount of the cloth, and the results will be unbelievably durable.
I'm sure there's a lot of primary research being done. Whether the analyst can remember to write down his findings is another question.
Sort of a "spritz." Not atypical in a lot of younger Kabinetts or Spatleses.
Well avoid the suitings, except for the country fake-tweed suitings. Again, herringbone is a nice place to start.
If you want plain, don't go for the sharkskin or birdseye-- that will look like a plain suit jacket. A navy serge or hopsack, on the other hand, is very standard blazer material.You might also think about some of the herringbones, which may be a little too relaxed to be suiting but will be pretty discreet. Something from the Glorious 12th or Worsted Alsport books, for example.
They are heavier but will breathe much better, as they are open hopsacks.
Sorry, I couldn't get the link to transfer over. It's a fairly boring cream/tan pattern, not one of the ones listed on their Bleeding Madras page.Now they're saying for a true custom order of what is not in stock, minimum order is 100m. Price would be close to $10/m.
I'm about to get a black suit for less-than-fully-formal musical performances, the odd academic parade, etc. (I already have proper dark suits for funerals.) From the length of fabric available, I'm told I can get a second pair of trousers if I do without cuffs. A good idea? A required idea? Normally I prefer cuffs, but can see where a plain trouser might me more appropriate in this case. This suit won't be getting a ton of wear, so the trousers aren't really...
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