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Do you need woollens, or will worsteds suffice?
Which is why some buyers prefer one to the other.
I guess my pair of oxfords were large enough to have chewed through the shell inventory. Sorry.
Did you check the sole? Most of mine have the size stamped on there.
Higher quality. That might translate to a higher "super" number if one were calculated, but the Golden Bale 13oz stuff is generally softer and more elegant than the regular. In the old days, Lumb's Golden Bale was known as "oil spun"-- no idea what that means or if it is still true. But there was some truly amazing stuff produced in that book, and it is still remarkably good.Jim Winston, lately of Chipp, liked to say that if you wore a Golden Bale suit while committing...
And it will, just because it likes you.
Very nice!
Wow, that is startling news. The interesting thing will be to see how much they step on the monetary/fiscal gas. DXJ might be a useful play both on the market and the currency.
Well thank God for that. I was getting worried about my live-kitten sushi dinners.
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