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Subaru Outback or Forester?
Me too.
Ah, yes-- Community Boating. The universities have their own boat houses for the most part, but there are lots of other groups who cut deals there. As much as I hate sailing on the Charles, it's a very good deal.
If the weather's nice, plan a walk. Start at Park Street Station, take a loop through part of Beacon Hill, then through the Common and Public Garden. That puts you right on the edge of the Back Bay. Newbury Street is where a lot of the posh shops are, Commonwealth Ave will have some of the grander 19th-century houses. Decent dining options will be thick on the ground around there. Copley Square is a pleasant destination just a block over from Newbury.
Volume, yes. Length, generally no.
I was looking through the Smiths Steadfast book today, and found a hopsack that is quite nice-looking and not the usual sort. More of a hex weave. I don't know if that particular book had been updated-- I don't see that pattern on their website.
We won't know for a while, will we? Still, the basic reputation is very good. And you'll have trouble finding anything better.
The true fanatic-- can't change his mind, and won't change the subject.
Is this Moss or Light Moss? The top swatch, the bolt in the middle, and the trousers below see to be completely different colors.
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