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Hemp hopsack is not seen nearly enough. For color ways on the shepherd's check, Alden did a test that was mid-brown and slate blue. Effective in all seasons, I think.
That tan Piuma is very nice stuff.
They carry several lines of corduroy, assuming you're not looking for summer wear.
If the sand were a dark enough shade, that might be of interest, as it's not as solid as most of the others.
The Thin Man strikes again!
Thanks. I'll give these a bit more time tonight to cogitate. If the support doesn't quite work, I might also have to consider a 12.5D or E-- there's nothing quite so painful as having adequate support a quarter-inch further back on the foot than it wants to be.
Thanks.Do you know how shell behaves in combat on the water? In the past, I haven't tended to wear my Vass oxfords or Alden loafers while racing. Also, are the boat shoes notably short on support? I can imagine hating the Venetian slippers for that after a few hours.
I'm not committed to any particular leather, as long as it will hold up against salt water and other abuse reasonably well. Could be CXL, or shell, or that Horween "Essex" leather. As to wiggle room, it's a little of everything. Actually, now that I sit in the 12Es, they seem to be accommodating me on that front. And I was starting to worry about lack of support from the 12EE. But I am willing to listen to those with more experience with this problem.
Sorry if this has been covered in every one of the last 408 pages--- I've been trying on a few of the samples in their "made to fit" program, and am between two sizes. 12E is not too hard to get into, and has pleasant support through the arch and heel. Next to no wiggle room for toes, however. 12EE is good for the toes, but while I don't lose contact with the rest of the shoe, it isn't really challenging my foot in any particular way. These are the venetian loafers,...
Damn, those are nice. Standard book, or floor sweepings from a jobber?
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