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??? or ?!?
Those are both on the light side, even if they are worsted and not woollen flannel. Had you thought of a tweed instead?
Based on their promo video, quartz.Too bad, as they are uncommonly nice-looking, and in great sizes, not that I object on moral grounds to saving money by getting more accurate movements. One way to get rid of the quartz "ping...ping...ping..." would be to offer them without second hands.
Going straight down isn't volatility. 😀
The Acorn shirting? It's much softer than chambray, but similarly on the informal side. Not amazing stuff, but it hits its target pretty well.
Combined with the current discount on the exchange markets, that brings it down to parity with the dollar.
For me, it's the top buttons that are a little too close to each other. Of course, fixing that might lead to other problems, and it has some very lovely features otherwise.
Slightly off-kilter proportions, but what a shade of blue!
I wonder if you can actually sit down in that jacket without unbuttoning the bottom.
Not yet.
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