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Or every evening?
I was told that there is more emphasis on getting the seat warmers to do their job as they are much more energy-efficient than electric air heaters. But one of the nice things about a Tesla is that you don't have to run the engine to turn the thing on. Just (I'm guessing) wave the key at your kitchen window and it will cheerfully start its day.
I did try the Model S, and loved it. Fabulous driver, so quiet that the tire noise becomes irritating, etc. The only problem with it-- well two, really-- was size. The aerodynamic shape makes the back seat useless for people over, say, 5'10", and yet the width and length of the whole thing will make it a pain in the ass to maneuver around cities and tight parking spaces.The Model X will almost certainly fix the first problem. I really hope their 3-series competitor...
One other option-- a Sea Gull Ultra-Thin. Not exactly a copy of Patek, but designed by someone who understands that style. When I got mine it was about half that price, and there may be other sources that will discount. It's perfect for business trips when you don't want to attract attention, either by flashing glitter or by presenting a look that is obviously not formal. And because it is made in China, you step right out of this "is it a prestigious brand?"...
Outback. 3 1/2 years, something like 56,000 miles. (It's the daily steed for our housekeeper, among other things.)
The first car I bought was a 240DL. It lasted over 10 years, but it got to a point where it needed more in repairs than it would have been worth-- I unloaded it to our service station guy who dealt a little on the side.The replacement was a XC70, which did fine until it got totaled. (Long story.) The successor to that one (another XC70) lasted maybe 6 years and then the dashboard refused to work reliably. So we traded it in post-haste for a Subaru and never looked back.
This "nightshade"-- is it a variant of oxblood?
I have a jacke from Harrisons Mirage, which is the slightly heavier version of this. Very nice, although I'm not sure how it would behave at 8oz.
Too bad. eBay has a great auction for a new Submariner band, plus a matching belt.
Times must have changed since Ambrosi was doing his solo trips.
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