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Brooks Brothers socks?
GlenKaren has a useful and much less toxic line of conditioners/waterproofers. No idea what their waxes are like.
Maybe in Scotland it would work, but as much as I like Steadfast cloths, they don't stay useful into warm spring days, let alone summer. If you want hopsack, there are a few in the Fox worsted book. One is 11/12, I think, and that has a better shot of solving your problem. Otherwise, if you were tempted by Crispaire, the standard Fresco II navy blues look pretty substantial even if they are only 10oz. There is also, of course, the Fresco 14/15oz, which will be more...
The big win on the interior would be if they can get headroom into the back seat. That's the one major failing of the S (apart from it being too damned big for a lot of urban driving).My guess is that they get close. The profile is more 328GT than 328i, and that's a great car for tall people. Add in the glass roof, and you've got some possibilities.
Ah-- not a dry seat in the house, eh?
All three excellent choices. Although doesn't Lesser SFT have more or less the same?
$6,000 shoes and you don't want to pay postage?
+1.I wear P2 and can wear a wide F, although that isn't ideal. Similar length, instep, etc. but the P2 is just a bit more relaxed. Much more so than the standard F, I'd imagine.
Very simple: Italians aren't as good as Brits at fastening buttons onto clothing, so they look for opportunities to practice.
Heavier linen suits are much easier to tolerate for the heat if you pair them with linen shirts. Cotton can behave like a plastic bag in high humidity. Get the jacket softly-constructed and partially unlined, and it will be most forgiving of even the NYC summer furnace.
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