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Very nice!A&S?And who is the wearer?
Just picked up the first shirts I have knowingly had made from the Bonfanti Tessuti "Dallas" line. I'd thought this fabric would be a tad more substantial than the "New York", and maybe it is, but it is still astonishingly silky and light. The manager at Ascot Chang said that D&J Andersen's 170s book would be more durable. We shall see. Whether he's correct or not, I think the maximum value from Bonfanti will be their "Capri" line, which is elegant enough and quite...
Just a couple of weeks ago I did the same thing, while parking on the street. The tire blew immediately, although it had >50,000 miles on it, not 1,000. After we flipped over to the all weather/winter tires, we just discarded the other three from the OEM set.Not sure where that leaves you. Probably worth sending the pic to a pro you trust.
Special fluid-repellent seats.
I'm even thinking of getting a pair of these-- or a similar model from a bespoke maker-- in black, for those winter days and evenings when I'm wearing dark grey flannel trousers with whatever tweed jacket. I don't always want to wear the darkest browns in the closet, and black oxfords aren't quite the thing, either, unless you include full brogues.The main decision is whether to stay on the elegant side and go for calf, or opt for the hatch grain or something similar.
The ad says it is the Eton model. That and the Harrow are more or less identical, but one has a slightly longer vamp. I forget which one was the Wildsmith model. In any case, this last is not what they used for Wildsmith.
Is that for the guy from Tlaxi Dliver?
You mean, STYLE (double breasted).
Oh, crap. Don't forget to mention on this thread when you have your next brilliant idea. I'll try to pay more attention.
Does Waterbury do retail? I'd thought, with all of their available patterns and finishes, that they were aiming for wholesale.
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