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Hmmm... that's a new one.
I think Smith/Harrisons re-worked the book, so old impressions might not be useful. In the past, I found the light 3-ply (9oz?) to be decent suiting, and plausible for a summer jacket. The 12/13oz stuff (4ply) was a bit less useful than it first appeared. Useful weight and not too warm, but I found it just soft enough that it didn't necessarily hang well as a suit even though it was more refined than Fresco. Again, that may not be precisely what they're offering now. ...
If you go to harrisons, the back of the Finmeresco book has a new batch of hopsack-y type things. Probably a very open weave.
I've not done that part of the Golden Bale collection, but I'd expect it to be much less rigid than the 8/9-- due both to weight and quality of yarn. It may end up wearing well in the sense of lasting for years, and it might even shed wrinkles OK, but I'd be surprised if it looked as well-structured as the 8/9 during the day. (Also, the extra-fine yarns may have a very tight weave that is unexpectedly warm for its weight.) That being said, DB will mitigate some...
Will Lovat Mill do precisely that, or is there a contract with Alden on the pattern/quality specs?
I just tried on one from your recent delivery. Very fine in every respect. The knot is superb, overall proportions are exactly right, and because of the lack of lining, its length comes out quite well for me (I usually take 60-61"). The cloth is a bit of a fingernail trap, like some of Charvet's, but it is most elegant-- even nicer than the pictures. Today isn't a suit day, so we'll have to wait to find out how it holds up and sheds wrinkles, but I am very encouraged. ...
Does anyone know if 202 lasts have been remade in plastic, a la 82? Even though it is supposed to be a wide last, for a long time I didn't fit into the standard E widths, which messed up a bunch of other things. If they've fixed that, might be worth a re-try.
Not to worry-- should still be a day or two before the burial.
HFW Minnis?
Wish I fit that last properly. Classic shape, perfect for that model.
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