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I'd never noticed the Berlutis before, but this and the Deux Jours I rather like.
Looks nice. Presumably you'd tried the normal fitting before settling on the wide version. How much different is the wide fitting? I'm thinking mostly of the gap between quarters at the top of the laces.
LL is working on getting a quorum for this right now.
Research will be helpful, but if I remember correctly from a few years back, Breanish was able to handle much smaller minimums. Which might have been part of the motivation.
Yes, and it costs $2,000/m. But the tailoring is free.
Or like carbon fiber.
Thanks for that update.
But the next great Confederate hero will be the guy who figures out how to deep-fry sweet iced tea.
A proper front view will also likely generate some camel-toe for your perusal.
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