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And it looks even better in person.
Unless your gait or personal habit means wearing down your toe to the welt before the rest of the sole is even close to needing replacement.Again, if that's not you, don't get them. (Taps, I mean. No stance taken on Topys, as I've never tried them.)For me, it's a great saver of money (potential-- assuming I want to wear shoes long enough to require re-soling) and irritation (actual-- since the taps reduce the need to keep re-coloring the front edge of the sole as it...
You could always use Velcro to attach the grosgrain lapels and ribbons. A quick trip to the phone booth after your party is done and-- Shazam!! -- you look like a waiter.
I was thinking about these today, with all kinds of wet snow coming around-- just not enough to shovel.If only I fit in the GG lasts better. These are really some of the most beautiful full brogues out there, but insteps are too flat for real confidence with me. So I may have to re-brew those with EG-- Falkirk in black Utah and Robertsbridge in walnut country grain.BTW, Leffot did something very close to this that may still be on their website.
Oyster is a bit huskier and lower-finesse than Lesser. Which doesn't mean it's less attractive. Only that Lesser is very crisp and put-together in its finish. Botany sort of splits the difference on the urban/rural spectrum, and is a hair lighter/cooler than Lesser.
Another complication-- I know the 375 last has only been introduced recently (2015) and used for loafers. But it is supposed to be a slimmed-down version of 325 (which I find more elegant than 335, even if it is bulkier all around, and therefore less comfortable to my foot). Barring a "D" fitting on 325, perhaps this might be worth a try?
Very classic. What brogues always used to try to look like. I missed the chatter to the pre-order-- 325 last?
The arm isn't too loose (a rarity), but the collar barely qualifies as button-down. It's more like a Nehru collar with a bit of bling on it.
Sorry-- I'm not fishing hard here. How does 228 relate to 325 and 335?
How heavy?
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