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Maybe fumigate the chest or closet periodically with dry ice.
Again, I fit very well in 82E, and pretty well in 202D. If 202E is perfect, 82F would be a logical thing to try IMO.
Humidity changes everything. On one side of the tipping point, it makes you hot. On the other, it chills you to the bone. 70 and humid will get me into summer suits (or, at least, linen shirts).
Golden Bale suits can be surprisingly durable, but it's a bit much to imagine wearing them out in the office. If nothing else, the expense would make me feel guilty.The others are very standard choices. You might add Minnis Classic (12-13oz).If you're having more than one made at a time, do consider at least one durable lighter-weight suit, just in case your tolerance for the thermostat isn't quite what you are guessing now. For that, think of Lesser 11-12, Harrison/P&B...
Normally, I hate re-thinkings of the Norweger design, but this has some fascination built in. Who made?
Tastes vary with blood pressure, but I find 16oz worsted most useful in freezing temperatures (0 C). Actually, you can wear it above that, but only if buildings will be cool-- think old-style British central heating. The next big barrier for me is 70 Fahrenheit (21 C). If it's firmly below that all day, 13oz is not impossible. If it will peek above that, or if I'll be doing a lot of walking (not strolling), or if conference rooms will be overheated, start thinking...
202 tends to be wider than 82. I can wear 11E in both, but 11D is much better for me in 202. And 82E is remarkably close-fitting for RTW.
You stare at Budapest lasts long enough, F comes out looking pretty damned sleek.
Those are U.K. Ds?
My grandparents illustrate that split. One had a grandfather who founded a company, and had given him shares (along with a bunch of railroad bonds, etc.). As time went on, he saw which way success was coming from and stayed pretty much a stock guy, unless he was doing a favor for a classmate who was selling insurance. Well, a few other odds and ends, like petroleum royalties. But never real estate. Why add to the hassle? Anyway, he lived near New York, where rent...
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