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After all, that is the point of Madras. No disappointments on that front.
I had some shirts made from their fabric. Service was good, cloth seems good, colors decent, etc. The only real hitch was that there was a minimum order of something like 30m, but at their prices that wasn't a hardship. Just be sure to check with your shirtmaker about amount needed per shirt. They have a non-standard width.
Whoa. Cross-dressing is in that other forum.Moderator!?
I thought it had all been cleaned out.
Frederique Constant makes some watches that are very classic but in your budget. Perhaps start with the slim-line automatic , at 40mm. Or if you want 37mm, they make one that has quartz, No second hand-- so who's gonna know?
Their new incarnation has some very nice stuff. I just got a jacket made from their 700g (21oz?) Inchnadamph pattern and I'm looking forward to seeing how it copes with the polar vortex this winter. Still, the old books looked much... older. I have 5m of a midweight 16oz pattern (not the estate weight in the photo) that will become a suit one of these days.
If it's 10 years old, it might be from the old North Highland Tweed group that Michael Alden on the London Lounge brought to everyone's attention. The colors appear to be nicer than those on the Islay Mill page.
I just took delivery on my blue herringbone, and it doesn't look too different from what was on the website. It's not totally CBD, but there isn't that much of a sheen, and it appears to be comfortably soft/flexible. More or less as you'd expect from the description.
Margin of safety. I just had to have another watch with similar specs repaired because I went snorkeling with it last winter. After replacing the gaskets.Just personal taste, not actual circumstance or any moral objection.
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