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There may be no general rule, but it is absolutely true that some individuals will look (or feel) washed out with certain colors and happier with others. Some of this is coloration, some is personality, and some will be the surrounding climate. In any event, the same jacket will not necessarily look the same on sub-Saharan Africans, olive-skinned Mediterraneans, and your average Norwegian.
One of the virtues of the purple herringbone is that it will go with everything you have equally well. I had a Harris tweed which served that function in college. A thrift shop 3-button, it had a pea green field, with large overchecks of grey, white, and sky blue. I called it my puke-colored jacket and wore it constantly in junior and senior year.
I haven't finished adjusting my fee schedule.
Hate the lapels. Although he does wear them well.
It will cost you.
Calculate the total return for your ENTIRE portfolio, and compare vs a benchmark. If you have a bunch of fabulous trades but, for example, spent too much time in cash during an up market, the results will be obvious. Or if something took too long to work out, or was less fantastic than the rest of the market...
Well, that certainly nails its colors to the mast.
If you think that the weakening Yen will improve their economy, or at least put some lubricant in their equity market, DXJ will give exposure to stocks while hedging out the currency.
I'm still not sure about this model. There is much to admire, and they're not Adelaides (thankfully), but they look like Balmorals that became interested in surfing. Maybe just a tad too interesting for urban footwear.
Do you need woollens, or will worsteds suffice?
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