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I think he got a flannel DB suit from A&S. He doesn't look like Jack Armstrong in that either, but the plain cloth makes his shoulders much less obvious.
Watch-- it'll tank tomorrow because the new expectations will be impossible to meet. So will say those who expect.
Part of that is the fabric. The checked pattern gives you way more information about his torso than most people would need. Still A&S sometimes will overdo the lapel belly a bit. I've got a few suits that sometimes look great, and other times bug me. Whether that is pressing, weather, my posture, the state of my body fat, or what I have no idea.
It looks like at least one of these makers would say "none of the above," which does tell you something.
It might keep the jacket from getting stuck like velcro on your shirt. Depends on the jacket material and the shirt, of course.
Ah, the Top-Sider bottom, for non-skid sailing! And waterproof uppers, to boot.
Looking ahead to next spring (thoughts sprung from a ridiculously warm autumn...), has anyone had occasion to use Harrisons Regency? Seems a tad less practical than Frontier but filling much the same gap with a better variety of patterns.
This has probably come up, but do we know who the tailor was on this soft navy 3pc?
Like what English shoes aim for, but rarely get to. The brown oxfords are somewhere between Cleverley and Foster in their style. The black ones are the first three-eyelet full brogues I'd ever considered liking.
I notice that 301 is not currently on the Minnis website. Due for replacement, I hope?
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