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Wildsmith used 88, and I was able to order it directly from EG when the other channel ceased to be available.
De pents! De pents!
A lighter weight 520 has value.Also, if there were more 15oz Frecoes, in somewhat lighter greys, they would be useful. I would go for a charcoal good for business suits, as well as a mid grey that could be worn under a blazer.
There are some nice herringbones in the Harrisons Mirage collection. Not on Harrisons' website, but pix are available at Merino Brothers of Hong Kong's site.
If you're going from one office building to another, with the occasional cab, it's not too bad. Not that anything is good, but linen will be better than anything else, especially when humidity is taken into account. I've survived a few day trips to the furnace of NY in that rig-- with a linen shirt underneath, of course. Fine cotton would just get soaked. Hitchcock's soft tailoring and more or less unlined body also helped.
Their chestnut also looks good. Not sure how it will age.
#533, the last one in the book.
If we're messing about with Hardy/Minnis, we should think about a re-do of the 15/16 oz grey frescoes. Right now, the only colors in that weight are Oxford grey and navy blue. A mid grey that could go with the blazer and a charcoal for a 3-season business travel suit would be very nice options.
Another option would be to reduce corporate taxes to something like 10% and get rid of the individual break on dividends. I don't know how much dividend income goes to pensions or other non-taxed entities, so the math might not work. But it would allow much of the income to be taxed while removing a huge advantage currently held by the weasel-driven firms that ship their income over to Ireland or other havens. Given the dividends that firms not paying much tax at all,...
A couple of ounces and a bunch of dollars.While W Bill is well-made and more substantial than what most people think of when they talk about linen, the LL book takes it even further. Which doesn't mean that you'll want to choose the latter, or pay up for it. But it is a different animal.Color choices are good in each collection, although somewhat deeper and richer in LL.
New Posts  All Forums: