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IS the sky blue the first one made up, or is it the bottom on the loom?Also, do you have more of the W Bill glen check suiting? I hadn't realized you were getting into that stuff.
Now if they can think about refilling the 16oz Lessers book...
For length, yes. However, F is narrower than P2 and fits differently around the instep.For many, this is a non-issue. For me, it means doing without F or (per recent correspondence with Vass), moving up one width.
I hope so, but you can comfort yourself with thoughts of the Facebook IPO.
There are many beautiful cottons out there, not so many cotton/linens. The sky blues are safer patterns, but I'm willing to take a look at others.One thing to consider is that there are hardly any good yellows anywhere. Bonfanti's current books have two-- but another variation or so would be welcome.
Of course. But why worry?
Maybe my next pair of Norwegers-- not that I have my own supplies of the stuff to send to Vass.
Too small. Just as well-- I was thinking of getting those for this winter, but in black shell with metal toe taps. And maybe something more like a single sole.
What size?
Nothing much to be done for it, as I'm in lockup. Luckily, I have an effective cost of something like $3.60/share.
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