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Hardly Alden LHS substitutes, but very nice nonetheless!
He even fits into his grandson's trousers.
Will you be making jeans from it?
My fabulous recommendation of SMLP (still 28% above cost BTW!)--whose business of transporting natural gas can only do better if the new environmental standards close more coal power plants-- is taking a bath today. I'm not anywhere near the inside, but perhaps there is some dumping of indexed ETFs and funds that also hold this. Or perhaps it's a reminder that I shouldn't pay too much attention to the day-to-day. Too much stress about the incomprehensible is unhealthy.
I'd never have thought I'd like this style, but this is really fantastic.
Could be used as separates with no problem.
Now you're making me regret the one I DID buy for my daughter-- that is very nice-looking indeed.
Not pure blue, but 25347PH gets close. If you're willing to go to 12oz, Worsted Alsport has some good options.
Lesser is softer and more flexible, and warmer. The others are essentially substantial summer fabrics. Lesser is a very light winter fabric.
You service your car instead of buying new ones? Loser.
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