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3.5 will be pretty neutral. 3.25 a tad more Mad-Men-ish without being extreme. Try one or both and see how you feel.
The crease is OK, but the fly seems to be made to facilitate c-sections.
What is the width of your current favorite?
These are quite beautiful, and different from most other lines of good ties out there. A few questions: The most recent models are 9cm wide, which is a good standard width. Will that be usual from now, or will pre-orders have a chance to specify width and length? Do prices include VAT, and will that be removed for shipments out of the EU?
P2 is not quite as English-looking as 202, but it works surprisingly well for Oxfords. And unlike 202, I can make it fit me.
What-- no extra Trousers?
Shiitake mushrooms!
F might just not work-- I can fit into the wide size, but it has a low instep and doesn't appear to widen the toe in proportion. As a result, it can look like a pie server and is almost always less comfy than the P2 for me. Oddly, I fit into the E.G. 82 but have never been able to make 202 work, even with wides and small adjustments. Too bad-- it is a classic look, as is the standard F.
I think Peter is narrower, as I could not fit in it when I visited the shop but could get into P2. But I was traveling and might have had feet swell in ways they wouldn't today so check with Vass to confirm.
That hit the nail on the head. No bullshit, just a useful fabric and a nice, straightforward cut.
New Posts  All Forums: