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The brown shetland? I'm still wondering when I pull the trigger on that one.
That jacket could survive on its own.
You aren't impressed that they can turn calf into crocodile?
Has anyone found meaningful differences in fit based on material chosen (or any other variable)? My first pair from G&G feels like a seriously firm pair of socks-- although suede should stretch a tad with wear. If grains or shell tended to be looser with them I'd be more inclined to risk a second pair.
But if you had a (temporary) cash stake and wanted to direct it to an investment, does it really make sense to average in except for psychological reasons? I mean, you're doing it because it has a higher value to you than cash. If you're so damned sure the price will drop, then don't go in at all.
That's what she said.
For most IRA/401k savers, they are de facto dollar-cost-averaging, which is putting every new dollar to work in their policy portfolio. No harm in having them keep their nerve. For others already possessing their zillions, you run into a different problem: are the prospective gains to be made by dollar-cost-averaging enough to override the opportunity cost of sitting on cash (which the less affluent saver doesn't have to worry about)?
The other reason it is invoked so often is that everyone still saving has no choice but to do something like that. For those who already have their nest egg, it's a very different set of problems.
Given that, then, they did a pretty nice job.
Is this a fresco?
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