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There are some very basic plain weaves in the new Smith Finmeresco book. Or, the Harrison's Frontier book has a lot of choices.
Update on lasts: the resin 202 is notably more successful on my feet than I remember the old ones being. Before, I had needed wider fittings and a smaller size-- probably 10.5f-- and even then they never felt right. In the shop today, I was able to do 11e, same as with the 82 and the Dukes loafer. It feels like RTW, sadly, unlike the 82 which has a fantastic grip on my foot. Still, it has a nicer, more traditional nose. Also, the resin 606, while allegedly the same,...
3636 is more generally spacious than Budapester. I can't remember if that also applies to the heel.
Or were the shirts white hand-me-downs?
London, mostly. And occasionally, WWChan -- when convenient.
I had trouble with jackets-- which I now get elsewhere. Trousers are much better, and shirts have been quite reliable. My only real complaint with their service is their willingness to respond to-- or read fully-- e-mails. That, and their decision that Boston wasn't working out for them.
Over on Harrisons, you can find the P&B Fine Classics, the Lesser 11oz, Smith Botany, and Lesser 13oz. Whether you prefer pick&pick (sharkskin), herringbone, or some other pattern is up to you.
Time to savor it with a bottle of DRC?
I'll be able to try on a pair next week to check size, so possible I might participate. On the other hand, the leather they are already offering is quite nice, and I don't know if I would need a different one to justify an order.
2 appears to be Elmsley on 82.
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