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Apart from moving your cuff buttons further away from your elbow, perhaps a discreet pattern or two. Herringbone, POW.
So what is the status of the current Museum Calf's quality vs the normal stuff? Apart from the color (which I don't normally like, but those dark browns and plums are worth thinking about).
So what's going on with all those 2% and 3% positions?
I had an intuition that the market would fluctuate.
Do you have any notion of what your asset allocation actually is in that portfolio? And what sorts of style biases or overlaps there might be? If not, you might think about cutting down to fewer than 5 funds and then taking a deep breath.
Haven't any of the white guys on the thread ever worn seersucker or madras? How much better is that, really? Christ.
That's because pink makes good shirts and lavender is nauseating. Your point?
That golosh treatment in the photo I don't get at all. But potentially interesting as spectators or saddle oxfords.
Maybe he started with $100mm.
There may be no general rule, but it is absolutely true that some individuals will look (or feel) washed out with certain colors and happier with others. Some of this is coloration, some is personality, and some will be the surrounding climate. In any event, the same jacket will not necessarily look the same on sub-Saharan Africans, olive-skinned Mediterraneans, and your average Norwegian.
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