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That's a silly definition of endowment investing that you stumbled on, but you're in the right direction about needing institutional size.
David Swensen (Yale Endowment) has several decent books out, one aimed at individuals who think they can do what he does.
Not quite so crisp as Lesser 13oz, filling much the same role.Whether it is as durable, I couldn't say. Chances are by the time you know for sure, you'll have changed size or have moved six feet under.
O'Keeffe was a painter who liked botanical still lifes that were sometimes NSFW.
Nicely proportioned, which isn't always a given with this particular pattern. Getting the toe cap: vamp ratio is harder than you'd think.And Fosters do have lovely finishing.
Ask your tailor how much cloth is needed to make trousers for you. Should be between 1.5 and 2m, depending on your size and his cut. Then order the cloth, and deliver it to the shop, assuming they are willing to use your own fabric. Do check on that first.
Gotta love those Georgia O'Keeffe shots.
Precisely my point. The whole thing illustrates the limits of trying to be too rational.
Good luck. I asked for the same thing (out of shark skin), and while the results look very nice they don't have the Alden toe by a long shot. For that, try Crockett & Jones Harvard.
Lattanzi and doubtless others will sell leather from the front of the horse.
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