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Even in those days, Rizzo had clients.
I've never experimented with Donegal, but I would think its best use would be for when you wouldn't mind wearing a corduroy suit. A tad rumpled, but coherent enough not to be jarring to the observer. A brunch at Harvard Square kind of thing.
The texture will be so different that you won't be able to pass them off as the same. Get a whole suit, and if you decide that it is close enough, use the heavier trousers as a spare when you travel.
That line also has the titanium in it, correct?
You want an index but don't want a mutual fund? That's a little weird.
Well, we shall see. I just ordered a Universal, a white, and a Champagne to do some field research. From all appearances, the Universal might work well with Beaujolais or Chianti. Hell, it wasn't so long ago that something like that was considered pretty large for Bordeaux. I remain suspicious of the dinner-plate/Astrodome design of the big red glasses, but if the smaller ones don't kill me then it will be a logical prejudice to test.
But who knows how far inspiration will take one.
Have you tried the red wine models? How useful/versatile is the Universal?
I have a jacket from the Hebridean hopsack. Good stuff, but not especially urbane. They send swatches if you want a closer look.
Antic Cognac shell cordovan does a nice impression, only better. Antic Cognac calf is the same sort of shade without the antiquing. Brown calf catches the dark end of the antiquing without the variety.
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