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Last fall I got the black 82 Chelseas with that sole. It is very effective.
I tried Dainite for just that reason with some EGs. Didn't take long at all before the spikes got worn down by pavement, which then made the shoes behave like roller skates. Got them resoled with double leather. Now if I get rubber soles, it's the thin flat kind from EG or G&G. You can get those double thickness if you want. Ridgeway could also work, I guess. Last I checked, Vass doesn't offer either one.
Dainite sucks.
Is this for a blazer or a suit? Any season needed? How formal-- does it have to be wool?
I don't think you'll find that one on Amazon.
I saw this book today. The 10oz hopsack looks terrific. Only three colors, but very useful ones. Looks like it would play well in the mid/lightweight Fresco sandbox. Travel suit (or all-day charcoal suit for cool days and stuffy rooms)?
There's a thought.
Just handed in and uploaded a master's dissertation. On the downside, I have to figure out what to do next.
A mock portfolio isn't a bad idea. Good habit to get into, though, which seems to be omitted by a lot of chatterers; track your performance. If you start with a hypothetical $100K and it goes to $105K, you're up 5%. You might learn more by figuring out your individual positions, and where /how you did well-- or not. But don't get so hung up on those you forget to measure your skill. People tend to look at the crumbs and assume the whole loaf is doing great.
New Posts  All Forums: