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This only applies to a few, but if you know that you won't have a shot at financial aid (i.e., you're in 1% land), then there's a real case not to use 529s. Apart from the fees and administrative nuisances, 529s soak up your annual tax-free gift amount. If you keep the money yourself and pay it directly to the college, you can effectively drain your estate free of any gift or generation-skipping tax. You'd then still have the option of making an annual gift to the...
W-2, or at least, "earned" income. Investment income (1099) won't make it.
William Field gets good ink here, as a more or less Savile-Row quality place. Perhaps they do MTM? They will certainly have cloth books to look at.
I was thinking of the canyons of Darkest London, but doubtless there are others.
Much of the attraction to barathea is precisely that it isn't a glossy "super" concoction. As a result it will drape softly and remain dark-looking even under artificial light. Maybe not so black as flannel could be, but far from what a hard finish worsted would deliver.
Medium offers a chance for more texture and variety of color. On the other hand, there are certain cities where anything but the darkest grey will make people think you're on vacation. Figure out where and why you plan to wear the thing; solve that problem first.
If you're getting Harrisons in the US, they will only sell through their agent. That said, your tailor might have his own supplier. I'm about to pull the same sort of trigger for a midnight DB coat. Minnis has a nice herringbone that is rather worsted-looking, but has made up very nicely. Harrisons has one that is more woolly at 22oz, and Fox has one almost the same color but a little less densely-packed at 19/20oz. Dugdale has a very nice one that is much heavier at...
So they say. Speaking of Golfs, has anyone tried the R? I don't especially need the speed, but AWD could be a nice thing to have in the snow. Now that they come with automatics, they could be used by anyone in the family (even me).
If a RTW coat is solid but not too heavy, figure something like 17-20oz. (I'm guessing-- someone in the industry can set me straight.) If you don't want an enormous premium, look for wool without cashmere or anything like that. Lambswool will be a bit more luxurious and expensive-- maybe worth it. Go to the Harrisons of Edinburgh site, and their coatings (Harrisons own label, and W Bill) will have a lot of options. The Merchant Fox has a smaller but very nice book, as...
And you're a lawyer, not a proctologist, right?
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