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If you don't object to using the post office instead of a taxi, Without A Trace in Chicago is generally very good.
Well, we shall see. Of course, if my visit to Poland next week turns out to be fruitful , I may have trouble justifying UK prices for not-nearly-bespoke shoes.
Has anyone who fits perfectly into 82 been able to use a narrow fitting (e.g, D vs E) for the 202 or one of the boot lasts? I may be back at Jermyn Street to try, but thought I'd put the question out there. Except for a slightly long toe (that looks better-proportioned in photos than on my foot), 82 11E gives me a nearly bespoke fit. 202 11E with the resin last is OK, but has a little more play at the edges, esp. the heel, than I like with dressy socks.
Two others to consider: Dugdale New Fine Worsted (9/10) and Smith Blue Riband (10/11).
To clean up the effect of additions, you need to account for timing. There isn't a perfect way without gong to daily returns, but start by looking at monthly returns, dividing additions between the first and last day of the month.Your year-end balance doesn't include the effect of transaction fees? Do you really pay those from a different account?Also, does selling at a loss really have any impact on your total return? Had you not sold, it still would have shown up in...
I have in 32 a MTO suede Windermere. Thames rubber soles, so very soft and elegant. If I had to guess I would say that 32 is classic-looking, not to say old-fashioned, like 202 but maybe a bit slimmer. A this point, though, they are so old and broken-in that direct comparisons on fit will be difficult. Especially if you put resin into the equation.
There are some very basic plain weaves in the new Smith Finmeresco book. Or, the Harrison's Frontier book has a lot of choices.
Update on lasts: the resin 202 is notably more successful on my feet than I remember the old ones being. Before, I had needed wider fittings and a smaller size-- probably 10.5f-- and even then they never felt right. In the shop today, I was able to do 11e, same as with the 82 and the Dukes loafer. It feels like RTW, sadly, unlike the 82 which has a fantastic grip on my foot. Still, it has a nicer, more traditional nose. Also, the resin 606, while allegedly the same,...
3636 is more generally spacious than Budapester. I can't remember if that also applies to the heel.
Or were the shirts white hand-me-downs?
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