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I haven't been following Brooks Brothers closely, but I did stop in today to look at their plain shell penny loafers-- and was told that they are all being made by Allan Edmonds now. Kind of a drag, as Aldens fit me reasonably well but I had wanted to experiment with the "D" fitting unlined. Now it looks like I am stuck for a while with standard Aldens, plus C&J Harvard, or EG Duke (or Harrow!). Another random note on renovation at the plant: I've had one pair of...
Steven Hitchcock does that for me. It is supposed to make one's gut less of a liability.
Not A&S. Apart from any technicalities of the construction, they used real horn buttons and employed a button stance that is not quite what A&S would do.
Is that an original Marcel Duchamp?
Is that really a teal-colored flannel?
Graduated today. And wore a stiff wing collar for the first time.
Hell, I wore a winter suit about twice last year. (Boston). The almanac predicts different weather this winter, but we ar still waiting.
If you gotta have two breasts, may as well make them good.
Getting rid of the VAT would bring it down close to the Sam Hober price on unlined 8-folds. Not that I've ever felt the urge to get those from there.
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