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Do you have to work an extra job to afford put options on the stock?
Often for the better. Just today I'm wearing a suit from one of their worsted 8-9oz glen checks-- which has one of the largest patterns I've ever seen. Completely changes the effect, making the check less prominent. The downside on that fabric is that it wrinkled when shipped to me, and the creases refuse to hang out. So it's not a travel garment. Alden should make a Brisa or Piuma in that size. Anyway, I have two swatches coming from the Twist book. We'll see if...
Yeah, but there's always that manatee he stuffs under the fungus. Unique for a good reason.
From The Other Place.
If your grandparents weren't born here, you're not a native.
I like the increased shirt/tie field, but the low button point scares me a little. Part of it is the unreasoned fear of gut-spillover, but there is the more practical consideration of sitting down without unbuttoning.
Trinity, Oxford, of course. The other one has a lot more colo(u)r.
That's more of an Ask Andy thing. "Bargain tailors? Well, first you hop on your jet to go to New York..."
Plews was at Welsh & Jefferies. When he got forced out, Charles's military business followed him over to Sackville St.
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