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From The Other Place.
If your grandparents weren't born here, you're not a native.
I like the increased shirt/tie field, but the low button point scares me a little. Part of it is the unreasoned fear of gut-spillover, but there is the more practical consideration of sitting down without unbuttoning.
Trinity, Oxford, of course. The other one has a lot more colo(u)r.
That's more of an Ask Andy thing. "Bargain tailors? Well, first you hop on your jet to go to New York..."
Plews was at Welsh & Jefferies. When he got forced out, Charles's military business followed him over to Sackville St.
I don't know how much new stuff Charles is buying, but John Hitchcock of A&S still has (or has again) a Royal Warrant. Mr Hitchcock and Malcolm Plews often share a car when they have to go see the Prince about one thing or another. He does get a lot of miles out of his clothes, however. Apparently, he has three valets-- at 8-hour shifts, that's literally 24/7 coverage for cleaning, pressing, repairing, etc. Also, the McQueen thing needs some careful looking at. There...
Not identical, to say the least. My 202s are in wider fittings and while the derbies are OK, the oxfords never really worked even with a little increase built in over the top.By contrast, the standard width 82 fits me very well, even though I don't like the shape of it as much..
I'd assume they're using calf instead of reindeer, but damn, that's nice-looking.
Remember-- IRR gives you credit for allocating to your account at a fortunate time. But if you want to measure your management skill on the money that is actually in your account, you need to do time-weighted return. There's a reason that mutual funds and institutional managers never use IRR in their reported returns.
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