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Does anyone know if 202 lasts have been remade in plastic, a la 82? Even though it is supposed to be a wide last, for a long time I didn't fit into the standard E widths, which messed up a bunch of other things. If they've fixed that, might be worth a re-try.
HFW Minnis?
Wish I fit that last properly. Classic shape, perfect for that model.
Old thread, but some new developments. I've had a pair of NST Cordovans recrafted a few years back, and they came out quite well. Also, my daughter was able to snag a pair of size 6s in shell when a shop was getting rid of their demos at half price(!). After 3 years of high-school/collegiate wear, we sent them back for recrafting to Alden and the results were good. The only exception (I think) to this success is a pair of loafers I sent back to Alden. It is possible...
White MOP can be dangerous, but they fit your jacket very well.
Looking forward to having this made. I already have a DB jacket in tan W Bill linen, so I may try the navy first. Navy MOP buttons, perhaps? I keep aiming for the perfect navy jacket and never totally hit the mark, but this will add to the quiver next summer, or when traveling to the islands in the winter. For some reason, I thought Alden said this was much lighter than the 13/14oz suiting. Could be that its bulk makes it feel a bit less flimsy than the average 10oz.
There seems to be a new collection on the Harrison's site: Thistle Vintage (not Oyster). Anyone run across it? There are no pics.
So to create balance, it would have been OK to help the Clinton campaign design and implement an "incompetent lying racist douchebag"?
Interesting definition. Refusing to help a presidential candidate create a libelous emoji for its political benefit = "playing politics".
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