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Perhaps more than your clients. Yet another illustration of my point.
BETTER THAN OTHER FLANNELS. You set the bar low enough, almost anything can crawl over it.
You'd think so, but (a) Fox does breathe better than many other flannels (the heavier Minnis, in particular), and (b) cold, dry winters make such a thing quite tolerable, if not entirely necessary.In general, I run warm and will sometimes do without coats when others are scrambling. But if the office doesn't get much above 70 and I can "refresh" the insulation with the occasional errand in fresh air, then it's not at all a bad thing. Not nearly as adaptable as the LL...
What the pros know. I was going on the shape of the chest and the belly of the lapels.
This fabric is warm enough with just a SB jacket and trousers, at least for me. And sometimes it's not a bad thing to show a little shirt. I do like DB, though, and if I were a little skinnier this would be a great fabric to make one up.
That's my bet. You'll notice that the shoulders look pretty crisp even though Steed uses construction on the soft side. The joys of 18oz flannel!
I think that's the color I got. Midnight charcoal, or something? I didn't dare risk a 3-piece, though.
This is worth pinning. A very nice addition to their site. Now if they had direct side-by-side comparisons of same-sized lasts, maybe over graph paper...
Yes. The good thing about an IRA, apart from not paying taxes while the money is in the account, is that you get the deposit taken off your income this year. So for most people, that means reducing taxes on salary today (high) and getting taxed on ordinary income when you take it out (when the assumption is that you'll be in a lower bracket).If that isn't true, either because of tax policy or because you'll have too much income to count on a lower bracket when you're...
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