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Given that, then, they did a pretty nice job.
Is this a fresco?
Just took delivery of my first MTO G&G. I had to get a wide size, so there was a bit of risk which I tried to mitigate by getting a plain-toed derby. As it happens, it is still a shade tight and hard to get into without trees. Low, graceful toes don't always like high insteps. And the quarters aren't quite parallel yet. But it is suede, so there is room to stretch. And the polo suede is actually less red than I'd feared. I'd been kicking myself for letting the sales...
What it AC's CMT price now? Last I checked, you could save a lot by sending them Bonfantitessuti or LL fabric to make up. Their own prices for top stuff put them in the London/Paris class.
Perhaps the most consistent thing would have been to charge more to the buyers after the first 250.So-- how much would you need to penalize those buyers to be reassured that you got a good deal?
The main difference between Cleveland and the Titanic: Cleveland has the better orchestra.
This sort of thing could go with conventional black DJ trousers, but you could also turn it into a sport jacket, with or without any kind of tie. So trousers of charcoal, slate blue, Madras, pure white, etc...My first thought would be to get something porous and not warm for the jacket. Probably not silk, but linen or some weave of tropical wool.
I have a larger chest measurement than you and a long torso (short legs). 2.3m is about the minimum for me-- 2.5m is more comfortable. It varies by tailor, though. I have one to whom I gave 5m for a 2pc suit-- decided against a vest, otherwise it would have been 4.5m-- and he apologized for not being able to supply a second set of trousers unless I went without cuffs. Another house would have needed 7m to make all that possible.
Maybe the best option there is take-out followed by a picnic in the car.
I've always thought they were always a bit NSFW. But on a blatantly casual pair like this, they have their place.
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