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Harrisons has a new-ish Mirage line with that composition. Tailors very well. I don't know if that exact color will be in there.
Nobody really gave a shit about Bosnia-Herzegovina a hundred years ago, but they managed to cause a very pleasant conflict nonetheless.
And now even those reactions were deemed unnecessary, suggesting that people are not as worried today as on Friday. Life is wonderfully unpredictable in the short term.
Hunters of Brora has just been sold, and when current stock is gone will no longer be selling individual lengths to tailors--- only bulk orders to RTW places.
Well, it could cause a hiccup or two in the equity market. But often what happens is that the resulting drop in interest rates/rise in gov't spending makes stocks look that much better. At least, we've seen that here on more than one occasion.
If I had to guess, I'd say that the Euro will go down and T-bonds will do well. No idea about stocks in general or any particular names.
Just last week I ordered the same-- or, at least, the equivalent from the Fresco II book. It's a nice color.
So I tried the white wine and the Universal on some white Burgundies--- against a conventional, non-anal-wine-drinker medium-sized Burgundy balloon from Tiffany. I found that the balloon let the fruit sing much more, while the Zaltos both emphasized the acid and structure. Right now, with the state of my sinuses, I prefer fruit. I can see going the other way, especially with New World or Parkerized infants. The workmanship on the glasses is very good indeed. Stem...
I really love the heavier Porter& Harding wide wale stuff. Which is not to say that there can't be another solution for different sorts of weather.
Even in those days, Rizzo had clients.
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