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Anyone tried the Fox "Twist" collection? There appears to be a decent batch of 3-season travel suits in it.
A white/cream/tan one? In the summer/outdoors/aboard a ship.
The outline of The Big Short is quite true to life, and I liked the film even more than the book. The AAA instruments were indeed out there, all filled with the top layer of sewer water (or the top slice of the second layer). Several hedge fund guys figured out how to make the bets against them-- some really big like Paulson (10x) and others more like 2x. The real tragedy, albeit a slightly funny one, was the list of guys who got the problem right, set up funds to...
I'd guess that they'll come out pretty much as in the fitting pix. Edwin doesn't like to be too disciplined about particular widths-- it's all rock of eye.
Very SR. Not that you haven't done well looking for something else.
A sporty touch. Reminiscent of equestrian gear.
So you think this fit him when he was slimmer and turned into a poncho as his waist grew?
If it isn't a black tie event you will be fine.
Kahneman and Tversky did work on that.
Two negatives making a positive? ("First I thought those monks were ugly, but now I see that they're way better than the chukkas you're also wearing.")
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