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A lifetime's supply of brown sport coats right there.
The two on the left are pretty substantial, but nicer colors IMO. You could get in touch with Alden's Sicilian tailors for a Balmacaan out of one of them, and be all set for a hike across the moors in any nasty weather.
I typically get mine lined. I'd rather have it hang well and not get stuck on my shirt. There's also the issue of having your shirt (or boxers) shine though the jacket.I have no controlled testing to prove it, but the kind of construction you get (shoulder pads, etc.) may make more of a difference than the lining. When you're using 9/10oz, it isn't normally that great for very hot weather anyway.
I use a number of other makers, including Charvet, Budd, and an Italian house. Even though they might be objectively "better" or more interesting, or more recently fitted, etc., there are still days when Ascot Chang makes me happier than any of the others. Obviously, wear your best shirt (or take it, if it's really hot out) to the measurement. They'll follow just about any set of directions you give them, but you do have to ask. One nice thing to be aware of with...
Ian Richardson was my first exposure to Professor Henry Higgins, on Broadway back in the late 70s. He was just as elegant and smooth then.
I see you also carry Riva. I'd tried to send a message there but ran out of knowledge of Chinese. What are the prices on Lino Arsenal and Lino Oxford? And is Ascot Chang a customer, or would I order through you to do CMT with them?
Minnie seems not to have the classic solids in their 12oz worsted range anymore, but it is a very useful quality. And the new book looks surprisingly woolly.
It is a little BLobb-y, but not too bad on its own terms. The real issue is fit. If you can't make it work for you, the best shoe in the world isn't worth the trouble.
They both look very nice. More jacketing than suiting, I'd guess-- especially the silk/linen. Doesn't Crispaire have a similar baby houndstooth? Maybe that's better for suits than jacket, though.
Surely, you can't be serious!
New Posts  All Forums: