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I suppose if you wore it every day, people would come to expect it on you. I do like it, but it's very much an off-duty jacket for me.
The Alden Glen Check is that general design. Whether this is the correct size (the LL pattern is quite large) or if it is the correct sort of tweed I couldn't say.
When you consider the cost of other good shoes (including Alden), and the plummeting Euro, a round-trip to Budapest can be a productive use of R&D dollars.
Oh, stop being sensible. You want your membership taken away?
I'd almost consider getting into politics for a case like that.BTW, how old was the last one? And was that the current occupant's, or did it go with the office?
Nice shoes!Sorry-- you had a question?
Thanks. Some unresolved questions with books not listed, missing photos of patterns, and at least one "low stock" item that was officially out of stock. But the potential is for a much better website. And Steadfast is still around, at least for a while.
Has Harrisons pulled the plug on Smith Steadfast yet? I didn't do a comprehensive search in the tailors' shops, but it wasn't leaping to the top of the stack. At any rate, in case the Lesser 16oz book gets dropped, or renewed badly, I did start a suit in that (with extra trousers, in case the first pair wears out in 25 years), which should cover the general run of winter business trips for a while. As much as I welcome the London Lounge's new worsteds, there's something...
That's about right. You couldn't trust reports from someone whose portfolio could move based on what he said. That doesn't necessarily mean insider trading, but it could leave you exposed to manipulation charges. And a really good scoop could indeed involve material, non-public information, which is what one shouldn't be trading on.
I left it to her. Actually, as this is only the first copy, there will be time to revisit the issue. I'm hoping to be in Paris in May, so will be able to choose details and fabrics for the rest of Batch 1.0. I didn't get the feeling that she minded making it either way, but that she was very worried about the skill needed to iron the collars successfully.
New Posts  All Forums: