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Good tailor, good cloth!
So get antic cognac and saddle while you wait.
Saddle/P2? Or wide F?
If you catch the barrel tasting reviews, you can sometimes snag something good in futures. In 2005 I got a case of very cheap halves from the guy who operates Cheval Blanc. The problem is that cheap vineyards are cheap for a reason. Either the land is second rate or management is not so hot, or both. So the combination of lucky factors that makes them hit above their weight in one vintage might not come about in the next miracle year.
Oops-- count me out. I need more than that for a suit.
Can you post a photo? The best of those were great. Some of the ones that hung on were really dull.
Not answering your question, I'm afraid, but this evening we popped the first of a case of Haut Brion '95. I'd sampled the Bahans from that year for a bit over 10 years ago, and liked it a lot-- this was a new ballgame, however. Not young, not too old-- just in its prime. For the cheaper end of things, it depends on what you mean by cheap. I've had some very nice Ormes de Pez from 2001 that didn't come at all expensively, although now it would be well over $20. There...
Check in with an admissions office from a top program. Would they ever give a second MBA? Or would being two courses short of an MBA be a penalty in admissions? Another option is that business schools offer degrees other than an MBA. Yale now has a 1-year degree for more advanced, post-MBA folk, and Dartmouth has something aimed at people wanting to do healthcare strategy. There are almost certainly others.
How about a woolen flannel?
Do you want nice shoes, or nice Central European shoes?
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