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If it holds up until Christmas, I will be a happy man.
Add a bunch more. You'll hardly notice the first ones.
But did your Fresco helmet get scratched?
I'm willing to take a look. Bonfanti does nice stuff, and CMT with Ascot Chang is a nice deal.
Sure, if they're not too far out there on patterns/colors.
Current. There was some discretion about which year to call current, and I think you could split it between two years, but it would have put me in a high tax bracket even without salary and other income. (This was a deal offered in 2009 or so that temporarily eliminated the income cap for Roth eligibility-- not sure if the exact same thing applies today, although there is the "back-door" option.)
It was taxed as wage income-- as it would have been if I'd pulled it out after 70.
When I left my job, I rolled my 401(k) into a Roth IRA. There was a tax hit to pay then, but (a) I'll never have to pull money out in my lifetime, and (b) it will be tax free for my children's-- or grandchildren's-- lifetimes. It's also a place to think about parking some of the more tax-inefficient alternatives, not that it wouldn't have that benefit if you went to a normal IRA.
I like that a lot, too. Pity about the plexiglass "crystal." Any idea of how it wears in real life?
That green looks like their usual olive. Have you compared the differences?
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