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Very urbane and civilized. Hard, fairly dry, and generally smooth finish. Rather like Lesser 13oz, only lighter and more flexible.
Hulme is "finer" than Saddleback. Whether it pleases you, or can stand up to the expectations raised by its relative refinement is beyond my pay-grade.
I have something very close to that. I can't tell from the photos if this one has outside pockets on one side only, or if a second one is zipped. On mine, there is one zipped on one side and an open one on the other. Not a huge problem normally, but it tends to gap open b/c the handles are on the main body, not the outside of the pocket. Clegg has a much nicer variant. For way more than you just paid, though, so that may cover any weaknesses.
Sinn gets good ink around here.
I see just from cruising around Fidelity that ATVI sells for about 5x sales. Also, sometimes the small misses on earnings can be devastating. I had one cynical co-worker who thought that companies would sometimes manage a miss of a few cents to signal some really bad stuff coming later.
It's obviously the strap.
A comment from Tony on another board, from 2005:
Sedan. Lots of leg room. Or, if you're actually considering a FIAT, how about a Golf GTI?
Steal a Bentley.
I take a standard P2 and an F that is one width above normal. It's not a great solution. I fit into the wide Fs, for the most part, but oxfords are very snug, requiring shoehorns more than most shoes. Also, they don't look nearly as nice as the standard-width F shoes, which are very elegant. The lake is more triangular and flat-- sort of a pie-server effect. I can't say that every P2 I've worn is perfect, but that last has been more successful on balance.
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