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Investments, or were you doing consulting?
I have this in the works, in lieu of the other option. We'll see how it comes out.
Sort of a slate-blue (not quite RAF) summer hopsack? That would be nirvana.A&S have a house special fabric of that general description in a kind of tan that they call olive. I don't know what shop produced it for them, though.
In my limited experience, this has already hit the larger firms, who were obvious targets. The off-row and obscure shops had more opportunity to fly under the radar.
Buy the suit first.
A whole suit-full of Solaro could change your mind.
Midnight blue. Perhaps with stripes or dots, but keep it simple.
Austerity brogue is more classic. Which is not to say that you'll necessarily be filing your River pair with the crushed velvet tuxedo any time soon.
Sharp move sideways-- how Laconic.
Just started funding a batch of shirting. Madras and some fancy chambray bought at clearance, off to Ascot Chang in HK. $30 each in postage, plus $110 CMT, and we're still ahead of the game.
New Posts  All Forums: