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5 = 2.5 x 2. Put a sport jacket in the bank. Either that, or have a very relaxed suit for the proverbial museum visits on Sunday.
Is there some confusion here between the prices paid in the US for NsM shirts and what one can get on the ground in Naples? I'm all for saving money and so on, but it's hard to get uncritically behind a recommendation that starts with "hop a flight to Rome."
These guys still in existence?
I see on eBay that Ascot Shoes is selling some models on the "New Budapest" last. WTF is that? P2 or P3, or is there some other model out there that nobody's heard of?
I've ordered a jacket in blue HB from this book-- we'll see how it turns out.
#8 and Bordeaux are different? That doesn't sound right. Perhaps just a different batch, or more energetic polishing of the upper pair?
Looks like denim.
I had a conversation with a tailor today who suggested that 332027 might be nice-- and pointed me to www.hollandandsherry.com/apparel/collections.aspx?season=SS2013&details=HS1333A . So that might be it.
Send this question with pictures to Vass-- perhaps a wide fitting of the F?
EG's Dark Oak is pretty heavily antiqued. If you want the same, you could fiddle with antik cognac until it's dark enough.
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