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Big doings at SMLP. Lots of recent buying by entities of the founding fund, a huge drop in price today (along with massive option activity) followed by a 4:21pm press release about an asset drop-down--all before the earnings call tomorrow.
There were two very light worsteds that Minnis discontinued. One was Airborne, and I forget what the other was. I had a suit made of the less light of the two (still 8oz, I think) and while it looks nice, I've come not to use it so much. The very fine weave and (modest) cashmere content make it very uncomfortable in humid weather. In the desert, or meat-locker-quality air conditioning, it would doubtless be excellent.[edit] Come to think of it, I think the one I used...
Not local or OTR, but samhober.com might be able to help before then. Excellent work and service.
Get laid in a Denver hotel room.
Is it on their website (and what book)?
Donelgal with an overcheck? Where did that come from?
He's purchased suits from Rizzo (closed this winter ), and this striped number could easily have been one of those.I have read--- but not verified--- that he does bespoke silks from Vineyard Vines so he can have exclusive patterns or colorways for the summer.
I had Chan use a Smith merino blend (black!) for a DB DJ. Something like 9oz. It is very good stuff.In general, your first black tie rig is probably best done in lighter weights, as long as it doesn't screw up the construction and drape. Most places people wear the things are dreadfully overheated, even in the dead of winter. You can always get a black or dark overcoat to get you as far as your limousine after the event. That said, if you're cool-blooded, or expect to...
Shit. Best of luck to all concerned.
I'm guessing that quite a few Americans these days are having flashes of empathy for the English conservatives who would have let Hitler and Stalin drain each other without any help from the West.
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