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Not answering your question, I'm afraid, but this evening we popped the first of a case of Haut Brion '95. I'd sampled the Bahans from that year for a bit over 10 years ago, and liked it a lot-- this was a new ballgame, however. Not young, not too old-- just in its prime. For the cheaper end of things, it depends on what you mean by cheap. I've had some very nice Ormes de Pez from 2001 that didn't come at all expensively, although now it would be well over $20. There...
Check in with an admissions office from a top program. Would they ever give a second MBA? Or would being two courses short of an MBA be a penalty in admissions? Another option is that business schools offer degrees other than an MBA. Yale now has a 1-year degree for more advanced, post-MBA folk, and Dartmouth has something aimed at people wanting to do healthcare strategy. There are almost certainly others.
How about a woolen flannel?
Do you want nice shoes, or nice Central European shoes?
I have the latter model in Antic Cordovan, P2 last, single soles. No complaints. The basic wing-tip (Budapester) works wonderfully well on their more modern lasts.
I was thinking of bid/ask spread which people forget but is usually a much bigger problem than commissions.
Or as Buffett likes to say, if you don't know who the patsy at the card table is, it's probably you.
Depends on the weight. In the lightest bracket, Finmeresco is very similar to the lightest Fresco, but more flexible and-- in trousers-- more able to hold a crease while shedding wrinkles. The 12oz stuff is more porous than Crispaire and very much more flexible than the midweight Fresco. Some actually prefer Fresco for that reason-- your tastes may vary.
There used to be Savile Row shops that would promise entire suits in one week. No big deal if you have a spot in the queue.
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