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I would have thought beige with a lot of grey dust and the odd grass stain. But there are doubtless different flavors. If the existing donkey samples are a little too grey, a mottled fawn would be perhaps more useful.
If you're inclined to commission a special run, I'd think about a "donkey" colored flannel, such as Alden did for LL some time ago. Just not 15-17oz--- more like 13 or 14.
2a better for suits. Whether that matters, I couldn't say. The larger grains are nice, but I already have a LL piece banked, so not as useful.
I remember getting a quote a few years ago, and it was surprisingly low. In the same ballpark of what Alden charges.
They have a nice website. I'd never seen their stuff before.
Or their warmest black. But who's going to be fussy about that?
I think it's just marketing. If you're selling a city suit, you say "wool." If you're trying to get interest in a crunchy organic tweed jacket or fisherman's sweater that smells like old cheese, you say "sheep."
That might be a good idea for a group purchase. Their minimum length for a commission is 100m, and price is a tad less than $10/m. I wouldn't mind some of the navy blue checks.
Perhaps a lukewarm soak instead? If you put it in a basin, you would get some insight into how it bleeds.
Those bottom two are especially nice.
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