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One or two spots with less complicated alternatives on Fox's site. Not that I'd discourage you from following your bliss in the LL book.Merino Brothers has good pics of most of the Lessers books. In addition to Golden Bale flannels, don't rule out the 16oz and 13oz worsteds book. There are some navy serges and hopsacks in there that will serve quite well on the blazer front.
Take the annual fee and multiply by 25 or 30. And then be rich enough on top of that not to mind that you're pissing away $150k/year on plane tickets.
The polo coat in particular. I didn't know that Alden was Orthodox-- or maybe he just has a Jewish haberdasher.
No, that would be the shirtsleeves. It's not old money unless generation 2 gets its shit together.
as long as his kids get into a top college-- or don't mind getting swamped with debt, or choose not to go at all, which is way more likely in this income bracket.Payroll taxes, state and local property, sales tax-- it can add up to a lot if you don't have a ton of income in your denominator.You want to scale your retirement down enough where SS makes a big difference, be my guest.An exciting fantasy. There may be a nightclub in the Village where you and she can try it out...
I have a suit made from LL Flannel. It tailored up beautifully, and seems to be behaving well. We're on its first winter and I don't do suits every day, so I can't really tell you how much abuse it can take before it would need help. I don't know that there is a blazer fabric in that series, but Fox does have flannels of all flavors in their non-Alden range.Another place to look would be Lesser's worsted flannels-- either the regular set or the Golden Bale. Smith's...
Well Vox is a god, of course, so you have to adjust the curve accordingly.Ben Silver was offering a DB jacket in a sort of fawn-colored check for a while. Don't know if that is still on the website.
Age also matters in these calculations. $1 million won't make the youngest cohort rich, as in private jets for life rich. On the other hand, when many of one's peers are still underwater with college debt and counting themselves lucky if they can afford a 401(k) contribution, it still places you very high in the top 1%. So is that a cause for complaint? http://www.shnugi.com/networth-percentile-calculator/?min_age=29&max_age=30&networth=1000000
Which role on Fantasy Island did you play?Consider another 1.5--2m for trousers.
And it's not over-priced.
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