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Nice stuff, and well-proportioned for you. Pity about my feet and the U last-- I did once try on a pair that were incredibly comfortable, until I tried walking and not feeling like a clown. If I'd needed to kill cockroaches, on the other hand, they would have been fantastically practical.
You could do a lot worse.
I just tried GlenKaren for the first time-- to see if something could be done on some salt stains on black oxfords. A few years back, I'd walked over pavement that was getting some spring rain after a rather toxic winter. No harm, I thought, but then there appeared a few smears of white stain when it dried. I tried myself to use vinegar and water, then black polish. Not great, but perhaps OK for non-special wear. Then I had them in London and got stuck in a real...
I haven't, but wouldn't a better comparison be the Lesser 120s wool/cashmere? That one is very elegant, draping well and not being too heavy while resembling winter-weight cloth. But it really isn't a workhorse.
There aren't oodles of them about Boston, but they're no longer that much more exotic than a business suit in general. If you're worried about doing exactly what everyone else does, or are subject to massive peer pressure (e.g., in an investment bank), then hold off. Otherwise, you'll look as good in it as you feel. If you don't want to be super-dressy, get a more subdued mid-grey worsted, maybe a semi-plain to start with.
The knot in the grenadine indeed works well. I just received one in the mail and it is uncommonly well shaped.
That's a great book-- I have a blue herringbone from it and it turned out very well. Another option might be Smiths Solaro, of which there is at least one herringbone pattern. It's in the Luxury Flannels book if you look on the Harrison website.
Has anyone had a chance to compare this with some of the other luxury 11oz things-- Grand Cru, Golden Bale 11oz, etc?
That's a very nice blue for the summer. One of the standard books, or did you do a special order?
Perhaps more than your clients. Yet another illustration of my point.
New Posts  All Forums: