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It really depends on where you live, how you work, and what your internal thermostat runs to. Generally, there are no perfect solutions.Some people will get a tropical suit (9oz) and gut it out through the winter with overcoats and nicely heated cars. You could get a 10oz fresco that looks a little like flannel but breathes fantastically well. It won't be great in the dead of summer but it will look better in cooler weather-- if you can handle the breeze. Some like the...
And in further news, the Yankees said the same about the Red Sox.
Another to consider once you've done the "efficient market" books is The Money Masters by John Train, who wrote a lot about successful active investors of all different types. He and his subjects tend to dismiss the whole notion of market efficiency, although the discussion often goes from there to how bloody hard it is to beat the market with any reliability. Anyway, these are the types of investors that David Swensen looks to find for the Yale endowment. If you hope...
Hey, sometimes you've got to call'em as you see'em.
A 20% discount may actually make the stock-specific/career risk manageable, especially if you're not buying above replacement NAV. But do make sure that your bigger pieces are in place first, so the tail doesn't wag the dog. Perhaps sell annually, so you're capturing the discount each year without putting too much capital at risk.
Ian Kennedy and David Swensen have good books. Both men have done very well in the top drawer of endowment investing, and have thought carefully about how much this can translate to individual choices.
Well, let's not beat that straw man into a dead horse. I've got better things to get upset about.
Maybe P3? Looks a little long in the toe to be Budapest.
A lot of non-standard-A&S details, although the shoulders don't look very firm and there is a bit of drape going on. Maybe from Tom Mahon or another of the ex-pats?
I wonder who Glasgow's tailor is. Not that I'm especially envious, but it's a slightly unusual look, and it would be interesting to know which house he'd chosen to barter with.
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