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Those aren't 45 P2, are they?
Tastes vary. For me, they are best when (a) they are useful -- a jacket that will be used for travel, for example, and/or (b) if a bit of rumpling and clutter add to the style rather than subtract.There's a third situation-- when the edges of crisper cloth create a rhythm. Some of the slim-cut hacking jackets, for example, where the lapel edges and the slanted pockets all seem to converse and move your eye around. Not my thing, but it does work.Anyway, for this Agnelli...
Probably no benefit. A satin (or whatever) lining won't add much insulation and will keep down the friction with your shirt.
A more successful specimen than the one on the previous page.It's not the shoulders, but rather the lapels' shape and angle. As well as not having the ticket pocket, for a cleaner look.
Someone on LL is even doing a DB suit. I've got enough for a 3-pc, which I might well do. It could work with or without the vest, and as an odd jacket should the trousers give out or seem too staid for the occasion. Unfortunately, I had a thornproof jacket made last year in more or less that pattern, so I may have to let other priorities come to the head of the queue.
The Hentschel Botschafter, my almost-dressy good watch, does the red 12 and it doesn't suffer at all. On the other hand, it really doesn't jump out at you.
Maybe because I'm not a watch guy, but I find that with less is more when it comes to Lange.If I were to have only one, it would be the Saxonia Automatik. The new 1815 Ab/Aufs also have their virtues.
So-- the morning after your wedding and you're posting here? Congratulations, I guess.
I've not seen this in tailors' shops, but Fox does have a lighter-weight collection. One possible candidate:
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