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There's no reason it couldn't keep doing well, but I'm happy to think about cashing out here. (A fund I'm in has some exposure and may be looking at 3x or 4x.)
Like this?
Well, I don't get much use out of very light light grey trousers either. Slavic thighs, and all that. I'm wearing some now (the light grey LL Brisa), but it's a mostly sunny day and I'm off duty. Even today, I can't help wondering if my shoes are too dark (or too brown). So while I'd happily wear this pair or the fabric you're proposing with a slightly lighter-than-navy blazer or tan-colored tweed, it would definitely be because I were going someplace to be social. ...
That last one worn by the golfer could work. Otherwise, I think it's a bit of a statement that I don't necessarily need to make in the winter.
I've only used the LL Navy Mistral so far, which made up a fantastic blazer. I have 2 trouser lengths sitting around of the grey, and I'm sort of wishing that I'd known it would be so dark-- it would make a nice suit. It may just be in comparison to the other two greys, but that Minnis 0329 looks surprisingly blue on my screen.
If you're using LL linen colors for flannel, I'd be much more interested in Taupe or Salvia. Too light and I'm not sure why I'd have a winter-weight pair.
Some would say there is no good weight for gabardine. Apart from that, Holland & Sherry has what appears to be a decent selection.
I've never seen the Kevin and Howlin before at all. Did you go direct, or is there a distributor?
Investments, or were you doing consulting?
I have this in the works, in lieu of the other option. We'll see how it comes out.
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