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Carving is so cruel to the wood. For this errand, I keep a fleet of Norwegian virgins on staff to shape pieces of cedar or mahogany through erosion between their thighs.
Shrunken lapels.
Antique Cognac cordovan is much more useful. If whiskey is a flashy California cab that wins Parker points, the Antik is like a decent Bordeaux that you can actually have with dinner-- sans hangover.
Anyone ever use a non-electric rotary razor? They used to be common in yacht cruising catalogues years ago, and now it seems that there are just a few vendors. I'm thinking one might be useful for long-distance air travel, among other situations.
Some of the less autumnal gun clubs-- e.g., in Fox Twist or Worsted Alsport-- could get you there pretty quickly. I have a tartan jacket that is 10oz-- works fine (aesthetically) in the summer, and for winter dinner parties alike. If I actually moved to the British Isles I could see getting another of the same pattern in 13oz.
??? or ?!?
Those are both on the light side, even if they are worsted and not woollen flannel. Had you thought of a tweed instead?
Based on their promo video, quartz.Too bad, as they are uncommonly nice-looking, and in great sizes, not that I object on moral grounds to saving money by getting more accurate movements. One way to get rid of the quartz "ping...ping...ping..." would be to offer them without second hands.
Going straight down isn't volatility. 😀
The Acorn shirting? It's much softer than chambray, but similarly on the informal side. Not amazing stuff, but it hits its target pretty well.
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