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Some time back, Carl from CEGO gave a pretty nasty review to most of Acorn's lines. I don't know if he was speaking more about feel under the hand (or machine), or if there was some objective history with wear or shrinkage. Either way, if justified, it is a shame, because their colors and styles are very classic.
Mirage is a very good sport jacket material for spring or cool summer wear. Obviously not ideal for the office, but not very flashy either, and it tailors beautifully. I have one of the blue herringbones, and I like it a lot.Steven Hitchcock put some of the Sunbeam on his blog not too long ago. You'd have to want a bright color, but it has promise.
How much is one roll, and what do they normally charge per yard/meter?
Roll 2 is the trad Brooks blazer. A real 2-button with an extra buttonhole cut in. The pic seems to want to roll 2.5, and probably will after it's broken in. When you see a real 3-button roll 3 on Savile Row, it looks a bit like a Norfolk jacket: 3 buttons showing, never fewer.
You can get Oxford cloth from Acorn Fabrics (online). There must be a better source, but I don't know what that would be.
Depends. What will you be landing on them?
Now that we've gone directly from snow to 90 degrees, it's time to renew this one. We have a Jenn-Air from maybe 6 years ago that wasn't expensive, but is looking crappier all the time. One of the three burners has never really worked, the chrome plating is peeling off, the thermometer is broken, and now the actual grill has the coating peeling off. We use charcoal down at our summer place, but need something easier to manage during the week. Any ideas? We don't cook...
I went to a place that carries Crane's. This was the font (from the "Executive Flat Card"). I put just my name in the center of the card, with office address plus e=mail (3 lines) in lower left and phone/fax (2 lines) in lower right. Black ink on off-white card. I decided to keep things clean and uncluttered, as there would be fewer mistakes to regret later. Since I haven't bothered to get a firm name, this format has worked very well. At least one Asian contact I've...
but potentially useful for a Bay Area summer!
At least the price of Charvet has fallen 97 bps.
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