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Another option would be to reduce corporate taxes to something like 10% and get rid of the individual break on dividends. I don't know how much dividend income goes to pensions or other non-taxed entities, so the math might not work. But it would allow much of the income to be taxed while removing a huge advantage currently held by the weasel-driven firms that ship their income over to Ireland or other havens. Given the dividends that firms not paying much tax at all,...
A couple of ounces and a bunch of dollars.While W Bill is well-made and more substantial than what most people think of when they talk about linen, the LL book takes it even further. Which doesn't mean that you'll want to choose the latter, or pay up for it. But it is a different animal.Color choices are good in each collection, although somewhat deeper and richer in LL.
SMLP now over $50. No idea if that's too high, but there are still a lot of assets held by the general partner, which they have a lot of incentive to push cheaply into the MLP. The same fund that set this up is about to do the same again with their Fund III. Come a year or two from now, that could be an interesting IPO.
Took the Deathmobile out for a spin today. 1970 Dodge Coronet station wagon (tomato red), with black interior and NO options. No A/C, radio, power windows, or anything else they thought was cool back then. A real land yacht, totally unrestored but very clean, with less than 7,000 miles on her. I'm not sure how legal the seat belts are, but so far nobody's stopped me. My biggest worry is the outside rear view mirror, which gets readjusted by the wind whenever I go much...
Search for Merino Brothers Hong Kong's Facebook page. They have pretty much all of the Lesser/Harrisons books there.
Less of a winter option, of course.
$38.89. There will be punishment...
Well, let's hope it hangs in there for another 6 months. So far, so good.
It is pretty soft.
I fit P2 very well, even in Oxfords. F of the same size and width is too tight across the laces. You might face different problems.
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