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How many colors of the tussah silk are there?
Luckily, there's not a chance of my biting on this one-- or being offered one, for that matter.I already do shirts with NsM (as English a pattern as they're likely to generate), so a slightly Italian approach in an English shop won't necessarily hurt. OTOH, I might also try Budd and Drake's, just in case.
And the crowd goes wild.
It will look more at home in London with a boutonniere on the right lapel also. Otherwise I'd be careful about going too far off your tailor's comfort zone. DB jackets are a mix of details, and if you change one without a real plan for the rest, it can look weird. If you do have a photo of an A&S jacket, you could try for more of a "swoop" on the lapels without going all Neapolitan. But if that would look as good with those shoulders and overall length I don't know. ...
You're talking about the next jacket, right? Because this one is almost completely baked. Doesn't look at all bad, BTW, even if one might prefer small changes of the kind you're talking about.
I'll be passing through London soon, and while I don't really need a new shirtmaker, it's never too early to put together a farm team. Looking away from the usual Jermyn Street/Savile Row suspects, has anyone recently used Rubinacci or Udeshi? Any other newcomers or forgotten old-timers?
Damn, that's a lot going on. Anyway, the yellow stripe would be good for 8m. And 4m of the sky blue stripe.
IS the sky blue the first one made up, or is it the bottom on the loom?Also, do you have more of the W Bill glen check suiting? I hadn't realized you were getting into that stuff.
Now if they can think about refilling the 16oz Lessers book...
For length, yes. However, F is narrower than P2 and fits differently around the instep.For many, this is a non-issue. For me, it means doing without F or (per recent correspondence with Vass), moving up one width.
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