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Yes, that is a decent plan. Generally, it is supposed that Minnis is a little warmer and more sturdy. Whether that is true for you, and constitutes a good thing, is often impossible to predict.
The new Mulberrywood weave is awesome. Some of the two-tone effect of shot silk, but much more substantial even than Oxford weave without getting rustic.
Looks like they do a bunch of MTO/MTM options, though.The shape is not singing to me, but you never know how ugly the original client's feet were. Very tasteful models in any case.
I don't wear well-made boots very often, but I find that "speed hooks" add a ridiculous amount of time to getting shod.
Also, don't forget that buying emerging markets and micro-caps in 1987/88 was not easy, and would have been very expensive if successful. Often trading costs are more or less equal to alpha targets.
Very nice-- I'm going to see AC at the end of the month, and these pics are giving me impure thoughts. I wonder if they have Irish linen (or matka, or something with texture) that could serve the purpose. Standard shirting cloth does just fine, of course.
I might have to try the 888. While the 82 fits me remarkably well for RTW, it has much more of a triangular shape than I like. The square toe of 888 isn't my thing, but it seems to have a better-integrated front half.
Sharkskin or herringbone.
Pink trousers have life in preppie wardrobes, although more so with cuffs and a paper shade of pink. If these weren't so crisp, they could provide a good foundation for a Madras jacket.
For those who don't know that you're kidding, a reminder that Microsoft ruled the world in 1999. Apple is certainly popular today but even now they don't have software in ~90% of desktops sold.
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