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P2 has a higher instep than F, although a wide fitting of F might solve that and the other problems as well.
Their diamond patterns are lighter still, IIRC. Small but nice collection.
http://www.ardalanish.com/retail/tweeds/herringbone-tweeds/silver-herringbone? The scale on this seems much larger than on their other herringbones.
Please--- summer lingerie. Show some guts.
I had A&S order it specially. We did have a discussion on what the premium should have been. Might be you'll have less trouble ordering it yourself.
The Ardalanish collection of organic and "ethical" tweeds has a few silver/black combinations. http://www.ardalanish.com/retail/tweeds/other-tweeds Apart from the herringbones, these are attractive. From LL, of course, we have Cooper 1 and Etna HB.
Are they longer than your other 43.5s?
Do check the out of stock list also. A few of the photographed cloths are on that list (and no longer in the physical book). A shame, as I'd been eyeing the grey herringbone with blue stripes for a while.
Very nicely cut. Cheers!
Never, if I can help it.
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