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Obviously, I wasn't enough of a regular customer to get that one. Anyway, I hope my last doesn't disappear into the void-- assuming it's now perfect. I brought my pair back in early November, and they were slated to re-make them and send back a few weeks ago. Let's hope it wasn't the cost of all that which drove them under.
Even more lamentable-- around $1,200/pair after the last is done. That's Edward Green territory.
I think pair #1.0 was about $1,400-- six years ago. Even with the upcharge for making the last it was around half of what London shops would have charged. Not much more than that today. Great value, especially for anyone building a bespoke wardrobe quickly. I see now that Materna has some internationally-versatile models on their new-ish website. Which is no guarantee what they'll do for you, etc.
If I read that correctly, bespoke was $1,550 before shipping and Customs, on the second pair. Sigh. Anyway, TJ is 2,600 PLN (around $650, plus travel, shipping, customs...) and Kielman is just under $1,000, I think. Both from Pair 1.0. Not sure where Materna fits into all this.
All I know is from that e-mail, and the messages of disgust from a few former clients. And the information revealed here by Cornellian.
Oh, crud. Maftei, while very nice, are not in their league, and Materna-- in addition to having a bit more of a Central European accent-- seems to make less effort to correspond with the outside. Perhaps Mr. Balint Jr. will merge into another shop, as defunct Savile Row tailors are wont to do. He's a young man, and has some valuable lasts and tools in inventory. In the meantime, there is Warsaw. Again, TJ is superb, albeit non-English-speaking and close to retirement....
I have witnessed a strange e-mail exchange re Balint shoes in Vienna. First was a note from the company: Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren! Bitte entnehmen Sie nachstehend unsere geänderten Kontaktdaten. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Béla Bálint Béla Bálint Wißgrillgasse 10/13A | 1140 Wien Tel. +4367762385865 This was followed by some angry, probably very Viennese responses from people who didn't like having their email addresses made public. So far,...
Who made? Looks nice.
I had much the same impression of 341 and 325, and found that 335e fits quite well.
Too bad their coffee and pastries suck.
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