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The sleeves are not too long. If anything, you might want to let them down 1/4". But don't sweat it. It is everything a DB suit should be.
W Bill linen is awesome for suits and/or trousers.
Send them an e-mail with your location and general errand. They will put you in touch with a local distributor.
Not quite so well-finished as, say, Lessers, but the general reputation with tailors is good.
Personally, I am in the process of going long some shirts at Charvet.
What is the length, and are you considering offering 2 lengths?
What, no Sovereigns?
The big advantages of ETFs are that you can trade them intra-day, the fund sponsor can't prevent you from buying for the short term (as Vanguard will do if you're a threat to park many millions in their index funds), and you're unlikely to get hit with realized gain distributions if everyone else liquidates their shares. None of which seem relevant to your situation.Indexed mutual funds will often have lower expenses than ETFs. You also don't have transaction cost...
If you had a certain Italian tailor, you'd understand all.
I appreciate the tradition of using tweed here, and I'm not ruling out getting one down the line (or maybe in covert cloth). Still, I'm currently replacing a Schneider charcoal cashmere coat that had pretty much the same styling and worked very well. The question is if I were to move a little away from the previous coat, are there problems I should look for (or solutions to welcome)?
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