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Not 38r.This was one of the "suits" that was delivered in pieces, the jacket maybe 2 years after Ambrosi made the trousers. Sadly, this happened to be a time when I was getting my weight under control, so it was much too large from the moment I opened the box. Apart from that, there is some funky styling and overall proportions that I'd happily live without. A strong argument for knowing your tailor well, either to have many discussions about cut and fit, or (in their...
If needed, I'd be happy to donate mine.
Which he'll change before dinner and wear maybe once every two months as he rotates through his discounted collection.If you want Moonbeam for a suit, start with ordinary flannel. That may be far enough.
Unless, of course, you take the first 11 tries as evidence of a rigged game.
Looks like a low-resolution LCD screen.
They will mess around with other colors.
It's often as much a function of who the outworker is. Steven Hitchcock just lost his coatmaker to retirement-- and couldn't induce his father's favorite from A&S to postpone his own retirement. So he got someone new, who also works for Huntsman, of all places. The details of the inside pockets are now noticeably different, without being better or worse.
Solito was collaborating with Ambrosi when he had so much trouble getting back to NY for fittings. So it does sound like him. Perhaps someone else in Naples was bailing him out on his overdue work?
Have you thought of Glaser Designs?
I've never seen a tailor with this stuff around. Are there distributors in the US or London?
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