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Jeddite= monogram for Star Wars fan? I see that the 1939 Brooks brochure still makes reference to Russia Calf. It was certainly around and about then-- there's a Lord Peter Wimsey mystery from the late 20s where Inspector Parker proves to be aware of its smell. I wonder how similar to the Cleverley Reindeer that would be.
It is nice to see that passion has not entirely left the clothing trade.
The official minimum varies a lot, as will the unofficial minimum. In 2009-10, funds were surprisingly willing to take sub-minimum investors. Now we're in an environment where some are raising the minimum and enforcing it more seriously in their new funds, even to the point of firing long-time clients who can't commit 5mm or 10mm.
I think the fund's basis is something like $3.75. Still locked up until just around Christmas, so there's no point in getting too happy.As an interesting datapoint on Silicon Valley culture, the fund did try to shop around for co-investors. Nobody would bite, as it was a boring hardware/globalization play, not sexy social media. Supply and demand.
Duuuude!(I have the same in Antik Cognac shell.)
I have used it for oxfords, and it's really pretty good. I may yet experiment with a wide fitting of F last, but P2 is not bad at all.
Where on this video does he say that each collar has 6 layers of interlining?
Anyone used them? Would you trust them with a good shirt? Anyone better in town (or best wait to return to London)?
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