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I've been resting my case all day.
Solaro is not an especially great warm-weather cloth, at least nowadays. Tight weave and not light weight at 12oz, more or less. For very warm weather, the lightest Finmeresco is pretty good if you don't overtax it. The lightest Fresco has its virtues (not the 9-10oz stuff. Some of the tropicals are OK, such as Lesser-- and although word is that quality varies by pattern, the Dugdale New Fine Worsted has some potential. Rangoon is a little more substantial, but there...
No, but it is a hopsack that shakes out wrinkles very nicely, in addition to letting air through so it isn't TOO warm. Mine is still new, so I don't have a definitive report, but it is working out quite well.
Which they define as "1.3m." A nice cap, perhaps.
Totally different animal. Soft and high performance. Which is not to say that it's the only thing you should own.
Merino Brothers might have some inventory, perhaps.
Irish Donegals WB34629 plays in that sandbox a little bit. As does Shetland Tweeds WB12136 .
The current book has wool/mohair, but at around 10oz. I have one pair of trousers in the 15oz-- it's pretty scratchy stuff. If I were to get another, I'd need it lined in front.
The Japanese did like loud colors in those days. We also had a Datsun 610 wagon to complement the Pontiac 3-seater, and it was orange as well.
My dad had one of those new. Unmodified, of course. Orange exterior, black seats.
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