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Some of those Agnelli windowpane flannels posted on LL. Bluegrey background, reasonably assertive windowpane. Otherwise, a POW that walks the line. Perhaps one of the Harrison's Vintage flannels?
I just had my first "supervision" for my master's dissertation, and the supervisor says that he thinks there's a doctorate's worth of material in the topic-- well beyond what could suffice for a master's, anyway. This is the first explicit acknowledgement from someone in the field that my discovery might be interesting to someone besides me.
The particular worsted makes a difference as well, as does the humidity level. Looking at the LL lineup, for example, the 17oz Mistral breathes remarkably well, and is cooler than almost any flannel I can imagine. But at tight-woven 16oz twill or birdseye from Lesser and a 10/11 flannel will compare reasonably well, until you get a lot of humidity. That will make flannel seem much warmer--to me, anyway.
There were pics of the lighter grey version. Nobody's posted the navy verson yet.
My very first A&S DB (from 1997) has a few bits that are obviously not machine-made. The cosmetic quality of workmanship has improved a lot, though, even if you would still never confuse it with Brioni or Kiton. You'll have to take a look yourself to see if it pushes any of your buttons.
I have DB and SB suits from both.While he is obviously of A&S background, what Edwin has done for me at Steed has a very different feel when worn, and a moderately (but noticeably) different appearance. Steed's trousers for me are more voluminous than what A&S does. Edwin also gives more space through the chest on all jackets, somewhat fatter lapels on SB, and altogether different front panels on DB, which are fairly flat and give oodles of space in the chest. Also for...
Keep us posted on that. If you look on the LL site there is a nice donkey flannel that Alden had made up-- that would be a nice model.
I have enough for 2 suits-- just in case there's a disaster or I lose 30 pounds in 10 years. I think version 1.0 will be 3pc, notch lapels. Not sure about 2b or roll 2.5. It will essentially be a city suit for cold-weather days when I don't need to be unbelievably formal. Having my own office in Boston makes both all three of those things possible.Version 2.0 might well be DB-- we'll see how it behaves and what successes other folks have.The other problem is which...
The second-- but anyone buying the first will have more than one jacket to choose from.
At one point, his wife became very ill. That was what upset his schedule when he tried a few years back. I don't know if she made it through, or if he wants to stay closer to home for other reasons.
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