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Do you really put a mechanical Swiss watch in the same category as a baseball cap crusted with diamonds?
How big are the checks, and what is weight/type of wool?
The only thing these two have in common, apart from being MLPs, is that I'm invested in the funds that put them together and brought them out. Summit Midstream (SMLP) is the big winner from that energy fund, and when their next Fund III floats a different pipeline platform I may take an extra nibble on that one. They're very good at that game. I did wait until maybe 6 months after the IPO so I lost a bit of the action-- but I'm timid and lazy so I'm willing to live with...
The RPL is a little closer to the mark, but they're both pretty designer-ish. Consider these from Steven Hitchcock. And don't be afraid to leave off the vest lapels and the ticket pocket. A lot going on there already.
15oz would be a fairly light weight topcoat. 20oz is more standard, although you'll see weights that are higher and lower. For very cold weather, aim higher.I'd want a good reason for buying 20oz trousers. 16oz worsted is pretty substantial on its own, and an 18oz tweed from London Lounge, while comfy on its own terms, is quite a statement of belief in cold weather and bad central heating.
One potentially interesting IPO today-- Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP (LMRK). I don't know all the specifics of the offering, but as with all MLPs, the GP has a number of incentives to drop down assets into the MLP cheaply. If done well, this would generate decent earnings/distribution growth. The base business is renting tiny pieces of land to cell towers, billboards, etc. Generally low-turnover, low-risk real estate. May be worth a look.
DB is a bit more of a cross-over, since it's generally been seen as a more urban cut. Still, they would both be excellent if handled well, IMO.
Like Lesser's, but a tad beefier. Nice stuff. I missed most of the sale but snagged some of the black, which I just turned into a suit for concerts and/or academic occasions. Unfortunately, with the postage from and then back to England, it wound up costing close to retail. I think ~B~ is selling some on one of his websites. I'm tempted, not that I need any more in the cellar.
New Posts  All Forums: