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Why blame the tailoring? He could look a lot worse naked.
Not to get too tactical, but if the market is going to be volatile and crisis-ridden, long US bonds will (a) give better than expected returns and (b) be a useful way to add tiny bits through rigorous and frequent rebalancing. This is in a retirement account?Only other comment is that a neutral setting of US vs. international would be closer to 35/35. I assume this is Vanguard, so Total International should have some emerging markets in it. Another conceivable option is...
Nobody does browns like Lobb. If only their shape and fit were as good...
Has anyone tried the Smith 14oz plain twills? There is a blazer-like navy and a charcoal grey in the Luxury Flannels book near the Solaros, right next to where the Whole Fleece used to be. The grey in particular could be the start of a 6-piece cold weather suit.
You don't get the mottling that is common in mid-grey, but if you need a nice but not overly-sharp navy suit, it's a good carrier. Also, in the Lesser book there are some blues that are just lighter than navy-- sort of indigo-- that have their own appeal that can't easily be found in worsted.
File that one under "N"-- for "No shit, Sherlock!"
Don't forget the increased cost of housing when you move to a place with an adequate closet.
I will admit to never having looked hard at that category, but Smiths has an excellent formal selection.
It is great stuff. I actually think it's heavier than the W Bill 14oz, but it oozes more charm and flexibility. Not that I don't like the W Bill, also.
Ah for the days when your classmates in your regiment or club would tell you the right address on Savile Row and all would be taken care of.
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