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These were the Riva-ish Super Royal stuff like that on asuitablewardrobe.net's site. And it didn't shrink immediately. So perhaps that is just more fragile than the regular broadcloth. I don't think I'd had it sent to a hotel laundry, but one never knows sometimes. .
Does anyone know what sort of shrinkage NsM applies in the shirt-making process? I.e., cloth before cutting, or shirt before delivery? I'm having the sleeves on a few of the fancy royal oxford-ish things come up 1/2 inch more than I'd like, and I'm not sure if it's winter weight gain affecting my shoulders or the shirt actually getting smaller.
Well, there are prices below which nobody will start a new drilling project. There are somewhat lower prices than that below which nobody will even bother to continue drilling an existing project. If prices stay lower than either for too long, supplies will dry up and prices will pop. Exactly what those prices are, who knows? Ditto the effect of a Shiite government in Yemen, an expanded war in Ukraine, and God only knows what other kind of crisis might or might not...
Are you looking for knowledge? Or just trying to place a bet?
Buggy lining, (which was what I was responding to) is essentially a half-lining with whatever sort of material.
I just placed an order from there-- we'll see how it all looks. Just when I almost get up the nerve to be disciplined and have a single bunch of navy socks, and another single brand of charcoal, something like this pops up.
That implies buying 2 pair per year in equilibrium. Or tanking up on a good rotation and then getting one good pair per year after that. [Someone better with math or with more appetite for Excel can work that part out.] Cordovans will last longer, of course. Ask the shoeshine guys at Brooks Brothers. They see lots of 20-year-old shells, not so many calf shoes.That goes to my theory that if you want to move to bespoke shoes, count on something north of $3,000/year--...
Don't forget re-soling. How often depends on how much walking you do on wet city sidewalks, but figure at least once every 500 wears. That's maybe $0.35 per wearing of Aldens, and over $2 for bespoke Cleverleys.
Shell cordovan will tolerate the bits of slop much better then fine calf. I got my first pair of black shell oxfords from Vass and will likely pick up another to rotate through suit-wearing time next winter. If you're beyond that level of garbage and find yourself wading through sidewalks that haven't actually been shoveled, Neos makes some excellent knee-high things that are very light and will fit easily over proper shoes. Good protection for shoes and trousers.
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