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Depends on how badly one needs fast service. I make no judgments.
For the same cost and less time, albeit a tad more inconvenience, one might fly to Hong Kong.
Shirts (CMT)?
As does the Budapest Oxford on the F last.
Simplesmartinvesting.com Kennedy's done an excellent book (advertised on the site), which is a good thing to give a relative who is smart but uneducated in investing.
Gorgeous stuff. Do you expect to broaden the line or do bespoke orders?
Holland and Sherry does a twill-- softer than cavalry twill-- that I like a lot. I have forgotten the name but it does come in mid as well as 13oz. Several colors in addition to mid grey.
Looks nice! What problems were you trying to solve that weren't being addressed by Saddleback?
I hate it myself, although it does look pretty good on him.
Back and sides-- that's more of a fit issue (to deal with jacket collars) than an aesthetic one. If I had a slightly shorter neck and didn't get sport coats from A&S, there would be no reason to do differently.
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