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Is there a mechanism afloat to get the on-sale inventory in circulation, or must one show up on Jermyn Street with the folding stuff at the ready?
I've had MTO 202s in 10.5 F. While those don't fit badly, they have never felt great. Just today, I am wearing 11.5E in the 32. No complaints there, although I look forward to trying the 82 next instead. I could fit quite well into an 11E 82 in the shop. Obviously there are a bunch of factors-- location of ball of foot, arch support, instep, etc.-- that just never came together for me in the 202.
202 is famous for being a little wider than some, but I have sort of wide feet and even though I have to move up in width, the laces are too far apart. OK for derbies, but even with some adjustment at the factory, Oxfords are uncomfortable for me. On the other hand, I finally tried an 82 this month and found that its normal width fits me pretty well in addition to looking good. 32 and 33 also work in normal sizes.
The Outback is obviously not of the Lexus or Audi luxuriousness, but I am always surprised how decent it is to ride in. The larger engine of the Limited feels too obviously like it is working hard, so driving per se isn't that pleasurable. But for headroom, legroom, quality of seats, and general quiet (check the Car & Driver instrumented tests!), it delivers.
Thanks. There's a local guy who does OptiCoat for something like $1,200 Another, very famous dude about 15 miles from here who used to use that and is now a CQuartz guy (for much less than $1,200)-- but is beta-testing the Ceramic stuff and giving a very nice discount to the Guinea pigs. Even more than the paint, which is often a lost cause, I'd consider doing a mineral/ceramic coat on the headlights. It doesn't take too much driving in bad weather for them to get...
Has anyone done a recent look at some of the paint sealers? CQuartz Finest, Ceramic Pro, et al. I don't especially want showroom condition forever, but I am very lazy and we have a lot of grime and salt around here to keep off cars if they aren't going to look like shitboxes.
Maybe there's only a half meter left. Or perhaps they want to taunt all those who forgot to subscribe when they had the chance. "O, noe-- 4m short of a suit!!! If only!!!"
Their website forbids purchase of anything more than a half meter.The new Minnis flannel book has a light fawn that is a little warmer in color, but otherwise aiming at much the same thing.
Speaking of penis proxies, I just signed a deposit for a VW Golf SE this morning. All they have to do is find a silk blue exterior that they can swap for.
And if that's too beefy, there would be Fine Classics, the Smith Botany, and doubtless others. That's just under the www.harrisonsofedinburgh.com umbrella. Branch out to https://shop.hfwltd.com/collection/31 and you will see others.
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