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My laptop's security is warning me away from SF, citing a phishing/identity threat. Anyone else seeing this?
Kudu is nice stuff. I got a plain-toed derby in that, but erred by (a) getting a shade lighter than what you have, and (b) getting talked into a 3-eyelet configuration instead of 5. Not ideal for my less than elegant feet. I did also do a pair of saddle oxfords with kudu saddles, which is fantastic.If I were to go that way again, I think it would be a cap-toed (Chelsea) or plain-toed oxford in dark-ish brown for all-purpose knocking about.
Some people can wear both. I generally fit OK in the P2 but need the next wider fitting in F. Even then, it doesn't always look or feel great.
Not the big kind that organize a collection-- that I get, and am about to get one (or two) to make things less cluttered. I'm talking about the originals that the links came in. How anal are you all about preserving those, for the day when you or your executors have to move all that silly stuff out. Antique boxes, I'd say yes. Originals from a good jeweler (Longmire, Tiffany), probably. Then there are the more or less generic red leather things that all jewelers seem...
What Photoshop won't show is how his skin behaves when it has a different kind of light reflected on it.
He should complain to his butler.
No doubt it will be glad to accommodate.
+1. Not to knock the Steed suit, but the Caraceni has an extra bit of magic.
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