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I've always thought they were always a bit NSFW. But on a blatantly casual pair like this, they have their place.
But women like that.
My SE is working out fine. A GTI with the noise-producer disabled would have been better, but I really like the silk blue and what I got is perfectly adequate-- especially considering price. It does help that we also have a Subaru Outback. I suppose the only minor thing to quibble on is the back seat, which is OK but could have more legroom. For that, in this general size, we're looking at a 328GT, or maybe the Tesla Model 3.
They'll do that kind of toe in shell? I was told that Dover, and the Wildsmith Eton/Harrow slipper were out of the question because of the stitching involved. Dark Burgundy in shell or calf?
Pepe's is OK, but will possibly disappoint if you know them from New Haven. Max & Leo's, on Newton Corner and now next to Fenway Park is easier to get into and also stunningly good.
Break-in is one of the dark arts. Personally, I doubt it, but maybe when it's settled it will be easily improved by a small alteration.
Needs a bit more drape on the chest. Lapels pull a little when buttoned. Otherwise a nice-looking suit, good proportions.
How does TJ deal with international business? If I were passing through Warsaw long enough to get measured well, would he ship the results overseas, or would I have to bribe a hotel concierge to come and collect it for me?
You can get darker Oxford greys, but this is definitely in that bucket.
It's darker IRL than that pic.
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