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I don't know just how Neapolitan it is, but he did the same without being asked on a (linen) suit jacket for me. Perhaps luckily, this was made over a long period of time when I was losing weight, so I really can't wear it. Anyway, that is just my taste. You seem very comfortable in the suit, and that is what counts at the end of the day.
He does like that double stitching on the lapel. Very '70s, IMO.
Wow-- 36 pages of hate. You really join some interesting parties.
Hmm... if lucky I might be able arrive on the AM of the 18th, but not before. Probably just as well, as I'm already casting my shirting a little wider than a sensible person would.
It's a little early to call it real bottom-fishing, but I did two things in the last weeks, and am thinking about a third. I added a little SMLP to a trust I run, swapping out of some zero-basis blue chip stuff-- which promptly went down 5%. We'll see. The firm's health obviously depends on stuff going through pipelines, which could be hit if gas development gets very depressed or our economy changes a lot. On the other hand, even though growth of gas production is...
Do you know when Luca returns to London after February? My next visit coincides with his, but that is useless if I can't get a second meeting out of it.
Are you worried about length or width? Because the "G" width on the F last is noticeably if modestly different from the regular fitting. Its arch is a bit back from where P2's is, though-- which I prefer but obviously not everyone will. I take a P2 regular 45 regular in P2 and 45G (wide) in F. Even though it is a tad lower on the instep to the point of looking a bit like a pie server, I like very much the additional support underneath the foot I get from the wide "F"...
Brand-new shell-- give it a little time to stretch and shrink before declaring defeat.
These were the Riva-ish Super Royal stuff like that on asuitablewardrobe.net's site. And it didn't shrink immediately. So perhaps that is just more fragile than the regular broadcloth. I don't think I'd had it sent to a hotel laundry, but one never knows sometimes. .
Does anyone know what sort of shrinkage NsM applies in the shirt-making process? I.e., cloth before cutting, or shirt before delivery? I'm having the sleeves on a few of the fancy royal oxford-ish things come up 1/2 inch more than I'd like, and I'm not sure if it's winter weight gain affecting my shoulders or the shirt actually getting smaller.
New Posts  All Forums: