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Go with cuffs and pleats if you want. If you're a stocky guy, pleats may be essential to getting a good drape and room in your front pockets. I suspect that Rubinacci is Italian enough to want to do them backwards, but they'll probably execute them very well.
Apart from any questions about the colors and the suppliers, Oyster is a good bunch. A little beefier and less refined than Lesser 13oz, but serving much the same market. If you decide that you like the patterns and want a midweight/winter worsted with some guts, it is a very decent choice.
The spawn of Asian and European billionaires, going through BU on the 7-year plan. Amazing, when you think that this used to be a commuter school.
Shirts are possible in that time frame although you're cutting a lot of corners at that price. Good suits, not likely.
Get a blue blazer or sport jacket out of something nice. That way you can always wear it without advertising your RUBINACCI. That can be SB or DB. Either way, just make sure it's not too short for comfort. Let them take care of everything else: lapels, etc. That's their job, and they do it differently from anyone else you've dealt with. Ask questions, but don't assume that you're a better designer than they are. And don't screw around with fancy details. This thing...
The 10oz is coarse enough to look like flannel, and can do damage to the knees in hot weather. The 8-9oz is almost tropical consistency-- much cooler, finer and smoother, albeit less durable.
The lightweight Fresco is a totally different animal, for better or worse. That and the light Finmeresco are much less scratchy.
You want to get rid of it so you bought more? Fascinating.How do you measure success?
As for me, I finally have excellent cuts for shirts and trousers, but have found that the remote-control process doesn't work so well on jackets. One in particular started out almost perfect. Instead of paying for it immediately and taking it to J Press for perfection, I let her fly it back and forth to Naples at least twice-- and now it's nowhere near as good. Probably fixable, though, if I get around to it.In each success, there was some building off a previous...
I wear both. Laces come to almost the same "V" on each, but the P2 is an easier fit all around.
New Posts  All Forums: