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I've had a few sweaters from Peru Unlimited over the years, blended from wool and alpaca. They're not the sturdiest or softest around, but they are well-made and good for a huge range of temperatures. Now I see that there is a premium version made from "royal baby alpaca" unblended. Has anyone seen these? Anything like cashmere? What climate is it aimed at?
Only if it dips below its 200-day average. Blow it out then but be prepared to buy it once it recovers.
If you won't wear it a lot, you could go for a flannel. Mid-grey for the daytime, navy or darker grey for evening. Chalk stripes are always good, although not usually the best for evenings. RAF blue or French blue (petrol?) worsted, maybe pick-and-pick, would add to the repertoire and be dressy but not as solemn as your other choices. Another option would be a discreet pattern like a herringbone. That has the advantage of emphasizing the diagonal aspect of the...
Has it all been sold? I've not seen it in tailors' books.
Good for those summer morning coat occasions. Ascot, perhaps?
Some of the models really do look just as good or better with double. Norweger, for example, and maybe the PTB. Apart from that, I think new Vass users have to get it out of their systems.
Kilgour and Dege had something of the swelled chest, too. It was easy to say that they cut a clean chest, but there was, in fact, oodles of drape for holding your checkbooks, etc. You just couldnt't see any ripples as you can on many A&S jackets.
Kilgour did turn out a few in that direction. John McCabe was nominally in charge of my stuff there, and it was still a fair bit different from his earlier work at Dege. Gotta keep up the house style, etc. Strangely enough, the first bespoke number I got from Kilgour (1997), while obviously structured, didn't seem too much so. The most obvious for me were the Shanghai specials that I moved to later on. I assumed there was something about that construction that was a...
Who else have you used? I've heard from some others that Huntsman is on the built-up end of the scale.
Will they be making their signature padded shoulders for it, or will the cloth hold up by itself?
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