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Aldens are certainly sturdily built, and, as you say, it is personal. For me-- not using the orthotics-- they are a little flatter and looser than ideal for my stance and gait. The Vass (so far-- they're still quite new) have higher heels and slimmer arch, coupled with a very sturdy sole. At the moment, I would place them not far from some of my best bespoke lace-up shoes as far as comfort. We'll see how it all works when the honeymoon ends.
Speaking of loafers, I'm just breaking in a pair of Vass on the wide (F width) F last. Antic Cordovan shell. Very beautiful shape-- they are more than their oxfords on the wide last, even thought the lake is a tad narrow for the purpose. Also much better support than Alden (Van 11E) and more substance than the Wildsmith slipper (standard-issue EG Harrow), while retaining 85% of its elegance. Anyway, I was thinking about shell loafers. The Shoe Mart is putting their...
That is my initial thought. It's a weird intersection of obligations-- useful for a suit, but will also do double-duty with a grey/black/white sport coat or sweater combo; can handle bad weather, and has enough texture to stand up to a flannel or cheviot tweed. If it's too heavily brogued, it might collect crud off the street and be hard to clean. But a simple cap-toe might not look good with anything other than a standard worsted suit, especially since I get one of...
Very attractive-- and nice to see such thoroughness.Does Nicholas have a storefront, or did you have to meet in the back of a pub somewhere?
I usually have trouble with the aesthetics of AE's lasts and modeling, but those are very nice looking indeed.
T4 put together Breanish runs?
Hemp hopsack is not seen nearly enough. For color ways on the shepherd's check, Alden did a test that was mid-brown and slate blue. Effective in all seasons, I think.
That tan Piuma is very nice stuff.
They carry several lines of corduroy, assuming you're not looking for summer wear.
If the sand were a dark enough shade, that might be of interest, as it's not as solid as most of the others.
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