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I'm in for the holdall, and am strongly considering a passport wallet. One suggestion, in case you want to increase your market share among dumb people from foreign countries (like me): list inches in your dimensions as well as cm. Obviously with a PC and internet access it isn't hard to find the equivalents. Still, it isn't a first language.
Chinos for cold weather.
I have one of their herringbones and it turned out very well. Not featherweight, but otherwise good for warm-ish weather.
What book did this come from? I've been fishing around for something like this in the linen/hemp family of fibers.
Harrisons Moonbeam?
If you don't live where there is winter.
I had too many options for grey trousers to go for the first one, but I'm glad I bit on the navy. Fantastic shade of blue. Between that and the LL Piuma and Brisa I should have a lifetime's supply of summer navy suits.
That's a silly definition of endowment investing that you stumbled on, but you're in the right direction about needing institutional size.
David Swensen (Yale Endowment) has several decent books out, one aimed at individuals who think they can do what he does.
Not quite so crisp as Lesser 13oz, filling much the same role.Whether it is as durable, I couldn't say. Chances are by the time you know for sure, you'll have changed size or have moved six feet under.
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