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I do have a Mirage jacket. Not especially cool to wear, and when Rave cleaned it, they remarked on how much dog hair was found in it. (My wife's dog doesn't shed.) Still, nice color and tasteful patterns. Drapes wonderfully well-- the tailor liked it.
Or Mirage, if you run a little cooler or have a decent breeze.
Now there's an oxymoron!
What does smörgåsbord have to do with this?
How urban/evening/dressy do you want it to be? 15c is almost 60F-- I'd almost never wear an overcoat of any sort at that temperature unless it were punishingly damp. YMMV, of course, depending on your internal heat regulator. One option, if you want a good city topcoat, is a suiting fabric. 13oz or 16oz. You could get a charcoal herringbone, or the same in navy. MAYBE a hopsack. Sometimes Italians do that when they want to look sharp but not overheat. You do have to...
Cloth for sale, or Italian RTW?
Well, there are times that seersucker is better than anything else. But if you're not adding those dates to your calendar, you'll be better served with linen for a while.
Cotton is always a bit of a pain to tailor, and difficult to alter without leaving scars. More relevant to the cost issue, it isn't very durable under the best of circumstances. Unrelated to your question, it can be uncomfortable relative to wool and linen. Hot in the summer, cold in the winter-- although seersucker is famous for being different from most cottons in that respect.
Nothing recent. I've actually thought about going down that route recently, but it's a fairly expensive proposition to put that stuff in front of a good tailor. If anyone can refer me to a wool seersucker (all-navy or navy/sky?), I'd be interested.
Heavy linen suits (with a linen or linen-blend shirt) are surprisingly good for hot summer days on the east coast. I've survived a few July/August days in NY with an example. Although it's impossible to say that I was actually comfortable, I did avoid overdosing on the humidity. I'm about to go to HK for the week, which will be brutal. If I weren't confined to a single air-conditioned hotel for the conference, I'd definitely think about bringing a similar wardrobe.
New Posts  All Forums: