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But if you had a (temporary) cash stake and wanted to direct it to an investment, does it really make sense to average in except for psychological reasons? I mean, you're doing it because it has a higher value to you than cash. If you're so damned sure the price will drop, then don't go in at all.
That's what she said.
For most IRA/401k savers, they are de facto dollar-cost-averaging, which is putting every new dollar to work in their policy portfolio. No harm in having them keep their nerve. For others already possessing their zillions, you run into a different problem: are the prospective gains to be made by dollar-cost-averaging enough to override the opportunity cost of sitting on cash (which the less affluent saver doesn't have to worry about)?
The other reason it is invoked so often is that everyone still saving has no choice but to do something like that. For those who already have their nest egg, it's a very different set of problems.
Given that, then, they did a pretty nice job.
Is this a fresco?
Just took delivery of my first MTO G&G. I had to get a wide size, so there was a bit of risk which I tried to mitigate by getting a plain-toed derby. As it happens, it is still a shade tight and hard to get into without trees. Low, graceful toes don't always like high insteps. And the quarters aren't quite parallel yet. But it is suede, so there is room to stretch. And the polo suede is actually less red than I'd feared. I'd been kicking myself for letting the sales...
What it AC's CMT price now? Last I checked, you could save a lot by sending them Bonfantitessuti or LL fabric to make up. Their own prices for top stuff put them in the London/Paris class.
Perhaps the most consistent thing would have been to charge more to the buyers after the first 250.So-- how much would you need to penalize those buyers to be reassured that you got a good deal?
The main difference between Cleveland and the Titanic: Cleveland has the better orchestra.
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