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There's an interesting group.
Do they even make cows that big?
I subscribed to chestnut, but if tan were the one available I would probably go for that just as easily.
I'm in for the holdall, and am strongly considering a passport wallet. One suggestion, in case you want to increase your market share among dumb people from foreign countries (like me): list inches in your dimensions as well as cm. Obviously with a PC and internet access it isn't hard to find the equivalents. Still, it isn't a first language.
Chinos for cold weather.
I have one of their herringbones and it turned out very well. Not featherweight, but otherwise good for warm-ish weather.
What book did this come from? I've been fishing around for something like this in the linen/hemp family of fibers.
Harrisons Moonbeam?
If you don't live where there is winter.
I had too many options for grey trousers to go for the first one, but I'm glad I bit on the navy. Fantastic shade of blue. Between that and the LL Piuma and Brisa I should have a lifetime's supply of summer navy suits.
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