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A nice article on incentive compensation, among other things, that got thrown my way today.
That was a nice shade of tan, but you really should look into cleaning those red-wine stains. 😀
I do that all the time.
Self-employed. It's a bitch having a boss with standards.
But you can't wear silk PJs to the office.
6x2, for the comfiest winter pajamas ever.
Do you have to work an extra job to afford put options on the stock?
Often for the better. Just today I'm wearing a suit from one of their worsted 8-9oz glen checks-- which has one of the largest patterns I've ever seen. Completely changes the effect, making the check less prominent. The downside on that fabric is that it wrinkled when shipped to me, and the creases refuse to hang out. So it's not a travel garment. Alden should make a Brisa or Piuma in that size. Anyway, I have two swatches coming from the Twist book. We'll see if...
Yeah, but there's always that manatee he stuffs under the fungus. Unique for a good reason.
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