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You don't get the mottling that is common in mid-grey, but if you need a nice but not overly-sharp navy suit, it's a good carrier. Also, in the Lesser book there are some blues that are just lighter than navy-- sort of indigo-- that have their own appeal that can't easily be found in worsted.
File that one under "N"-- for "No shit, Sherlock!"
Don't forget the increased cost of housing when you move to a place with an adequate closet.
I will admit to never having looked hard at that category, but Smiths has an excellent formal selection.
It is great stuff. I actually think it's heavier than the W Bill 14oz, but it oozes more charm and flexibility. Not that I don't like the W Bill, also.
Ah for the days when your classmates in your regiment or club would tell you the right address on Savile Row and all would be taken care of.
If you join LL, all will be clear-- including photos of fabrics, made-up garments, and the purchase subscriptions, one of which is getting started for use next winter. I had once imagined that members of the trade weren't allowed to be members, but there are a handful of good tailors who post once in a while so something should be possible.
Like Coop2 but with no blue overcheck. Which is to say a plain-ish black & white POW.
SB or DB? Structured or soft? Will the weight loss continue?All good excuses for dithering.
I did that-- it's a good suit but the b/w POW is a little brighter than I care for in town and a little too assertive for the weekend. Which is not a flaw in the cloth, just a recalibration of my taste at the moment. I'm hoping the Agnelli tweed will fade into the woodwork a bit more. It is more of a Town look.
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