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Sorry if this has been covered in every one of the last 408 pages--- I've been trying on a few of the samples in their "made to fit" program, and am between two sizes. 12E is not too hard to get into, and has pleasant support through the arch and heel. Next to no wiggle room for toes, however. 12EE is good for the toes, but while I don't lose contact with the rest of the shoe, it isn't really challenging my foot in any particular way. These are the venetian loafers,...
Damn, those are nice. Standard book, or floor sweepings from a jobber?
Glenroyal is a bit soft and spongy. Nice for a light/medium-weight tweed sport jacket, but not the sort of thing that one normally thinks of for an overcoat.
For jackets, I'm 2.5m with a long torso. Perhaps the trousers could be less than 2m, but I like a reasonably high rise and cuffs. Combined into a suit there are probably some efficiencies to be had, although perhaps fewer if the jacket is DB. Also, apart from fixing mistakes, some tailors like to keep a bit after the fact to cover repairs.
So am I, sadly.Also, in fairness, a standard order from any of these places says nothing about the amount of cloth. I ask for a suit, they deliver. It's only CMT, when they're not able to order extra to correct any misfires that I get a length quote.On the overcoats, 4.3m was indeed for cashmere DB. 3.5m was for a balmacaan (SB, raglan sleeve).
But if he's still shopping for a tailor, it may be worth getting a rough idea. Generally, I've found that you need nearly as much cloth for an overcoat as you would for a suit. So for me-- 6'1" and broad-shouldered-- I've been quoted anywhere between 3.5m and 4.3m. By way of comparison, most tailors say 4.5m for a 2-pc suit for me although I know of one who seems to be able to squeeze out a 3pc or even extra trousers-- if no cuffs-- with not much more than that. So my...
Nice stuff, and well-proportioned for you. Pity about my feet and the U last-- I did once try on a pair that were incredibly comfortable, until I tried walking and not feeling like a clown. If I'd needed to kill cockroaches, on the other hand, they would have been fantastically practical.
You could do a lot worse.
I just tried GlenKaren for the first time-- to see if something could be done on some salt stains on black oxfords. A few years back, I'd walked over pavement that was getting some spring rain after a rather toxic winter. No harm, I thought, but then there appeared a few smears of white stain when it dried. I tried myself to use vinegar and water, then black polish. Not great, but perhaps OK for non-special wear. Then I had them in London and got stuck in a real...
I haven't, but wouldn't a better comparison be the Lesser 120s wool/cashmere? That one is very elegant, draping well and not being too heavy while resembling winter-weight cloth. But it really isn't a workhorse.
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