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How does that compare to the "Classic Worsteds" book?
Probably true, but I'm looking to fill a gap between 16oz and summer weight. Hence, 11/12/13 rather than 14/15
No. Actually, I just got some samples from Dugdale Royal Classics, Minnis Classics 2, and Holland & Sherry 13oz, among other options. If anyone has had reason to compare them (to each other, or other similar books), I'd be grateful for any insight.
Harrisons Frontier Fine Classics Oyster Smith Blue riband Botany Lesser 11/12 oz 13oz All at .
If you look at Bonfanti Tessuti's pages or Acorn, you'll see a range of weights. 140 is on the high end, but not off the charts.
I suppose. Also wicks away even more moisture before letting it evaporate. Richer colors? I'm just guessing here. Certainly, you get better-looking suitings when you go up around 12oz.
If it's true. I have shirts from both and they behave somewhat differently. From different makers, so there's no good 1:1. But the LL stuff seems a bit heavier.
Organically raised in Yorkshire, where they are read Wordsworth until they die of ennui.
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