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8-9 is smoother and less bulky. More suit-like, although a plausible option for a sport jacket especially if you do patch pockets. Same could be said for the lighter Finmeresco.
The hidden costs of not paying journalists enough to know about bespoke ties.
Very nice. Boring in the best possible way!
That is a good book, but it is rather suit-like. Or are there a few hopsacks thrown in the middle somewhere? I've never thought to look for them.
Just so you know, my computer's protector flashed up the following when I tried to go to www.kydos.gr:
Can't help you with colors. In general, though, the chalk stripes look surprisingly flannel-ly. Interesting option, where the coarseness of the fabric is actually an asset.
Fresco [and Brisa!! I meant that, originally] is surprisingly comfortable, even at 13oz. The trick is to have just a little breeze to ventilate the wearer through the pores in the cloth. Excellent near the seaside, for example-- no idea how it might work day-to-day in Atlanta. Avoiding cotton shirts in favor of linen will increase the odds of success. There was never a pure navy run-- the blue that came out was on the light edge of navy, although not really as far out...
Don't assume that Steed will bring any Fox books. Even though they are fashionable among the iGentry, Fox doesn't seem to get a lot of traction among tailors when it comes to their standard travel offerings.
You can get lightweight serge. I'm still going on my first DB jacket from Anderson's after almost 18 years-- it was a special run of maybe 9-10oz twill. You'll see others in the Fox worsted book, and I would guess that something like Harrisons Regent could get you going there. A lot depends on how durable you want it to be. When you get that light, a lot of makers will assume you want a luxury cloth, not a workhorse for travel. As for lightweight in Fox, be very wary...
Fox has some interesting hopsacks/basketweaves in their books. The Worsted book will have a lot, as might Vintage or Limited Edition as well. At least a few options are 10 or 11oz. Somewhat away from blazer country, the Twist collection has some nice discreet checks that are very open weave.
New Posts  All Forums: