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Yes, and it costs $2,000/m. But the tailoring is free.
Or like carbon fiber.
Thanks for that update.
But the next great Confederate hero will be the guy who figures out how to deep-fry sweet iced tea.
A proper front view will also likely generate some camel-toe for your perusal.
I was in a good concert last weekend-- still feeling some nice vibes from it. A review and comment capture most of what I felt--- http://www.classical-scene.com/2014/07/21/mercury-orchestra/ I do like working with these guys.
Background? You should be thinking about global e-mail.
Please. Postseason. Let's hope you make it past the LCS and into the WS.
And you know this because you slept with him?
I just got a warning that I will soon be accepted to a graduate program at Cambridge. It's part-time, and I am low enough on Cambridge's totem pole that I will be sent to Oxford to have my dissertation supervised in Year 2. The person they chose for that specializes in the area I'd proposed to work on, though, and seems very bright. And 8 scheduled week-long trips to England will be a pleasant break in the schedule.
New Posts  All Forums: