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Nothing specific. Alumo tends to have good stuff.
Hard to say, and Bonfanti has different qualities. The Capri (100s or 120s) is pretty solid, trouble-free stuff. Dallas and New York cloths will need a little more care all the way around.Of course, prices are prices, and there is no point in going beyond where you need to be.
Inching back to the subject of value and AC, they will do CMT. Presumably not on fabric that you can already get through them, but I've had things sent from Acorn and Bonfanti, as well as some Madras cotton. CMT prices are something around $150-- so a Bonfanti makeup comes to less than $300 and will be a lot nicer than entry-level Mason.
Also Fox, and the Archive flannel collection from Harrisons. There must be other sources; Alden used a Spanish mill for at least one of his flannel projects.
Three totally unrelated items: My dad is feeling better after a night in the hospital. He shredded his shoulder joint a few weeks ago and was starting to get some weird stomach/lung things that nobody could figure out. In lighter news, the opera production I was roped into went OK last night-- and there are five more performances to get everything right. Also, I was told by my daughter about the f.lux download that is supposed to suppress blue light coming off your...
Minnis is very solid-- 13oz Fox a little softer and (perhaps) airier. I don't know what the practical differences are in durability, whether on the short term -- the need to be pressed -- or the long term -- its tendency to wear out. My assumption is that Minnis will hold up a little better, but that's not always why one buys woollen flannel.
I have a pair. Seems to be working fine.The Ridgeway soles are much preferable to Dainite, IMO-- at least on pavement, as they keep your feet from getting stabbed by spikes.As far as the leather goes, this was their first winter and I haven't really tried to abuse them, but they're probably in the same ballpark as Scotch grain for durability.I may try MTO Harvard loafers in it.
A fool and his money are soon invited everywhere. I couldn't stand the suspense and called my contact at Oxford-- it appears that I will be getting an offer to study for a DPhil. (The master's was at Cambridge but he was my supervisor). Now I just need to finish London and Cambridge apps, and then figure out if there is a logical choice to make in this incredibly illogical project.
Those 82s?
The key qualifier from Dr Allen:Since we all have better-than-average judgment, we don't have to worry about that kind of risk.
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