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If you have a standard model in mind, bring a picture unless you're sure you can specify it in their lingo. Think if there are any required extras, like toe taps or thick soles. They'll ask what kind of toe shape you want-- have a theory about round vs square. If you get a chance to specify overall shape, remember that "Blobb" often defaults to potato shape. Not sure if their current staff is still working that end of the spectrum.
Meaning what-- you have to be an English 'public' school alumnus?
London or Paris?
Depends on the foot. I take 11E in E.G. 82 (and 888, if I didn't find the toes too prominent, and my only pair of G&G is 10.5F, after a consideration of 11F.
Yeah-- a little of that goes a really long way.
]As a halfway step, I had some trousers made from it. Really stiff and scratchy. It could work as a blazer if you need something with a lot of guts that can still breathe in a warm room.
The quality of their socks is pretty remarkable, even if the colors are a little unorthodox. Be aware that their solid grey is light enough to be almost bleached khaki, and the navy blue is more royal than anything else. Anyway, an e-mail from today says As a thank you for being of our best customers while Penance Hall was in business, I’ve created a special discount as we prepare to go out of business Wednesday. 15% off any order. Use “HallClose” at...
And here I am, wearing the new (1st-generation) shoes in my Warsaw hotel room. Wonderful quality, and an excellent fit-- even if that be improved a micro-meter next time. A bit more solid than the best English shoes, and maybe 1/4 inch longer than my Cleverleys, but still very comfortable and elegant. Excellent support. I'll take them for a spin over cobblestones when the rain finishes up later this week in England. First bet is that they will behave well. Only...
Are there other shades available? The original is based around chestnut, but runs from light tan to almost black, depending on the kind of abuse it suffered. Also, FYI, the Duke of Cornwall allowed salvage only if the premiums was kept to a reasonable sum. I do not know what that amounts to at the moment, but it used to be less than 500/pair. New & Lingwood sometimes carry loafers that would provide a more current gauge.
From an e-mail this morning: Dear friends, Winter SALES have started in Greece and we participate with a 30% discount on our ENTIRE collection. Visit our store now to see the new attractive prices at http://kydos.gr/store/ K
New Posts  All Forums: