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My preference would be somewhere between the 23 and the HY, maybe with a bit more mottling.
W Bill's book is excellent. About 14oz, which I find quite comfy in the summer. It's not the weight (and heat) so much as the humidity. Linen of this quality breathes unbelievably well, and will even survive the furnace of Manhattan pretty well.
In calf, there is Bordeaux and oxblood. In shell, there is bordeaux. That last color is basically the #8, although not quite as dark or massively polished as Alden does it. It's between the two calf colors, but a bit closer to the bordeaux. My guess is that if you knew how to do it and wanted to, you could polish it to be more like the Alden oxblood/eggplant/dark purple color.
Narrower than P2, at least where I care about. I have somewhat wide feet, and the widest bit is pretty far forward. YMMV.
In my own experience, the Peter last is on the narrow side. Perhaps think of P2 instead. ? That one fits me without a ton of room to spare, while I couldn't get into the Peter at all. Worth a try-on if you can manage it. A cheap flight to Budapest can be a useful deployment of the R&D budget.
Speaking of A&S expats (of a different sort), John Hitchcock will be retiring from the mother ship this summer. He still has the PoW's royal warrant, so there may still be some work to do on that front.http://thesavilerowtailor.co.uk/tailoring-blog/
I like those three also. Remember that 24oz is a pretty sizeable investment in warmth and bulk. Given the choice, I'd probably bite on the Kirkton.
How does your new brown suit look?
How does that work?"Hey, thanks-- I owe you a beer.""That's OK, just get 2.5m of this special order tweed I heard about and send it to my tailor."
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