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To me, broccoli cooked on a baking sheet makes the house smell like a urinal. Yet another enzyme at work.
Will that also cost Indiana $700k/year?
Stick with a winner, unless you really need to experiment.
I bet his left foot helped the car slow down before it hit the other two. Possible that he was pumping the brake instead of letting the software do it for him? Or maybe badly worn all-seasons.
Of course, most planes don't have a miniaturized Pentagons or secured lines to the CIA onboard.
Update: Damian has indeed helped, and most helpfully. As it happens, TJ speaks no English, doesn't take plastic or PayPal, and won't give out his bank account number for wire transfers. So Damian has kindly offered to facilitate all ends of the transaction. FWIW, the street that TJ's shop is on appears to be a semi-famous club/restaurant district. While Jan Kielman has a very visible, old-English-looking shop, TJ's is on a little square between two larger buildings...
Does your tailor remember? Or did you find the cloth from a different merchant? Either way, matching tweeds is dangerous stuff. If the lengths came from different batches, they could be completely different colors.
If F is tight on the instep, there's not much you can do. I couldn't get into the regular F for much the same reason so I tried the wide fitting-- (not sure if it is "F" width or something different). The fit isn't awful, especially in Norwegers, but it isn't great. Regular P2 is much better. Too bad. It is one of the nicer RTW lasts out there. Those who fit into the regular width will have most of their good shoe requirements solved.
If I understand the McAfee report correctly, it seems to think your site has links with others that have been flagged for bad behavior. "Red flag by association" was their expression. Not sure what those links might be, but that is what they are picking up. And whatever is on my iPad was very happy to put me through to the site, so obviously opinions differ.
New Posts  All Forums: