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Not cotton. Lighter-weight wool, or a linen blend.
Saran Wrap, FTW!
But not Golden Bale, and not flannel.
That is what I hear, also. Certainly, the E fittings are very comparable to each other.
82E fits very nearly as well as bespoke, but while 202 fits, it has a lot more wiggle/sock room. I finally found that the new resinated 202 works best for me on a D fitting. The same would hold for 606. Based on that pic, I'd say that the 606 has more room around the ankles and heel than 82. Whether your feet notice or care is another issue.
Now there's a project to pursue. Cigar shell uppers, kudu shaft. 202 last.
How does that compare to the "Classic Worsteds" book?
Probably true, but I'm looking to fill a gap between 16oz and summer weight. Hence, 11/12/13 rather than 14/15
No. Actually, I just got some samples from Dugdale Royal Classics, Minnis Classics 2, and Holland & Sherry 13oz, among other options. If anyone has had reason to compare them (to each other, or other similar books), I'd be grateful for any insight.
Harrisons Frontier Fine Classics Oyster Smith Blue riband Botany Lesser 11/12 oz 13oz All at .
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