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Aren't those shirt weights?
So did the clients from 2011 get their fittings in?
Sure. What sort of style are you looking for?
Based on the one jacket (half of a suit) the he made for me, I'd say OK. But unless he were the only convenient choice you had, I'd suggest considering your options.
Could also be the Yahoo announcement. Buy Yahoo, short BABA and you get whatever the core business is for not much.
Some makers will try to build an oxford so that when you lace it up, the edges under the laces are perfectly parallel and touch lightly. That's a very custom look, as it's almost impossible to find RTW. Others will, to one degree or another, leave a little opening at the top so that when you lace up there is a "V" instead of a "ll". That allows for a little more control over the fit over the instep, and permits some stretching.
Keep it. You have a winner.
I find F and 3636 to be comparable in length-- i.e., from heel to ball of foot. (The 3636 is a shorter shoe overall b/c of the look of the toe.) The big difference will be width, as 3636 is voluminous by comparison. 45 F in G width is just wide enough for me in shell, while regular 3636 works best for me with heavy socks.
Hard to tell. You'd have to get a look in person. It is either subtle with vibrant overtones, or just kind of dull.
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