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Now you're making me regret the one I DID buy for my daughter-- that is very nice-looking indeed.
Not pure blue, but 25347PH gets close. If you're willing to go to 12oz, Worsted Alsport has some good options.
Lesser is softer and more flexible, and warmer. The others are essentially substantial summer fabrics. Lesser is a very light winter fabric.
You service your car instead of buying new ones? Loser.
Gun club? Maybe for a water pistol, at 6-7oz. Does look nice, though.
Mine came last week-- great design, and appears to be excellent metal, zippers, etc. What sort of leather is being used? It's different from most that I've seen.
Is there a good source for Delfino hemp?
Seriously. Make me look like that, and I'll follow you to the edge of the earth.
Out. Thanks.
I don't remember exactly which mills. There was probably a standard book like Mason Gold/Bespoke, plus a few other collections that might go by Riva or Bonfanti in another incarnation. Not an infinite supply, but you can certainly lay down some classics and a few other interesting options. As for handwork, I never asked. It makes life too complicated to keep track of, and I wasn't in the mood to push them out of their comfort zone, whatever that is. Anyway, my vision...
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