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That hit the nail on the head. No bullshit, just a useful fabric and a nice, straightforward cut.
If you even got that, you'd be doing well. Is this the grey check, or the brown/white POW?
What last are those mushroom Dovers on?
My father got hit with a malpractice case after he retired. Someone in his lab screwed up a test for testicular cancer, putting clean tissue on a slide instead of the tumor-- and they came after the one with the most trouble-free insurance even though all he'd done was say that there was nothing on that particular slide. Two or three days of discovery, and they wound up settling-- for the amount that his insurance was contracted to pay. Surprise! Oddly, the person...
Cylindrical is a shape.
Who would have guessed?
After submitting master's dissertation at the end of May, just got my grades.
Linen blends are good. Also, Acorn's Zephyr is OK.
Ascot Chang shirts may bump out most of the tailored goods off your agenda. Not that they charge US$500 for everything, but when you get to decent-quality cotton the price climbs much faster than it would in England or Europe. I don't know if that is a quirk of their tax system, or just pricing strategy. Down the road, the best value with AC is doing CMT with your own fabric. If it's not super-superfine stuff, the bill is about US$150/shirt. It gets closer to $200 if...
Or just post the pic on Devil's Island and count the posts that reference it.
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