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These are NY-centric replies. Does anyone know of a darning place in the Boston area or that is set up to handle business through the mail? I have a pair of cashmere-blend socks that I'd like to rescue but am happy to have fitted out with a pure-wool toe that nobody will ever see.
None sold in US-- even the wagon versions of Passat and Fusion.
Tell Audi to import the A6 Avant, and that could be interesting. It won't be until next year that the A4 family gets any legroom in back.
If a family is to have only one, the Outback would be a very logical candidate. We have one, and have suffered no regrets. My mom has two (the smaller engine for the summer house), and my dad has one for when he needs practical transport not available from the 280SL. The 3 series GT might also be OK if you need that sort of thing. Never driven one, but it has oodles of room in the back seat, and it sits a tad higher than the standard wagon.
My supervisor didn't recommend that-- yet. We'll see. The real danger is if I publish and he starts stalking me. Then the packages on my porch from Lovat Mill, A&S and Cleverley lead him to look here, and...
A bit of unwholesome schadenfreude, but the professor who totally got wrong the main source for my master's thesis in his own PhD dissertation just published a book today-- which, as it happens, is based on that dissertation. It soft-pedals some of the stupidity but only enough that he couldn't be caught by someone who hadn't stumbled on the same source for some other reason. Which is 99.99999999% of the field. I'll have to tread carefully, but I am now pretty sure what...
Is there a Rusticalf lined/raised that covers the oxblood/Burgundy space? Some of them do look more red than others, but it's hard to tell from photos.
Fish, lamb, or duck? The choices are endless.
Not necessarily. At my last job, we had to report any single-stock purchases. Normally not a big deal, but one of my colleagues had a husband who ran a hedge fund and she had to file reports on HIS trades as well, which turned out to be a full-time job by itself. Which doesn't sound quite like this guy's problem, but there are funny things that can happen.
Is the 12oz really worsted? The pics on the website look positively woolly. At least they've revived the "tick effect" patterns. Also, a proper selection of fawns/light browns in the 14oz bucket that don't look like cheap camel hair.
New Posts  All Forums: