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I think we're discussing the same book-- the samples I have are 9728 charcoal and (I think) 9727--- the mid-grey that is one lighter than the first.
Linen shirts (and linen blends)! Also, linen socks.
I have a somewhat wide forefoot and with high instep-- at least, there are a lot of RTW shoes that really don't work for me on one of those two areas. 82 fits me remarkably well, although I go back and forth on whether the toe is too long or oddly shaped. 202 I used to have trouble with, but the new resinated lasts fit me much better-- if a little wider than I really prefer. The D fitting, however, works well. I'm not sure which is better, not having actually bought a...
I have the red-brown in some F Norwegers-- I'm not 100% crazy about the result. They look fabulous, but also don't hang back and act as casual as I'd like. Sort of like those trophy wines that really suck with food and give you headaches. Well, not that bad, but mid-brown or one of their darker shades would make more sense. If it's too red, it will stick out and clash with more things.
Words I'd have been pleased to use when analyzing a yoga pants company.
The real question in this round is how warm I want the thing to be. I think for nothing-but-suit wear, I'd be less in favor of Minnis and would move either to Lesser 13/Botany on the city slicker side, or to the Dugdale/Dormeuil 12 on the fuzzier end of spectrum. There are some nice charcoal (not really mid) options with all of those. Excellent boring urban wear. Of course, once you move away from dual-purpose-with-blazer, there's no particular need to stay with solids...
Wide stance, eh?
Yes-- 2 trousers, so it could hold up on a business trip with the odd dinner out, for example. Plain twill-- no sharkskin or anything like that. And while flannel has its value, I am leaning to something that can tolerate shoulder season or warm rooms and not need pressing quite so obviously. I've already got a Crispaire plain that does this sort of duty for warmer seasons, and want to get most of the rest of the year covered.
Moving on to midweight worsteds... I'm looking for something that is dark enough to be a suit in cooler weather but light enough to mix with a navy blazer. For colors, I have found a few decent solutions with Dugdale and Minnis Classic, both 12/13oz. The personalities are quite different; Minnis leans blue and has a very dry finish, while Dugdale suggests flannel and is a bit warmer in color. Has anyone used either of those lines recently, and can compare (with each...
They're overdressed.
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