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are those cdiem's overpriced? yes. are they still produced? no. so, there really is no choice.
yeah ma+ does some great buckles, i like their cross strap ankle riders best - the ones in camel are pretty cool too. sadly they all cost a bomb, but you can't beat that shape. or can you?
blake/blake rapid where it comes to good boots, with cheaper ones possibly cemented
i like the shape but the construction (being admittedly different) is not on the level of the storm-welted boots first previewed here. er well, i can't say this for sure, just based off looks, but the first iteration of memorias which I handled were just amazing in quality, almost antique. Surpassing vass and EG handgrades whatever.
looks like someone took a dump on it
While acknowledging that the thrust of your post is mostly correct, it may be the case that SZ tends to attract the educated upper to middle classes with a disposable income or no financial worries in life...
Interesting. I've always thought of the SZ crowd as being unusually verbose 20-something years old blokes like me.
those sissy p's in the link have a slightly rounded profile but yours are pointy. like, really, really pointy.
those are almost certainly carpes
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