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looks like avantindietros are back
i've had a look at andrew mcdonald at ESS melbourne. you get bang for your buck but then again they don't really appeal to me. somehow the leather feels less thick and supple, the aesthetic less refined when compared to carpe and offshoots. i'm not too sure what kind of look he's going for: on one hand he makes the men's wardrobe staples and on the other there's some distressed treatments thrown in. in any case i would like to support australian - while not the best out...
im really liking how m moria is shaping up, even though it's already been discontinued sneakers are interesting and the silhouettes are sleek
^ i find those quite ugly, almost like clown shoes - maybe it's the shaft. but those IS's are superb
the problem, i suspect, is that maurizio only designs the boots - doesn't actually manufacture them. still, it shouldn't happen. from the obvious similarities it seems that IS among others also uses the same shoemaker.
no one cares. 500 pounds would pretty much fall into discount price range in this thread. it's hard to take someone who thinks that "payed" is a word seriously.
are those cdiem's overpriced? yes. are they still produced? no. so, there really is no choice.
yeah ma+ does some great buckles, i like their cross strap ankle riders best - the ones in camel are pretty cool too. sadly they all cost a bomb, but you can't beat that shape. or can you?
blake/blake rapid where it comes to good boots, with cheaper ones possibly cemented
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