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seldom comment in menswear but i thought i'd say, i picked up a pair of these not too long ago from the local italian importer after mulling over them for an hour. on discount they were a great bargain and sat comfortably between the high end santonis and low end i-don't-know-whats. the leather on my brogues are satisfactory, bit stiff but not plasticky. reasonably comfortable after first few wears. build quality is no worse than loake 1880s, in fact, they might be...
i know they're of vastly different build quality and price but purely in terms of looks i would much rather wear that mmoria ^ rather than a guidi. of course, maybe aesthetically they follow a different belief, but that is not to say that mmoria does not age and mould to the wearer's foot, just maybe over years.
only the C type stuff and a few of the A types interest me. I think C most resembles his previous work, of course. tyvm for the pics. but they are just way too expensive to consider atm.
how on earth did you score a visit with jesus?
in what world is 1.8k retail for tornadoes? don't like em personally but that is a very good price for brand new plus delivery from a...well-known member.
no no we absolutely need more posts like this! great job on your donations and i'm sure it goes a long way more than a new pair of carpe's or whatever... also nice to see where your boots have taken you and exotic locations to travel
best photoshop ever
just wanted some advice. i *think* im a 41 to 42 but i'm not sure about sizing and wanted to go with a common benchmarkwhat size do you wear in converse? i wear 8...
looks like avantindietros are back
i've had a look at andrew mcdonald at ESS melbourne. you get bang for your buck but then again they don't really appeal to me. somehow the leather feels less thick and supple, the aesthetic less refined when compared to carpe and offshoots. i'm not too sure what kind of look he's going for: on one hand he makes the men's wardrobe staples and on the other there's some distressed treatments thrown in. in any case i would like to support australian - while not the best out...
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