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first of all, congratulations on your write-up and your new jacket, it's a masterpiece of workmanship. secondly, i found most ma+ leather products to be very comfortable depending on the cut and type, of course. most of what I own (admittedly not much) is made out of very soft, supple calf that moulds itself to the body with ease. on the reverse side there is the stamp of the tannery in gold letters, montebello.
i think you're intelligent enough to realise that if the courier stuffs up and you received the item very late, then the 14 days "grace period" could expire even before you receive the item. the policy is (may be) clear, but that doesn't make it a fair policy.
did it ever occur to you not to post up a tiny photo while standing in front of a lamp, but instead spend an extra 10 seconds taking another one, preferably without the lamp?
That was precisely what I was getting at when I pointed out that guidi was a tannery, not a bootmaker, and certainly very far removed from a fashion house. Guidi doesn't really "design" anything beyond materials. They take fairly standard silhouettes and remove toecaps, stiffeners, some stitching so that the leather creases badly with wear. Fit and price aside, it would be insanity to suggest that guidi competes on the same artistic level as cdiem etc. does.
Vass is very good (and some styles are excellent btw), but so is memoria in terms of welting; the ones I saw were impeccably norwegian welted and had a sole that was nothing short of incredible. ma+ I believe uses a blake variant for most products, but obviously executed with care and attention to the sole, shape and outcome. sadly I have no wish to, nor can I even afford to take apart a boot for closer inspection, so I also appreciate others' input, and correct me where...
CCP was previously made by premiata, which is alright, I guess, to the average guy on the street, but absolute crap for the prices you were paying.Now, i'm not sure, but his footwear is still uncomfortable as all hell. I tried them on, even the latex sneakers, and paying 2.5k to walk in pain wearing slightly cool shoes...no thanks.So in that respect, a1923 is an improvement, although the leather can be stiff depending on cut, type and construction. Can you get better for...
from my observation ma+ has been moving towards this style of double fold, which looks more refined imo. at least these are what i've been seeing most recently, i cannot recall seeing the one you are talking about.
Really? I find the double zip quite hideous, maybe it's all that excess white thread. And for boots of that price they could at least bevel the sole, or cover up the channels. The derbies, however, are quite good...
looks great shah, hope you find something that works in your size
missing an abortion, methinks
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