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I am going to Bucharest and possibly Cluj this summer and wondering if there are any clothing stores to be recommended for Incotex, Vass or good clothing in general that cant be found easily in the states. Thanks in advance
What happened to the "no self bumping without 5% drop rule" Nobody is doing drops anymore and Mods seem to be ok with this.
This one incident drove him to his grave. I believe he had the power to purge Sandusky from ever setting foot on college ground again instead, he allowed this man to have a charity to spend time with little boys for years after this incident was reported. I once looked at Joe Pa as a nice grandpa type which I'm sure he was but he let one major incident get by and will always be remembered for not taking care of his program in regards to this matter.
Im looking for these to measure in a size 10. Bump for a great pair of wholecuts.
Anyone got any new Meermin porn? Im ready lay some Euro down.
You should start buying these in a size 10.
So when do we get to order these online?
So does anyone have any pics of the "classic " line. 130 EU sounds really nice pricewise, I am thinking this is around Loding look and quality?
You should check out a pair of Trickers in Beechnut. The feel and smell of the leather is wonderful.
Thanks for the opinions. I think I am going to do the ebay thing. BTW my understanding is that the Platinum suits are only half-canvassed per a thread search I conducted.
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