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One of the previous posters was correct in the assertion that Banana republic boxer quality has declined. I just picked up a few pairs and the fabric is thinner and not as soft as my older BR boxers. Its a shame they have to go cheap on my (former) preference.
Anyone here own any of this line. I have some pants I picked up from their store in Florence that are very thick and comfy. I was wondering if they did mail order?
I have two boxes of the Upmann RR sleeping and have heard great hype about them. I also have been enjoying the Upmann Connie 1 lately. Its a very nice smoke.
He reminds me of a fashionable Benjamin Franklin ready to hit the clubs with Jefferson.
Looks like crap to me.
Paging Derick Dooley and all Tennessee Volunteers.
Wow... (puts credit card back in wallet)
Why did the tailor leave so much slack at the ankles?
Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Fred Flintstone's dress shoes! Pick these up while you still can.
AE shoes are the "gateway drug" for many men venturing into fine clothing for the first time. It makes sense for a newb to post questions out of place in regards to AE as opposed to Lobb or Vass.
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