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If it is good enough for MOL it is good enough for me. I have been wanting to try this challenge for a while now.
I hope the military will have the power to protect the museum and the ruins. Whatever happened to the guy in charge of all the culture. I recall he was demanding that London return some items right before the spring broke out.
So how long before war breaks out between the Islamist and the military?
Why NBC believes we are all hostages to their coverage is beyond me. Every other country aside from the US had better coverage than we received. Why cut the closing ceremony to make us view a show about a monkey? Why?
If your shoes are English made you could contact the maker and arrange for the replacement of the sole. This may be more expensive than using a regular cobbler but it promises your shoes will be perfect when you get them back.
I learned recently that if I chose to visit Belarus my credit cards would not work there. I assume there is a political law that is causing this.
There is no way in hell this is even a shadow of the original "Total Recall". The generic white robots are enough to turn me away.
Chic-fil-a made big bucks off this ordeal without even trying. IMO parts of the media were out to shame the company while most southerner's rallied around their beliefs by buying more food than they knew what to do with. The coverage of the "kiss in" was disappointing. only a few pics of picketers and no shots of the inside of the restaurants.
Why would anyone want to drink mass produced American beer?
Chic-fil-a deserves credit. They always have friendly staff that appears to care about your order. I cannot say that about most other fast food restaurants. There is a homosexual boy that works at my local location and I am sure his friends are giving him a difficult time about all this.I do not see the big deal about the situation. If you don't like the place then do not go there.Chic-Fil-A has always been open about the Cathy family's beliefs.
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