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What about Dugdale Bros?
What is up with the military theme? If you want to wear a uniform just join the armed forces and they will give you the clothes for free. We are here to dress as dandys and fine gentelman not militants.
Steve Harvey?
LOL, Loving animals can get you banned Brah:slayer:
Glad the "Dictator" could bring some life to the borefest known as the Oscars.
That guy from Judas Priest would kill for those leather ones!
Get a pair of Trickers. You wont regret it.
yes, he was reffering to suits he and associates one made in their area, He is no longer a tailor.
He claims he was a tailor in his former country but came here and started doing alterations, Unfortunately I do not have a lot of choice in regards to alterations in my area. I was just surprised to be told OTR was superior to bespoke.
I was speaking with the man that does my alterations today and he suprised me by stating that a RTW suit is better than a bespoke suit because it will last longer and the factory the RTW suit comes from has million dollar equipment and many tailors there as opposed to one tailor doing a bespoke suit. This goes against most of what I have learned here over time (I do not own any bespoke suit so I cannot make a comparison) What are your thoughts?
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