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I have not tried the Loakes but the Herring Spanish factory shoes are nice and I rank the quality above Allen Edmonds.
Cant wait to see Vanilla Ice get Blown UP
Has to be the last any your foot shape. I enjoy the 5 last and have no problems but the 2 last kills me.
I want to pull the trigger on some of this for a suit but I read that it is lighter than the picture on the website. Does anyone have any experience with this specific fabric or pics they could share? Thanks all
I just watched his stand up special from 2008. I found it funny but his jewel encrusted tie was rather annoying.
Indian Made. No longer English.
As the day has moved along it seems to happen less. Oddly enough the shoes are AE Strands and the 5 last fits me great with the exception of the heel. Its tough being an E in the toebox and a C in the heel. Thanks for the recommendations.
To clarify the hem (the pants are not cuffed) is catching in the Achilles/heel area. I am wearing dress shoes but that issue exist from having a wide, flat foot with a narrow heel. I have never had perfect fitting shoes for my feet and unless I go bespoke I probably never will. The pants are HSM (Hart Schaffner Marx) not H&M so the opening is typical of an American Suit. My prior alteration tailor went out of business so I used another.
Regular size HSM pants. They are not hipster pants or anything like that.
Wearing a new pair of flat front pants and the hem keeps getting caught in my right shoe. No problems with the left at all just the right. I may cuff everything from now on to prevent this from ever happening again.What do you guys do in this situation?
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