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He makes one hell of an ugly woman. I will give him that. I guess we will have to pay for his breast implants and botox as well.
Still going strong here. I have some major purchases to make soon so I am well motivated to stay in our club here. I cant help but wonder how many of us will wind up starring in "Hoarders" in the future. I feel good to limit my spending and know I can control my impulses. Stay strong everyone.
These are by Loake, I myself own the Barker brouges from Herring (Chiswick II), I see nothing wrong with these as long as they fit well go for it.
Smoked a Oliva Daytona corona yesterday as the rep was having a promotion at the local B&M. Cannot speak for the rest of the line but the corona was boring and lifeless. Like smoking paper. Hope the next promo is by Fuente so I can enjoy something the rep is promoting for a change. He was a nice guy though and I helped support the B&M so it was ok.
Where does dry cleaning fall into the rules? Maintenance via spending money on clothes.
Why is this being released on 9/11? Sounds like a hero turned media whore. I hope the DOJ teaches him a lesson.
This is the highly popular Creed Aventus. It is good stuff. Shipping is included within CONUS. Comes from a recent split with some friends.
Had a nice Grand Edmondo LE yesterday. Loads of chocolate. Quite a tasty one.
Democrats don't do this because they are afraid Barney Frank and Pelosi may join in.
We should just give Bill a third. We did it once during the "Great Depression" so why not during the "Great Recession".
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