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We still have a few members from the sign up period that we have not heard from since. I wonder how those guys are doing?
Bama looked great against Arky yesterday. Arky has really fallen but they will still roll Auburn from the looks of it. I saw the USC touchdown where the lineman pulled the RB in for the score. They cheated and still lost the game!
I can't imagine wearing Lobb in the club. One would be busy protecting your shoes all night.
I have the answer to our problem. Fill all of our North African and Middle Eastern Embassy courtyards with swine. It will prevent invasion and also make for a tasty food source.
Well the month is half over so I decided to check on everyone. I have not done any maintenance this week but I still have not purchased any clothes. How is everyone? No temptations lately? I myself live in BFE so it is not like I drive by Crockett and Jones everyday. Hell I am 2 hours from Hugo Boss to put it into perspective.
So how's that "peaceful" muslim brotherhood working out for you?
Can you bring me back some cigars?
Termination is the only way to correct this disease.
So how is everyone doing? Cant believe we have only lost a couple so far. Better than I expected.
Great Idea:slayer:
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