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Shipping is free in US. To Canada I am not sure. Get ready to pay taxes out the yin yang on whatever you buy.
No need to yell, call your local outlet and they can help you.
I have looked at the reading and I do like the shoe but I am leaning towards the Chiswick and trying Barker for the 1st time.Maybe I should get both:slayer:
Bump, Anybody own Chiswicks? Anybody
Check out the Trickers at Pediwear. For the price It is hard to beat the leather quality and they are not fashion forward.
I have been lusting after the Chiswick lately and was wondering if anyone here owned a pair. I am also checking out the Herring Reading but the Chiswick last appears nicer on the website.Any thoughts on size and fitting would be great too. Edit: Ok I will open this up a little more. What suede shoes do you like in the $250.00 and under price range?
Perhaps we could start a KONY2012 campaign aimed at Mr. Bay
What is your preference and/or experience? What type suit do you have them on (two button, DB Ect....)
I carry a simple cross pen in my shirt pocket at work. Never have I had a leakage problem and I get compliments from clients on occasion. If it fits your job why not have one or two?
So when is the website opening up?
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