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His name is Uncle Pennybags.
I expect to see Alabama and USCe in the SEC championship.I am disappointing because I wanted to see Bama play the dogs. That game was scheduled until Missouri joined the conference. Man, does Auburn suck this year or what.
In my state PBS is being starved out by the Gov. and his cronies. Executives that have been with PBS for over 20 years have had their positions terminated without ever being told why. It appears Romney plans to finish what W. started with PBS.
I think this is a sham. I met a young Sikh lady once and she was very attractive and westernized. She did not have any stray hairs on her face and knew quite a bit about her religion. Maybe there are different denominations of Sikh-ism with some more liberal than others.
I was serious. I don't want my tax dollars going into Egypt. I would support a "green zone" around the pyramids and the museum in Cairo. It is truly amazing how this culture has gone from the most advanced in the ancient world to an unorganized cleric state.
Well guys it has been fun. Shoes shined, and challenge complete.
Good News, 430 million in US aid was withheld today thanks to Rep. Kay Granger of Texas. I urge every American who supports this to call their local Rep and let them know. Time to cut off Egypt in total.
Hey I like the new guy here! RTR to you and If I had the time I would be there myself.
I find Al-Jazeera to have the best news followed by the BBC. All the American networks give you is opinion on current events and very little international news.Al- Jazeera has some great specials that no network here can come close too. It is a shame that we accept the watered down tripe that we consider "news" here.
From what I read Hickey Freeman is the new HSM and HSM is the new JC Penney. I have had many HSM suits in the past and recommend looking at the golden trumpeter range.
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