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Very nice. Great shoes....
I have seen them. Most who buy them have not heard of either name.
I have here a pair of 9 UK (10 US) Herring Roche shoes. Only tried on once and just a tad too roomy for me. These are attractive shoes with shoebags,polish, and the shoehorn that Herring provides with each pair of shoes. Shipping is $15.00 within Conus. You can see more pics on this link:
Those look like some custom AE's some have made but they don't have that "I just ran over my shoes multiple times" look like the originals I posted. What kind of socks does one wear with that.
These would have been perfect for the Style Forum 10th anny. party.,default,pd.html?cgid=mens-dress&index=57
I have some RYJ Tres Petite Coronas (06 box) and Regalia de Londres, they are nice although one dimensional. Loving some Trini Reyes, Damn good smoke with notes of spice, menthol, wood and tiny dash of black pepper that comes and goes from a 09 box that is EMS.
Herring will send matching polish with these shoes OP. Take a look at this. How does this make sense that we are charged based upon this chart.
Zippy you are the man. It is settled, UPS is the devil.
My complaint is they (the driver) should be able to give you an itemized "brokerage" bill in return for your payment. I have the Shakespeare II as well and its a fine shoe. I think it is made by Loake.
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