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Why NBC believes we are all hostages to their coverage is beyond me. Every other country aside from the US had better coverage than we received. Why cut the closing ceremony to make us view a show about a monkey? Why?
If your shoes are English made you could contact the maker and arrange for the replacement of the sole. This may be more expensive than using a regular cobbler but it promises your shoes will be perfect when you get them back.
There is no way in hell this is even a shadow of the original "Total Recall". The generic white robots are enough to turn me away.
I have the Herring Chiswick II by Barker which is a nice suede full brouge. It is just inside your price range IIRC.
A Nike is still a Nike anyway you look at it. $400 almost puts you in a pair of Trickers. Check out some of the brands that we like here.
I don't know why some posters slam Nick. He seems like a nice guy and I am sure he will resolve any problems you may have had. I plan on trying him in the future myself
Yea, that is the guy. I picked up a few of his Robiana customs few years back and they were good smokes but not Cuban IMO. Never tried the "handsome Jimmy" line, don't think many did after Drew's Robiana charade. BTW I see you have the P1 jar. I have run through half my P1 jar but I am still sitting on my Upmann Noellas. Anybody tried a Noella yet?
These are the ones from Drew?
You mean "Briphony" (sorry, could not resist)
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