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I just hate it the CT shirts don't come in black for the clubscene!
The long sleeve pinpoint shirts are pretty good. I wear them out and buy some more. A decent product for the money.
Quote: Originally Posted by black_umbrella Trappist. They make better beer. But the ones i have seen seem to be wearing black Reebok Lace-ups like my father sports. I must admit the white cape would be a nice option though
I wear a 9.5 E in most brands and want to buy some doublemonk Lowndes from S&H but have been told C&J shoes are a bit narrow for me in this size. I also like the Cornwallis but they are Blake stitched and from another maker. Should i try a Lowndes in 10 US or go with the Cornwallis single monk? BTW my feet are 10.5 IN L X4.2 IN W if that helps.
Thats what some of the prior threads state. This is only the Signature line BTW
Since Daniel Cremieux signature suits are made by Isaia is the quality on the same level as an Isaia suit? How do the two compare? Thanks
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