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Be careful with Delta Amex. I picked up this card to get the extra bag free. Well the bag was free at the US hub but not in Spain. I contested the charge and was told the free additional bag was for the next level up from the card I had so it cost me $77.00 for that free bag. I try to avoid Delta whenever possible because of problems like this.
Perhaps we could start a KONY2012 campaign aimed at Mr. Bay
What is your preference and/or experience? What type suit do you have them on (two button, DB Ect....)
I carry a simple cross pen in my shirt pocket at work. Never have I had a leakage problem and I get compliments from clients on occasion. If it fits your job why not have one or two?
So when is the website opening up?
I have not tried the Loakes but the Herring Spanish factory shoes are nice and I rank the quality above Allen Edmonds.
Cant wait to see Vanilla Ice get Blown UP
Has to be the last any your foot shape. I enjoy the 5 last and have no problems but the 2 last kills me.
I want to pull the trigger on some of this for a suit but I read that it is lighter than the picture on the website. Does anyone have any experience with this specific fabric or pics they could share? Thanks all
I just watched his stand up special from 2008. I found it funny but his jewel encrusted tie was rather annoying.
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