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I prefer to stay away from the neutral for the reason Dandy stated. Thanks everyone for the advice i am going to check out the fawn from Saphir.
Thanks for the info. Thats a little dark for me. My mayfairs are an orange color. Maybe i will go with the Saphir.
They look good, that is for sure.
Ok, so i just got a pair of Trickers Mayfair Monkstraps which are a "Cognac" color. Since i cannot find Trickers polish in the US should i go with Saphir "light brown" polish or Melanin "Cognac" polish. If you own a pair of these what do you use? Thanks
I wish your feet were bigger
Those are pimp tight and not my size[SPOILER][/SPOILER]
Sisters of Mercy-Floodlands
After thinking it over i cant really name anyone.
Too bad no 42r.
PM sent
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