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Id like to get a pair of these but have no experience with them. Anybody own a pair out of this collection?
Slow here as well.
At grocery stores alot. Now i wear my sunglasses inside and it don't happen!
Canali still does it for me. The fit seems like it was made for me
I for one enjoy this site and have learned alot as well as purchased good stuff here. I have no complaints personally.
Can we just get back to "Dogs on Roids"
IMO the HSM is better.I like HSM as a workhorse brand for everyday wear.I will even admit that is miss the Studio line they once had. When you buy HSM you are buying an American made suit. JAB suits are from Madagascar, China, Ect....
I doubt it being this thread is two years old!
Prince Charles needs an upgrade. His shoes look like a pair of old corrected grain Loakes! I believe it is fine to wear shoes for as many years as you like but when they look stolen out of a mausoleum it is time for a new pair.
Nobody likes Trickers?
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