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Plain white
Sean, Pediwear carries a brand that is Chinese called Kangnai. I have no experience with them but they look better than the Chinese shoes I see here in the states.
The sneaker brings to mind an early 1990's style. They would go great with bicycle shorts.
Shipping is free in US. To Canada I am not sure. Get ready to pay taxes out the yin yang on whatever you buy.
No need to yell, call your local outlet and they can help you.
If this is Canada the border should be closed.
I have looked at the reading and I do like the shoe but I am leaning towards the Chiswick and trying Barker for the 1st time.Maybe I should get both:slayer:
Bump, Anybody own Chiswicks? Anybody
Check out the Trickers at Pediwear. For the price It is hard to beat the leather quality and they are not fashion forward.
I have been lusting after the Chiswick lately and was wondering if anyone here owned a pair. I am also checking out the Herring Reading but the Chiswick last appears nicer on the website.Any thoughts on size and fitting would be great too. Edit: Ok I will open this up a little more. What suede shoes do you like in the $250.00 and under price range?
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