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Hmm, interesting. I did not know this product existed.Maybe there is a hope.
The problem is there is a large sum on the card and I already have all the allen edmonds shoes I need at the moment.
What do I do?
This company (AFPOS) is great to deal with. I had to return a pair that was a touch too small and they were wonderful to deal with. I just wish they had a half size up. I will definitely be buying from them in the future.
I LOVE my 5 last AE shoes, they are perfect beater/ work shoes. I am not trying to impress anyone with them but they are durable and hold up well. I own much nicer shoes but they are too nice to work in. Plus, AE is american made so we need to support them.
For me the 5 last is the only way to go. I have a pair of Lombards and after a few hours i start thinking about how id rather be in my strands.
Guys, I just got a new pair of Alfred Sargents and they fit fine except for the vein/Artery atop my right foot seems to be irritated by the tounge of the shoe. Is this something that will break in with time or should i return the shoes. I have not worn them on anything but carpet for a few minutes BTW. Anybody had an experience with this type situation? Thanks in advance.
Guys, Im looking at buying a pair of C&J handgrade or bench but i usually wear an "F" width in regards to UK shoes. Are there any guys here that have the Trickers Mayfair in 8.5 or the AE Strand in 9.5 E that also own C&j shoes. I dont want to mail order anything too narrow. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the info Northampton. I will pass on these now.
Bump, Anybody?
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