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Zippy you are the man. It is settled, UPS is the devil.
My complaint is they (the driver) should be able to give you an itemized "brokerage" bill in return for your payment. I have the Shakespeare II as well and its a fine shoe. I think it is made by Loake.
I just got hit with a $48.00 "brokerage" fee from UPS for a couple pair. I asked the delivery man what the "brokerage" charge was for and he told me he did not know exactly. I wonder how Fed-Ex stacks up against UPS fee wise.
Wonder if Eduardo sold while the selling was good? Maybe it is time for the Social Network II:slayer:
The shoes are not what I would prefer for myself if I could wear loafers but there is no reason to be rude to Zilfi. Zilfi you should check out Herring shoes, they have a great selection of many types of loafers and dress shoes at various price points and quality levels. I just bought some monkstraps from there myself.
LMK if so. Looking for a terster or partial bottle, thanks
Bump, nobody rocks Herring?
So I am eyeballing the Herring Roche but to me the tip of the shoe looks pointy like a rounded short chisel-toe. Also is the leather quality equal to that of the Loake 1880 line as I believe these are made by Loake in their EU factory.
Check out the tapas bar known as "the fertile forest" It is off the beaten path and contains fake tree decor and rain showers every few minutes.
I recently picked up a set of horn buttons from RJW via Isle textile. What a great selection they had and the set ran me $26 US IIRC. The catalog they have is impressive and fun to look at.
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