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Well the month is half over so I decided to check on everyone. I have not done any maintenance this week but I still have not purchased any clothes. How is everyone? No temptations lately? I myself live in BFE so it is not like I drive by Crockett and Jones everyday. Hell I am 2 hours from Hugo Boss to put it into perspective.
So how is everyone doing? Cant believe we have only lost a couple so far. Better than I expected.
Great Idea:slayer:
Still going strong here. I have some major purchases to make soon so I am well motivated to stay in our club here. I cant help but wonder how many of us will wind up starring in "Hoarders" in the future. I feel good to limit my spending and know I can control my impulses. Stay strong everyone.
These are by Loake, I myself own the Barker brouges from Herring (Chiswick II), I see nothing wrong with these as long as they fit well go for it.
Smoked a Oliva Daytona corona yesterday as the rep was having a promotion at the local B&M. Cannot speak for the rest of the line but the corona was boring and lifeless. Like smoking paper. Hope the next promo is by Fuente so I can enjoy something the rep is promoting for a change. He was a nice guy though and I helped support the B&M so it was ok.
Where does dry cleaning fall into the rules? Maintenance via spending money on clothes.
This is the highly popular Creed Aventus. It is good stuff. Shipping is included within CONUS. Comes from a recent split with some friends.
Had a nice Grand Edmondo LE yesterday. Loads of chocolate. Quite a tasty one.
If it is good enough for MOL it is good enough for me. I have been wanting to try this challenge for a while now.
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