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They should ban all nightclubs to stop this from ever happening again!
I am impressed at the Arky hire and feel it is a good fit. Gus back at Auburn is Chizik part II. Gus runs a great spread but is terrible at recruiting Qb's (with one exception). I hear Strong is going to Tenn. and that he is the best hire of all the coaches I have mentioned. Do not know why Auburn did not hire Smart instead of Gus.
Roll Tide Smith!! What a great game, down to the wire. Dawg fans should be mad at Bobo for being Bobo. Ga. has some great talent and almost won it. Either way the SEC is dominant again. This is the best GA team I have seen in at least 5 years and was probably Mark's only chance at holding crystal. Mr. G there is no reason to slam Bama bringing up Harvey and the teabagger. Ga. has regular problems with players like Crowell and the drunk guy who broke in a girls apartment to...
Romney speaks well about Pakistan.
We are straying into domestic issues here.
How are we going to find moderates in Syria between Hezbollah and Al Qaeda killing each other which of these terror cells is more moderate. Syria is Russia and Iran's territory we will never have influence over them in our lifetimes.
Imagine you know nothing about either of these men. Can you unbiasedly say there is much difference in their middle east foreign policy?
Am I the only one watching this? Where is Birdman?
Russia was a lure for Romney. Both guys look good so far IMO
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