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H. Freeman Charcoal Pinstripe Suit around 42L measurments are listed in the following listing ending today! 20 bucks including shipping is a steal! EBay Auction of H. Freeman Charcoal Pinstripe Suit
putting a suit up on ebay and having it sell for 9 bucks...I need to clean my closet, but geeze! I must not be writing provocative ads....
Tapatalk is being weird. Anyone else? Musician. Conductor. Teacher. Sent from iPhone
Most likely an orphaned suit coat, but I wore it as a SC or blazer for awhile. 2B center vent jacket Sleeve: 23.5" Chest: 40" Shoulder across back: 18" BOC: 29" Got a new Banana Republic one thrifting so ready to pass the one on to someone else.
2B center vent jacket with flat front pant. Sleeve: 23.5" Chest: 42" Shoulder across back: 18 3/4" BOC: 29.5 Pant Waist: 35 3/4" Outseam: 38" Inseam(from bottom of crotch):26.5" Picked up a new charcoal suit so this one can go. Feel free to offer another price if you need a staple suit and can't afford one, this is a good place to start.
2B center vent suit with pleated and cuffed pants. Sleeve: 22" Chest: 43" Shoulder across back: 19" BOC: 29.5 Pant Waist: 36" Outseam: 37.5 Inseam(from bottom of crotch):26.5 Bought from Men's Wearhouse as my get one free and didn't really like it. Worn to one wedding, dry cleaned and back in the closet. Trying to clean up so make an offer.
H. Freeman 2B center vent charcoal pinstripe suit. Pants are pleated, cuffed, and have brace buttons for suspenders. No damage or staining. Measurements: Shoulder: 19" Chest cir: 44" Waist cir: 40" BOC: 32" Sleeve: 25" with 1.25" to let out Pant Waist: 36" Asking $100 or your best offer. Will ship flat rate priority in the US.
My soon to be wife has lost it over ceremony programs. The wedding industry pisses me and my wallet off. Musician. Conductor. Teacher. Sent from iPhone
Quote: Originally Posted by Minarchist So....lookin' to sell any of those fine jackets? Agreed. I'd look good in them. Musician. Conductor. Teacher. Sent from iPhone
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