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Really?! Chris fucking Caupano
Hopefully golfing Oakland Hills South in a couple weeks. Awed and terrified at the same time.
Alright. Which two wives was DJ doing?
to my eyes, it looks cluttered due to the gradient dial. i think if it was a solid dial, it wouldn't look as crowded. it's still pretty neat, but way out of range for me.
also, i'm guessing the trade doesn't happen if Verlander was his 2011-12 self. never know though. there's some in the media that believe the Fister trade, which was a terrible return, was orchestrated by the owner's son, who is the heir to the throne. i sort of believe it because Mike Illitch was nowhere to be seen the latter part of last season due to some health issues. supposedly he is better now, although he is 90ish, and was the main voice on this deal.
I think it would look cool with a dark navy bezel.
i agree. i'm already sick of it. if the playoffs started today there is a strong case for him to not even to be in the rotation. i know porcello would get the boot, but any weakness from any of the other 4, you have to go with porcello immediately.
boring game but that was a pretty ridiculous catch.
@no frills Upton at Yankee Stadium tonight. Get to the park!!!
It is good to see a little friendly rivalry.Any of you NY guys going to the games this week.
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