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Scherzer is good. Really good.
I forgot I owned these. I've never worn them. No tags though. I think from SS13. Anyone interested in them? Wouldn't really know what to trade for so if someone wants a deal on them, I can be persuaded. Made of 100% poly. Material is really light and nice. Good for a beach day. One of you can surely rock these better than I could ever dream of.
^ because people have to bitch about something.
These are great. Thanks again @Dbear for the PSA. I owe you a beer if we ever cross paths.
Those dark brown ones look awesome. Knew I should've just pulled the trigger on both.
Awesome. Thanks.
How does one get on the list for these?
Awesome!! The light brown ones have haunted my dreams for months, just been too cheap to pull the trigger. Hopefully the size works out.
^. Don't know anything about it but I have serious heartburn spending that sort of coin when some of the better stuff out is at most $70-80. On another note. http://whiskycast.com/four-roses-planning-55-million-expansion/
Ha. I was being a little sarcastic. He is doing better than what most expected. Sending Victor to the DL was about a month overdue. You may as well had trotted Verlander out there to hit. It was painful to watch and if by some miracle he made contact it was even more painful to watch him run.
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