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Jesus Christ.
When I saw the score it was 6-5. I go away for ten minutes and it 12-5. Yeeeshhhhh
depending where you are I wouldn't be surprised if it did get lost or just set aside. last week was not a fun one for the metro Detroit area with thousands of people cleaning poo poo out of their basements. I know I didn't get any mail at least 1 day last week.
^ i stole it.
Ugh. What a waste of a start from price
DJII, Moo.
at this juncture, i wouldn't be surprised if the writers wrote in an atomic bomb dropping on bon temps and vaporizes everyone then cutting to black and the final credits.
A damn shame.
Had over 5" of rain fall in about 5 hours yesterday. I am lucky to have only had 3-4" in my basement. Here I'm drinking straight out of the bottle watching my 1 year old floor become saturated with water.
at least it's almost over.
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