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You are old. My hoodie is from RRL and then you mocked me.
While hanging out with Mauro last weekend, he noticed my socks (kind of weird now thinking about him looking at my feet) and not knowing the brand he mentioned he was planning on doing something similar. They were from Anonymous Ism.
You are right. I don't think a lot of teams want to give a 30 year old pitcher 6 years $200 million or else he would've been picked up by someone already. Another reason why I think the longer he doesn't sign somewhere else, the better chance he stays in Detroit. Maybe that's just my optimism talking.
I have a weird feeling that Scherzer ends up back in Detroit. I've seen this story where the GM says they aren't doing this or that and then 48 hours later, that very thing happens. Boras and the GM have a decent track record together. Maybe the Yankees will come calling.....They've been shockingly quiet so far. What gives?
overachiever.got my cashmere beanie and mittens today. they are fantastic.
Cruz is in Seattle.Cespedes, Cabrera, VMart is pretty potent though.
they've bamboozled me for too long. i'm skeptical.
See ya, Ricky P. Hoping there is something else up Dombrowski's sleeve
i'll email you the video i took. it's not as vile as you may think.
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