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Not everyone is a smart Asian.
about time.........
From Namor to Krish to Me: Merino Stephan Schneider Clover - this piece is great. Stephan Schneider Pine CP BBalls
baby steps. lets be glad he figured out how even record a video. i had to tell him how to download the Vimeo app on the app store.
Anyone have the FW13 Olive Deck Jacket in XL that they would be interested in parting ways with? Likely a longshot.The things in my classifieds would be available and also one other not posted (as I really don't want to get rid of it, but would if something really piqued my interest). That would be this navy duffle. I'm not even sure of the year it was released. It's built like a tank tho. It's definitely older. 07? Maybe one of the diehards know. [[SPOILER]]
I uploaded videos to Vimeo for Dear Leader. He wanted to title them, but he is a dinosaur and can't figure out how to log in via the iPhone app, so here they are anyways.
they aren't bad considering the canadian dollar right now.
$250-300 on eBay if you check sold listings
he's the only other one besides mauro to get a pair in part because they are the same size. from what mauro told me, he's still waiting for the other size samples.
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