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I emailed and am a stock size and just paid a deposit amount.
"Baller cigars"
They're actually the Pinot Noir (I think it's called that).
Quick Update: Been wearing these after work for the past few days. They've broken in real nice and are really comfy. I got an actual measurement like Mauro asked and I'm a 9D Brannock. I am wearing a size 9 in these sneakers. Obviously people's feet are different so YMMV. At first they were a tad snug but after a few laps around my block, they loosened up (this IS NOT uncommon with any other shoe, sneaker, or boot I own in my experience) The leather is unique and in...
Omar Little over here.
Yes. Very comfy. Should be an easy fit for most people as long as they don't over analyze the hell out of it. I'll post more thoughts after I wear them a few days, but I was sent a size 9 and I'm a 41 in CPs and 42 in GATs and they all fit very similar.
Got my samples today. I'll post more (better) pictures and some thoughts over the weekend. Also got some burgundy/blue socks to try as well
I believe you called me a "nasty human" the other day. Talk about about rude.
Can I come too?
Not everyone is a smart Asian.
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