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he can't figure out the voice commands for Xbox One and gets really angry at it.
I'm pretty sure I had those same Officers as Namor. Mine lasted about about 2 years and had a blow out. By that time, the material so really thin and worn down so I just pitched them. I had a back up pair so tossing them wasn't terribly troublesome for me. I've been wearing the new pair pretty much 4 days a week since November. Just starting to fade in nicely.
I heard private barrels will just be limited to people that purchased in 2014 and May be limited within those.
Worn sparingly. Great shape. Took an image elsewhere to better show the color. Medium Grey. Tagged L: Chest 23" Shoulder 18.5" Length: 23.5" Sleeve from Shoulder 25" 52% Cotton 48% Wool $99 Shipped CONUS
Jesus. Just saw what Shadows are listed on some of the secondary sites. WTF! Granted they may not get that, but even if they got 50% of their asking it's still a 100% profit.
RRL Hooded Flight Jacket from SS13 Stole an image to better show color in natural light. Lightly Worn 100% Cotton Shell Olive Color Tagged Large Chest: 25" Shoulder 20" Length: 26" Sleeve from Shoulder 25"
Medium Grey 3 Button Single Vent Tagged 54 (US44) Chest: 23" Shoulder 19" Length: 29" Sleeve from Shoulder: 26" 70% Wool, 20% Poly, 5% Other. Worn a few times. $99 Shipped CONUS
Engineered Garments Field Shirt Jacket from FW 2013 Lightly Worn - in great shape. 12oz 100% Wool - fairly lightweight. won't keep you warm in sub zero weather, but warm enough 30F+ Corduroy Trim Removeable Buttons My pictures make it darker than it really is. Go off the stock pictures for a better representation of actual color. Tagged XL Chest: 23" Shoulder 19" Sleeve from Shoulder: 27" Length: 28.5" Asking: $229 Shipped CONUS
with customs?
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