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Mine were in fairly good shape. Had some marks on the midsoles and a little gouge (pen tip size) gouge in the foam on one of the shoes. Photographed everything and got what I got. Even if they were pretty well used I'm guessing $300 so. It's pretty crazy.
Yep. eBay. Had a BIN for $300 initially and it ultimately sold for $405 including a shipping fee.
Someone paid me over $400 for my used flyknits. Unbelievable.
I think you need to do a Group MTO if you were to dive into the leather world. Too many varying options and opinions of people's tastes that would make a single model a potential tough sell for some.
Way more than retail.
It's nuts right now. Someone just paid me over $400 for my used shadows.
contemplating many things, but possibly selling/trading the 111 for either a higher end PAM or something along the lines of what Dino has coming tomorrow.
I'm getting an itch again.............
New Posts  All Forums: