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Can't take this shit. Ups and downs.
I like both colors very very much. i think blue looks better on bracelet and red looks better on a nice leather strap.
palinka is fucking gross
A boulevardier made with Weller 12, Lillet, and Campari is so damn delicious
I'm curious about this as well. It's also a weird predicament for Idaho as well, granted on a much smaller scale. It's a paycheck game for them, but if they have to pony up the expenses to get the team back to Florida, that could take a serious chunk of their budget for this year and even next.
I'm pretty nervous and fired up about this weekend. What a clash of two contrasting styles between MSU and Oregon. MSU has played pretty well against mobile QBs but I do not think anyone is as talented as Mariota. Maybe Miller last year. Is it weird that I like watching the MSU defense more than the offense?
Damn, RFX. nice haul. I'm contemplating my next purchase. Will be either a Sub (Date or ND) or GMT (BLNR or LN). decisions decisions.
Lol. Yeeeep. You can even see his baseball uniform tan line.
I don't know where else to post this, but, upton nudes are online with verlander. Good grief.
Are bourbon releases turning into beer releases? God I hope not.
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