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I'll see you guys in the 2016 thread.
Thanks. I'm not gonna lie, as soon as I got the email I started to plot how I was going to sell them. The more I think about the whole experience, especially some of the reasons you posted I thought of too, I don't think I can pass up the opportunity. I don't think I've come across one bad word about the tournament except for the long merchandise tent checkout line. More importantly, it would make for a nice early bday present for my dad.
Anyone ever been to The Masters? Worth it? Selected in the ticket raffle for the Wednesday practice round / Par 3 contest.
That was the lamest seconds list I've seen
Easy to cut their losses now. He has not won them a National Championship or else this would've been swept under the rug.
Sell it all
Jim Rutledge is going to retire. Let the hoarding and price gouging begin (not that it already hasn't)
Scherzer is good. Really good.
I forgot I owned these. I've never worn them. No tags though. I think from SS13. Anyone interested in them? Wouldn't really know what to trade for so if someone wants a deal on them, I can be persuaded. Made of 100% poly. Material is really light and nice. Good for a beach day. One of you can surely rock these better than I could ever dream of.
^ because people have to bitch about something.
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