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^ I've got one in khaki nylon if that can float your boat.
Don't write off sub $50 bottles. Old Weller Antique, Weller 12, McKenna are all great and right around $30. Speaking of which. MI raised prices for a handful of bottles, one being OWA and EC12. Bummer.
fantastic four can't be THAT bad can it?
Birthday smoke and pour.
Ugh. Haven't seen this from the Tigers in a loooong time. Oh well. Needed to be done I suppose. It does seem like a lot to pay for Price to scratch and claw for a wild card spot. I don't see the Jays coming to the plate to give Price the money he's going to command when the Cubs, Dodgers, etc will all be in the mix.
There's a set price per bottle. I think it's around $60ish these days. The total barrel price is predicated on the yield. No matter if the barrel yields 1 or 200 bottles, the per bottle price is the same.
I am sort of thinking of wanting to trade this. FW13 Olive Deck Jacket XL. Still thinking but I would be interested in a recent FW Bedford. Navy preferred. Wool or moleskin/cotton, doesn't matter as much. If someone wants it outright, just PM me to discuss
While I would love to see this, unless we have a very BIG commitment for purchases, I don't see it happening. @Krish the Fish is good for about 5-6 cases though. NYI, I think I heard 4R is restricting some recipes this year. OBSQ maybe? That true? Maybe I'm making stuff up.
Hardly ever wear these. Little to no heel wear. Comes with all retail packaging (box and bag). Price includes shipping in the U.S.
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