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Can anyone identify Justin Verlander's watch?
Looks like the entire sample from Barrel #50 (?) was gobbled up. I assume since the Kenwood was your baseline, these are gonna be in the 8-9 year range at barrel proof? I figure that and it looks like the barrel dates are in the 2005-06 range. I wants one when they are available!
holy mother of god
pretty entertaining game. unofficially, that was Cabrera's first home run in almost 3 weeks.
Jealous. Sample trade?!
Verlander sucks.
That sucks. Hope its minor for his sake.
Agreed, but it's not even on the same planet. Everyone but Jessica could be killed off next show and I wouldn't care. I knew the Red Wedding was coming and still almost shed a tear.
I figure there is gonna be a major death an episode from here on out.
You know , I will be in town in December for a wedding. Might have some free time.
New Posts  All Forums: