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Of course you would.
@NewYorkIslander, have you cracked open any of the 3 Four Roses bottles from Tippins yet?
Let the fall madness begin. Already seeing 2014 BTAC going for more than 2013. animals.
Have to watch until the very end
a starting LB on the Lions tore his ACL doing a discount double check celebration after sacking Rodgers.
Nathan is taking years off my life. Is Todd Jones available for a late season pickup?
Send me an offer
Worn a dozen times or so. Minimal wear on Vibram sole. Uppers in great shape. Size 8. Run a bit large. I normally wear an 8.5-9 and these fit very nice. I wear an 8.5 in most Alden and 9 in most sneakers. $175 Shipped CONUS. international will be a bit extra.
Wonder what his Wonderlic will be. We should have a poll on that. Could be Vince Young caliber.
If that doesn't push Soria into the role, I don't know what will. I'll admit, Nathan has been decent of late, but he ALWAYS seems to give up a walk when it is a tight game.
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