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Bad news on the Anibal injury as well. He was penciled in to start Saturday but then threw yesterday and had more pain, thus the Tigers are shutting him down. Yuck. At least it makes life easier for Ausmus if, big IF, we make it to the playoffs figuring out the rotation. Does he have the balls to put Verlander in as the 4th starter? Time will tell.
Frederick with another gem. I remember when people were ready to toss him to the wolves a few years back. People forgot he was only 21-22 during his struggles.
Jesus Christ.
When I saw the score it was 6-5. I go away for ten minutes and it 12-5. Yeeeshhhhh
depending where you are I wouldn't be surprised if it did get lost or just set aside. last week was not a fun one for the metro Detroit area with thousands of people cleaning poo poo out of their basements. I know I didn't get any mail at least 1 day last week.
^ i stole it.
Ugh. What a waste of a start from price
DJII, Moo.
at this juncture, i wouldn't be surprised if the writers wrote in an atomic bomb dropping on bon temps and vaporizes everyone then cutting to black and the final credits.
A damn shame.
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