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Old Grand Dad BiB is now the same price as OWA in Michigan. OGD 114 is now well over $30. Have a bad feeling there's gonna be a larger run up on prices.
Feel your pain. I'll be huddled around my phone while I watch the cotton bowl at my sister's wedding.
mighty tasty.
what is even crazier is that schools accept these bids knowing that they may potentially lose money. i think it was a couple years ago where 15 or so schools reported a loss after they accounted for travel, ticket allotment, etc.
it's a a joke having 40+ bowl games. basically 2/3 of the number of D1 schools.apparently, Nebraska and a couple others were better in the classroom so they got priority.
^ jelly, bruh. I got completely shut out this year.
Just saw this note. I'll get on it.
Small world, @NewYorkIslander. The Tippin's OESK barrel that I'm pretty sure you have bottles of is 10Y and some change, ME 29-2H, 56.3%. So your barrel is a wee bit older and wee bit higher ABV.
I've tried them all and the OESK picks I've had have been my favorite recipe.
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