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Awesome.......Are all of those sorted by recipe?
RIP Hoya
I think Congress only has the power of removing the embargo completely, which now being controlled by Republicans, who knows if they'll play nice with each other on this subject.
go figure.....I'm on the opposite end of your opinion. i picked the same one up and love it.
you aren't excluded from this either. it's not if you are an angel.
From SS2013. Real lightweight. It's in perfect condition. Picture from Nepenthes here No rips, stains, etc. In great shape. Tagged XL Chest: 23" Shoulder: 18.5" Sleeve: 27" Length BOC: 27" Price: $155 Shipped CONUS. International will be a little more, but it's really light, so it won't be a big issue.
Parkers is quite tasty.
Nice. I hope I get a test pair.
really nice, stitch
I drank this Saturday and it was glorious.
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