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decided to go see it again tonight. was a bit more enjoyable the second time around after i had time to digest the first viewing.some gripes are: [[SPOILER]]
The R version better not have the CGI-ed coverup of Amy Adams nips in the tub.
Sure it has some WTF moments where the scenes sort of jump around and they could've done a better job with some of the sequences, but overall I enjoyed it. i have some nitpicks on the story, but i'll wait for some more to see it before we discuss.
I was just going to say that the few reviews i've read this afternoon seem to have wanted a Marvel-esque movie. It's not fair to expect that. Part of me wonders if critics are just piling on what the first few had written.
i wasn't expecting much, but now i'm a bit more intrigued. seeing it Thursday. http://www.comicbookmovie.com/batman_vs_superman/the-first-reactions-from-the-batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice-a132330
just broke Krish's heart you opened it and didn't sell to him
if you REALLY have to omit one, i would pass on the F and go with the two Qs.
nope. i was excited for it as well
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