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Likely The humidity is too high.
so when are you going to start taking orders?
Haven't tried Seasoned Wood yet, but was wildly underwhelmed by Cured Oak......
Haven't had one in a while.
friend of mine who works for a very large national movie chain was able to see a rough cut of Civil War recently at a corporate event. rough being some scenes were not fully complete with CGI. he is a person who pretty much has hated every CBM to date, but was really excited about this one. knowing that makes me even more excited to see it.
i could not get through 3 episodes of Jessica Jones before I totally lost interest.
These are great. Krish sent me a couple to try. I'll be buying a few boxes in the near future.
ha. you could do that with almost every movie out there. some people are just hating just to follow the crowd. you know is not perfect by any means, but it's enjoyable for what it is.
decided to go see it again tonight. was a bit more enjoyable the second time around after i had time to digest the first viewing.some gripes are: [[SPOILER]]
The R version better not have the CGI-ed coverup of Amy Adams nips in the tub.
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