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Funny you mention this. I was just looking at the similarities between #8 and Pinot Noir. PN is darker but side by side you can definitely tell its red.I'll take a shot when I get home if people want.
Me too. Meeeee tooooooo.
180 is on the upper limit of what I've seen, but you also only pay a per bottle cost. It doesn't matter if the barrel yields 80 or 180 the cost per bottle is the same.
about 4 or 5 years old i think. they resoled and refinished them. i beat the hell of them the first go around.
Before restoration. After restoration.
I'd be down.
The latest release of ECBP (128 proof) is damn tasty.
Same. My last order, ironically the black naval boot, was the same. OOS online but I called and was able to complete the deposit over the phone.
I emailed and am a stock size and just paid a deposit amount.
New Posts  All Forums: