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The Mauro model coming out for SS15 has two velcro straps attached to a 2x4"
UPDATE 11/15/2014: DARK BROWN IS SOLD Up for sale are two lightly used KMW belts made of English Saddle Leather with a Forged Brass Buckle. These things are tanks. Only reason I am selling is because the buckles give me a little skin irritation when wearing a shirt untucked. Anyhow, you can find more info about them on Blue Owl's blog from a while back. Better pictures too. http://blueowlworkshop.blogspot.com/2011/08/kicking-mule-workshop-hand-crafted.html They are...
In fact. I'm drinking one now.
Do you know the recipe? In Michigan they are about $60 after taxes and at that price I would try every one of them. The stores that have picked their own barrels have all picked great. Four Roses picks have really satisfied me to where I am not seeking out the BTAC and Pappy releases this year. IMO, they are that good. FWIW and other may think different, but you really can not beat Old Weller Antique for $25. Stores do their own picks as well and some are absolutely...
Scan a few pages of the Alden thread and you'll see what I mean.http://www.styleforum.net/t/85589/the-official-alden-thread/95760_20
I also enjoy the fact that we haven't adopted the uncle/nephew thing here.
I missed out on it too and even if I did get any it would've been shipped to your house where I would've had a 10% chance of it it arriving to Michigan once it was in your grubby hands.
Prices were $59 + tax + $7-8 to ship within PA. Friend got a Stagg for $71.
Wow. No skin in the game but how do you call that penalty thete.
look at all that grey hair.
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