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All you do is travel.
^ I've got one in khaki nylon if that can float your boat.
Don't write off sub $50 bottles. Old Weller Antique, Weller 12, McKenna are all great and right around $30. Speaking of which. MI raised prices for a handful of bottles, one being OWA and EC12. Bummer.
fantastic four can't be THAT bad can it?
Birthday smoke and pour.
Ugh. Haven't seen this from the Tigers in a loooong time. Oh well. Needed to be done I suppose. It does seem like a lot to pay for Price to scratch and claw for a wild card spot. I don't see the Jays coming to the plate to give Price the money he's going to command when the Cubs, Dodgers, etc will all be in the mix.
There's a set price per bottle. I think it's around $60ish these days. The total barrel price is predicated on the yield. No matter if the barrel yields 1 or 200 bottles, the per bottle price is the same.
I am sort of thinking of wanting to trade this. FW13 Olive Deck Jacket XL. Still thinking but I would be interested in a recent FW Bedford. Navy preferred. Wool or moleskin/cotton, doesn't matter as much. If someone wants it outright, just PM me to discuss
While I would love to see this, unless we have a very BIG commitment for purchases, I don't see it happening. @Krish the Fish is good for about 5-6 cases though. NYI, I think I heard 4R is restricting some recipes this year. OBSQ maybe? That true? Maybe I'm making stuff up.
New Posts  All Forums: