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Took delivery on a Master-Piece Surpass backpack in navy last week. What a great bag. I'll be sure to snap some photos as the leather forms a patina. Thanks again, as always!
it is tough in a lot of places. i haven't seen an OWA bottle in months.
I work with an older Japanese man in his 60s who has a Pepsi, Datejust, an Explorer II Polar that is simply awesome with its dial that has a perfect patina.
Congrats, P!
Year later.....contemplating moving this again. still in great shape.
nice...my friend was able to snag one for me at the distillery on release day. i am a big fan of Ks.
A little bit because they are only, officially, sold through their cigar lounge inside The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. however, i've been there multiple times and they always have everything (at least i think everything) well stocked. if you want to take the plunge on a box, you can. you want an obscure Opus X, they likely have it.easy place to spend some money.if you ever get the chance to go, make sure to get a mojito or two.
i'm headed back in September, so I can definitely pick some up for you if you don't get out there beforehand.
Brought a couple back from Las Vegas
i believe: [[SPOILER]]
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