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Ha. I was being a little sarcastic. He is doing better than what most expected. Sending Victor to the DL was about a month overdue. You may as well had trotted Verlander out there to hit. It was painful to watch and if by some miracle he made contact it was even more painful to watch him run.
K and O are my favorite with K being the slight favorite. I tended to gravitate towards the B mash but the last few pours I've had of various Es have been really dawn good. Even the Icons OESF was really good and I'm not a huge fan of F
Unfortunately he can't DH since the Tigers have a one legged man at that position right now. At least his defensive shortcomings don't necessarily show up on first base as they did when he was at third. I assume in 3-4 years, he will become the full time DH.
Well. He's stands at first and waits for balls to be throw at him. I mean. It's an upgrade from Prince right?
It's frustrating seeing them pour 10 runs one night then struggling to get 1 the next.Night and day difference defensively from last year.
NYI I'm sure you're getting one of these since you basically get every 4R pick. It's really really good.
Jesus. It's been a few months since I've purchased one, it's now $65 for Four Roses barrel picks in MI. A year ago I think I paid $50ish.
They seem to either score 8+ runs or 1. No in between.
Did too! Along with some 1986 old grand dad which was amazing as hell.
@Krish the Fish that'll go well with your Alden LWBs
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