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You're probably right. I hope it's the ALCS. Would be fun to watch.
Oh. My. God.
Oh. My. God.
going all in on pitching. jesus.
Unreal throw. Kluber's reaction was priceless.
@Betelgeuse, skip the 4 and go directly to the Speedy. I think you'll enjoy the Omega more that way. I don't the price range on the 4 you are looking at, but I would assume by the time you get the others, you really are not THAT far off from the Omega.
That Bremont story and subsequent comment thread is a little cringeworthy.
Have you tried the 4 Year (yes, i know it technically isn't theirs)?You're one of the few people that I have seen that like AE Rye. All I got out of it was lots of rum, not a bad thing, but given the price point, it's a hard pill to swallow.
Yeah. I saw a store near Boston got their Willett barrel. I think it was a 10 Year and it was around $110. YIIIIKES.
I paid $63 after taxes in MI for mine.PS is the cheapest I've seen but also has the luxury of being in KY.
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