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Congrats.I would buy the bracelet version, then add a strap. I believe it is a $100 difference now, upfront. Omega bracelets are not cheap. I believe the one for the planet ocean is $1,100. I assume the Speedy is around the same. so it REALLY makes sense to purchase it now.
This could be interesting. http://www.history.com/shows/dark-horse-nation
@Betelgeuse Doooooo it
I had Rory picked in my fantasy golf pool, but switched at the last second to Stenson.
I know. This happened the last damn time when those two were going at it.
Probably a good move.
The Black Bay is wonderful
Pig roast! @Mauro when's the pig roast.
That ball was 2-3" off the inside of the plate. He knew it was coming and didn't miss.http://www.freep.com/article/20140717/SPORTS02/307170036/detroit-tigers-miguel-cabrera-all-star
@Betelgeuse you really need to look at both (maybe you have already and i missed it). The Hesalite (3570) vs. sapphire (3573) has been and will forever be debated on. If this were me and it was going to be something I wore daily, I would probably opt for the sapphire due to its increased ruggedness. However, if this was going to be a part of a nice collection you want to build, Hesalite all the way. in fact, it's on my short list of "Next Watch"
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