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contemplating many things, but possibly selling/trading the 111 for either a higher end PAM or something along the lines of what Dino has coming tomorrow.
I'm getting an itch again.............
make sure you don't get robbed like John.
How about that $1000 DSLR you can't figure out how to use?
good thing it's drivable. you can't escape me.
Toronto would be fun. Maybe I'd go, but crossing the border sucks ass.
It's 2PM. You are 1 hour and 1 minute too late.
You probably already know this, but this is where searching instagram hashtags is great, especially with EG. people pull off so many different looks with boots, sneakers, derbies, etc.
These will work good.For sneakers, take a look at Buttero. That could be a good initiation and suit your overall style.
New Posts  All Forums: