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Dark Side of the Moon from Omega
i'm pretty sure Sergio was wearing a DSOM as well.
^^^ Very nice. Productivity today will be about as low as when the first round of the NCAA playoffs airs. Steaming the Cup live on my phone.
$250 for that shit? WTF. Why!!BTW, the Tippins OBSO barrel is very close to the JSB OBSO people seemed to be in a huffle and puffle about.Tippins: 63.6% US 59-6N 10 Year 5 MonthsJSB: 63.8% US 59-6G 9 Year 7 Months.
Anibal out of the bullpen for the playoffs. Another reason why Joe Nathan should never ever ever pitch in the 9th again this season.
me too.
Of course you would.
@NewYorkIslander, have you cracked open any of the 3 Four Roses bottles from Tippins yet?
Let the fall madness begin. Already seeing 2014 BTAC going for more than 2013. animals.
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