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Had tickets for tonight's game. Was 75 on Saturday and Sunday here. 32F today. Postponed the game because there 3" of snow on the ground. This damn state.
Lol. You know there's gonna be those dudes who are an 11 that'll kop and wear 8 pairs of socks to fit. I can't imagine the secondary market is hot in those sizes.
you'll have a better chance shaking the Pope's hand then kopping on Saturday.
had KBS this weekend. tasty, but people are seriously going crazy over this stuff. dumb. apparently 470 cases of black note were sold at Bell's in a 24-36 hour period. incredible.
sadly, i believe she is on record as saying she won't be showing them off any time soon.
If it's anything like the original run of white overdye, it will not be that see through at all. I absolutely love that shirt.
CP, I love sitting in those sections. Perfect view of the scoreboard and the sun is at your back in afternoon games.
New Posts  All Forums: