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PM me if interested. Prefer to outright sell. Size XL FW13 Cotton Sateen Deck Jacket Pretty warm. lined in 100% wool. pockets are also lined.
nice watch! what bag is that
I started being charged tax (in MI) from them starting in mid 2016.
Thanks for the heads up.
I have both of those in a 9D and have 2030s in an 8.5. I'll say that the 2030 seems slightly larger than others but I've never tried a full size down. Obvi YMMV.
Took delivery on a Master-Piece Surpass backpack in navy last week. What a great bag. I'll be sure to snap some photos as the leather forms a patina. Thanks again, as always!
it is tough in a lot of places. i haven't seen an OWA bottle in months.
I work with an older Japanese man in his 60s who has a Pepsi, Datejust, an Explorer II Polar that is simply awesome with its dial that has a perfect patina.
Congrats, P!
Year later.....contemplating moving this again. still in great shape.
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