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They seem to either score 8+ runs or 1. No in between.
Did too! Along with some 1986 old grand dad which was amazing as hell.
@Krish the Fish that'll go well with your Alden LWBs
I had a couple pours of the OESF. While I've never enjoyed F as much as the others, it was quite tasty.
What Mauro is failing to tell everyone is that this particular thread is shutting down but apparently a new one is being created.
Not a bad start for the Tigers. 1ER in 3 games. I'll take it.
Hot damn. Game took years off my life.
@nsltrls is a good man. Worked out a deal with him earlier. Someone needs to jump on that jacket.
I wear an 8.5D barrie and am comfortably wearing a 9 in the high tops. Can't speak the suede wing tips but I'm guessing it's very similar.
New Posts  All Forums: