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Willing to parts ways with these two items. Both are in great shape. Both tagged XL. PM me if interested. Prefer to outright sell. I'll wheel and deal if someone wants both.... FW13 Cotton Sateen Deck Jacket Pretty warm. lined in 100% wool. pockets are also lined. FW13 Wool Field Shirt Jacket Made of the same wool that is lined in the Deck Jacket.
nice watch! what bag is that
I started being charged tax (in MI) from them starting in mid 2016.
Thanks for the heads up.
I have both of those in a 9D and have 2030s in an 8.5. I'll say that the 2030 seems slightly larger than others but I've never tried a full size down. Obvi YMMV.
Took delivery on a Master-Piece Surpass backpack in navy last week. What a great bag. I'll be sure to snap some photos as the leather forms a patina. Thanks again, as always!
it is tough in a lot of places. i haven't seen an OWA bottle in months.
I work with an older Japanese man in his 60s who has a Pepsi, Datejust, an Explorer II Polar that is simply awesome with its dial that has a perfect patina.
Congrats, P!
Year later.....contemplating moving this again. still in great shape.
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