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Just saw this note. I'll get on it.
Small world, @NewYorkIslander. The Tippin's OESK barrel that I'm pretty sure you have bottles of is 10Y and some change, ME 29-2H, 56.3%. So your barrel is a wee bit older and wee bit higher ABV.
I've tried them all and the OESK picks I've had have been my favorite recipe.
Yep. sorry. used to speaking in acronyms for all this stuff.
Store near me bought a barrel of OWA. Only 120ish bottles. Super excited to try it.
I think those are 375ml which makes it even crazier.
That's a great store. I haven't been in a while and didn't realize they started carrying EG. I'll have to go back soon.
tuned in during the 6th inning. wow.
I can't get enough four roses picks. As of late, OE recipes have been my preference over OB. This particular one was OESK. Absolutely awesome. While people will go apeshit over BTAC and PVW this time of year, I'm more than happy with lots of these. Just getting harder to come by.
New Posts  All Forums: