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http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-gHNKAqE7Xnk/UHMGLYAjAuI/AAAAAAAAD5A/IZy4tHqhk_s/s1600/FW12BS_CKGP.jpgThis could be it...
Not intentional, but I guess one good turn deserves another. Better luck next time.
If they are the NyCo from current FW14 I recommend going TTS, the fabric doesn't give much and they don't seem to run as large as previous seasons.
Thank you for the post, I just ordered the Navy homespun Bedford in XXL; as well as some button shawls. Cannot wait for them to arrive. 30% off, no tax (CA native) and free shipping were nice!
Mike, The top pic. you posted (in orange/brown/blue) was the style I was referring to. Several sites posting a 24" pit-to-pit for size large, with it being a knit, I was curious as to whether I may be able to go with the smaller size. The variation I'm looking for (grey HB) is sold out in XL. Finding a fit is sometimes hit and miss...I have work shirts, 19 Cen BD's, Befords, Lafayette and a work coat from last fall that are all XL and fit just fine. Vests are the only...
I would appreciate some advice regarding the shawl collar knit jacket. From posted measurements these seem to be cut quite large; I'm 6'3" with a 48" chest. I would appreciate any feedback on there being a chance a large would work for me? I typically go with XL's for EG (Bedfords, Lafayette and work coat all fit perfectly but are my only outerwear pieces). I've purchased some XXL's from TBB though they tend to run a bit too loose.
I have some older XL's, waist is 38-39 but the cinch helps tighten them up. HB wool usually has some stretch to it so a M may work for you.
American Rag has S/M/XL's available...http://www.amrag.com/shopping/men/engineered-garments-herringbone-print-trousers-item-10822875.aspx
American Rag has them, but the price is a bit steep...
In an attempt to be a voice of reason...everyone else is right! (lol). The fit looks pretty flawless, perhaps they fall just outside your comfort zone. Judging from the pics. alone, I think you should take the chance that the fit will grow on you.
New Posts  All Forums: