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I thought I would throw my hat in the ring (longtime lurker)... SS16 Chambray banded collar long shirt SS16 Navy Twill Bedford SS16 Chambray bucket hat SS16 Black Handkerchief banded collar long shirt FW15 Charcoal flannel banded collar long shirt FW15 Charcoal Shawl collar knit jacket (sweater) FW15 Grey Boucle Shawl collar sweater FW15 Navy Cashmere flannel robe FW15 Olive Highland Parka FW15 Olive BDU pants SS15 White Handkerchief banded collar long shirt SS15 chambray...
Revision needed.
XL's seem to hardly ever make it to "sales" at most of the stockists. Every season any size 38 pants and any XXL tops disappear almost instantly ( I only know of TBB, JackStraw and occasionally Canvas that even carry them). TBB had this season's olive outback canvas fatigues in 38 for several hours. Us larger guys need some love as well!
Many thanks to you M of K for the heads up; I was able to purchase them earlier today. I have been wearing my first pair so much I figured it would be a good idea to pick up another pair. Hopefully the size M isn't too much larger than the S. If you ever want to part with some of your older fatigues, I will always be interested.Take care,Lance
I miss my long FW work shirt...I have a SS15 that fits a bit short for me, if your washing doesn't help perhaps we can make a trade. I think I've worn it once or twice max. PM me if interested.
MoK, I think you and I run roughly the same waist size. I have the fisherman's in a size small and they fit very well. These are almost a "one size fits all" style. The waist actually measures out at almost 48 inches on the smalls, still plenty of fabric left to fold over. I usually wear a 38 or XL in all EG pants. Hope this helps out. I know that Canvas Malibu still had some in navy available. Take care, Lance
Does anyone know what Bloomindales in SF has brought in from this season?
Willing to trade/sell unworn NWT FW14 Lafayette in red, rodeo plaid sz. XL (stock pics. from TBB). Interested in fatigues from any season except the slightly off green ripstop from SS14 (XL or 38).
Has anyone purchased anything in or handled the charcoal diamond pique? Seems like quite a bold texture, Just hoping someone could describe the feel and weight of the fabric. Take care.
MoK,I had emailed Nepenthes last week and they had several variations of the balloon pants in sz. XL and L, they may still have some available. TBB had 38's in all three of their SS15 cinch pants, but they were gone within a day or two.Take care.
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