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Quote: For reference, for the $1400 you mentioned, I have purchased two Brioni and two Belvest suits and had them altered, and purchased two Attolini and two T&A shirts, with spare change for a Brioni and Barbera tie as well. That does sound like a great deal, but are those suits new/used? And how do you go about buying in that way. Simply try it on in the store and hope that the suit on Ebay has roughly the same fit?
Quote: I Think Canali are decent, but if you are paying full retail for suits, that is fairly unusual on this forum... for E1100 you can get awesome suits from various sources (discounters) How come no one buys full retail on suits on this forum? Everybody just buys from E-bay or something? I would hate to do that, I'd like to feel a suit and to try it on etc. Where I am from we also don't have to many discounters.
This is just a matter of personal tast imho. I like the dimples
Quote: I like Canali suits.  Well made and lower cost than other well marketed italian suits.  However, Canali's styling is not for everyone I think (straight shoulder). That was my impression too, the quality of the suit seems to be a bit better than Corneliani. I look the look better, it seems to me that Canali has a more 'modern' look than most suits. Also I like the fact that nothing is fused. But I was wondering how it stands up versus other...
I recently purchased a Canali suit with which I am quite content. However, since it was a pretty costly suit for my standards (1100 euro) I was wondering what else was available in this price class since I am looking for another suit.
Quote: For a couple of weeks I've been tempted to buy a Attolini suit - which is rather expensive. I have never seen one one "live". Is it really great or is it just humbug? Regards, Pau(fro, Holland) If you're from Holland you might want to check out It also contains some info on local retailers like Oger, Sartoria and Pauw Mannen.
I bought a Louis Vuitton tie in their store in Paris about a month ago, the damned thing was about 130 euros But it looks great and that's what its all about
La Cordonnerie Anglaise and Saphire.
Why not go for Luigi Borrelli instead? What is the difference between T&A and Italian Shirtmakers?
Quote: Quote: (minimal @ 09 Oct. 2004, 06:25) Beautifully fitting suit.  The velvet collar is silly, however. That is called a frog coat, it means that you are dealing with someone from noble descent I believe.
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