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They have some really nice Borrelli Cashmere sweaters at yoox.com
Quote: I personally think rubber soled shoes are quite a bit more comfortable than leather as well. I actually prefer leather, it looks a lot nicer. However it can be to slippery
Quote: I thought that we had discussed earlier that rubber sole vs. leather sole didn't make a difference in terms of walking and comfort. Well, it depends. I live in Switzerland and during the wintertime it is hard enough to walk around on, on leather soles with a profile. Let alone those slick leather ones
Where have you been in Paris? I just love that city Try to go there every couple of months.
I prefer Berluti.
Quote: Lorenzini make the higher end blue label Polo shirts $125+. the Purple Label shirts I have seen were around 340 euro's for retail shirts. That's Kiton area.
I did like the designs of the Purple Label shirts. However for the prices they charge for their retail shirts I can buy a Borrelli shirt made exactly to my own specifications in the finest cloth and made to measure. And even more important, Borrelli's are better quality shirts than the Purple Label shirts I have seen.PL shirts aren't really worth the money in my humble opinion.
My favorite vodka is Russky Standart. Hands down the best Vodka i have tried. It was recommended to me by all my Russian friends. It's all they ever drink
I haven't been there, but Loro Piana and Marinella have their stores in Florence I think. That would be definitely worthwhile visiting.
A nice adress for Borelli shirts is www.yoox.com It is all brand new stuff and their most expensive Borrelli is only 132 euro's.
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