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How does one fix lapel gap?
FYI... I am not wearing shoes, so the pants are bunched up below my knees.
I gave Indochino a go last Fall and the fit of my suit was surprising good, almost perfect. To be honest, I think it's a bit better than a M2M Samuelsohn I got recently. I would do it again with a higher quality fabric next time. My only complaint would be that my pull tabs on the pants are tearing a little. I had a shirt done at the same time, but the armholes were too tight so I never wear it. In hindsight, I wish I returned it to be remade while I could. I would...
I had a question on shoe width that I hoped somebody would be able to help me with. I have four pairs of Allen Edmonds and all are 11 EEE. Two pairs (Kenilworth, Malvern) seem to fit a little loose, while two pairs fit well (Park Avenue, Weybridge). I am planning to buy a pair of Strands, but can't decide between EEE and E. The shoe fit print out suggests I go with an E width, which is the way I am leaning. Am I correct to do this? Thanks.
When I looked at the sample fabric, it struck me as being darker than what the suit turned out to look like when complete. But, that's exactly what I wanted because I was looking for a medium grey.I am very happy with the M2M. The jacket fit perfectly without any tailoring needed. All they had to do was add the buttons and do up the surgeon cuffs. The pants were perfect as well and just had to be hemmed.After doing the M2M, I don't think I will ever go back.
Here's a couple. Let me know if you want anything specific.
I got a grey sharskin in medium grey M2M from Samuelsohn. Sounds like the same fabric. Was it in the B category?I personally love it and it turned out better than I thought. It's hard to take such a small sample and imagine the whole suit.
Left and right.
Despos... Jacket is 43L, made by Samuelsohn. Neck size is 16.5 inches. Mystery... By taking in, do you mean shorten the collar length, so that it tightens around my neck? It only effects my left side. The other side seems fine. I assume that implies an easy fix. Thanks.
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