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1. Do the cufflinks have to match? Can some wear black onyx while others are wearing shiny silver of a different shape? 2. I'm thinking about having them wear grey vests underneath possibly with a grey tie or just a grey/silver tie. What are your thoughts on this? Thank you.
I'm looking for ideas for what my groomsmen can wear with their dark suits. 1. Are white pocket squares appropriate for dark suits in a wedding? I know they are for tuxedos, just not sure about suits. 2. cufflinks? 3. Anything else? Thanks.
What is the difference? Are they the same cut and style with the exception of the gabardine material? Any other difference? Thanks.
What about trouser cuffs? Yes or no?
1. How many buttons should a suit jacket have? Two? 2. Are the choices between notch and peak lapel simply a matter of preference? OR is one more formal? Thanks.
Just curious on your thoughts on Gabardine wool suits vs. just wool suits. How does it affect the look and quality?
Thought on either of these? 1. Can I put my own cufflinks on these or is it not designed for it? 2. Is having a fly cover vs. not just a matter of preference? Thank you.
Can anything be done with this tux shirt? Is there a way to put cufflinks on it? OR should I get a new one? Thanks.
I'm either going to go in one of two extremes. A black tux or a white dinner jacket with tux trousers. I'm not sure if I like the ultra shiny shoe look so I just want to see if it is appropriate to wear matte shoes? Have traditionally shoes always been shiny?
I am looking at black bow ties and would like to get one that matches the appearance of the 30's - 40's. Is there anything about bow ties from that period that make them look much different from the ones today? Is there a certain type of bow tie I can buy that will come close to that look? Thanks.
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