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MMM/Uniqlo/JE/CP Uniform status. Pls don't mind awkward stacking on right leg.
I have an October 2013 wool MA-1 order I'm waiting on. Shrug.
Take 2
Guaranteed. I'll check it out this weekend.
GM working from home and I had a big week. No external meetings today.
Traditional crew or V probably better choice, yes. I'll try and take a better pic later.PS kgfan is wearing a much swaggier version of what I'm wearing. He also takes better pictures.
MMM/JE/SLP/MMM Could probably use a shorter tee, but whatever.
April in Paris.
OK not to sound insensitive, but you've been looking for a while. At a certain point, if you want what you want, you're going to have to pay for it. There is no big secret that everyone's been keeping from you. If you want high quality lined leather with good hardware, it's not going to be below a certain pricepoint unless the design is awful. Even then, probably not.
Regis, the Scarface mansion is for sale. Go forth and kop. PS I remember the first time I heard that I'm the same height as SvB. It still blows my mind.
New Posts  All Forums: