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Dunn, Pahlmeyer, and Heidsieck.
Someone explain WTF the deal is with ASSC? Dude used to be on SuFu no? And work for Stussy or something? Now he makes screen printed tees and hoodies (and whatever else) that got worn by a few "influencers" and he laughs all the way to the bank? While apparently never shipping anything? Somehow he has a collaboration with DSM? So many questions...
A vast majority of people will not look good in zipped rider style jackets.
Your favorite topic Charly I know... but uhhh RiRi is still for rider options only right?
The Williest (tm). Extra arm zip used to keep hot sauce handy for Popeyes.
Nah I like them and that was my initial reason for getting them. I also have some slightly more formal Alden black cordovan derbies (cap toe).
Rider pebbled derbies came. Will be useful foul weather shoes.
Hmmm should I kop the garment bomber?
Anyway, in the spirit of the thread... Geller garment dyed bomber is still available for a stupid good price.
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