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Nonnative better.
Yeah... most brand boutiques will not accommodate this and refusing the package is a good way to get blacklisted.
Hrmm so I just put two and two together... someone from my high school and college that I fell out of touch with is one of the 4 founders of Skybox Imaging.
You have to and should pay both customs and handling fees.
He's trolling you and orders are closed anyway.
I'm sure all the fast fashion places will have a knockoff of the SLP varsity by now.
HYPE60 -> code is 10%.
Farfetch had one or two odd sizes at a slight discount of the black/red colorway over the weekend. YMMV.
Top new grad recruits is what I'm talking about. Anyway, neither here nor there. They've been doing at least $100+k 50k $125k type packages for years.
Shrug, that's the package for top recruits. YMMV.
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