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I'd pay that for a shearling.
Dunno, but it's provocative?FARMERS IN PARIS
You won't regret that combination. /circlejerkReally though, it's awesome.
I have CM trousers
It's a bit of both. I know what's easy and comfortable (and is acceptable for me to wear at work), but I'm open to new stuff. A lot of times it takes a specific suggestion to put something on my radar. It's not always as easy as browsing WAYWT and having an internal dialogue of "hey so and so pulls this off, so I might be able to do it too". Or "this poster has a similar build and I like the way he pulled xyz off." I mean, we all look at many of the same stores and jawnz...
Probably, yes. Call it regression or laziness or whatever, but these days anything that doesn't work over a shirt/jeans/boots (or sneakers) doesn't get much wear. I'm sure it doesn't help that I don't always have the best lighting/res on my pics.
The upside of shit weather is more Merino! SS/SNS/JE/CP
If you like Margiela, you should visit @RegisDB9's walk in closet.
Me: so, it looks like NMWA pre-orders will be coming soon Ms CWI (who works in fashunz): is it that online store that you buy from? Me: yes Ms CWI: will there be more Schneider and Geller pre-orders? I like that stuff Me:
There is no obligation to adjust, especially if your size is no longer available. They are doing you a favor if they choose to do so. If you approach it that way, feel free to ask.
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