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Well instead of jawnz, I could pick up some '02 Salon Le Mesnil...
Yeah I have a lot of tan-ish boots, but they look so good... anyone can help with sizing? They're manufactured by Officine Creative if that helps? Maybe I will turn into some sort of space cowboy.
also, these whole looks are so good
I need Synth and pope fit pics to make a decision (2).
If they re release in a good color, I'd probably make inquiries.
People need designers to fix their often times ill-conceived ideas. If you're copying an existing jacket using existing patterns, that's not designining something. Most people on this forum probably couldn't/shouldn't do more than compare measurements to existing measurements and try to reverse engineer something.
I think for most people, turning to a Johnson (or any other repro maker) for a fashion jacket isn't going to turn out very well. There's nobody to provide the taste/design required, much less spec-ing. If you want reprowear type stuff it's a good option, but most posters here are not capable of producing something good on their own.
Yeah, thanks to @el Bert. Stil looking for a peak lapel camel coat.
Check Schneider.
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