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Welcome back @kgfan5
Yeah, haven't decided yet, sleeves and body are slightly long, will take a pic later I guess. Super cozy though.
These might need their own rack soon... still regret sizing the fw Geller hooded bomber and Rick exploder wrong.
People don't hate SLP. That's just an incongruous fit, it doesn't matter that it's TB and SLP.
The "Made in XYZ" arguments here never cease to amuse.
I'm sure the custom textiles of say Stephan Schneider are inferior to your 100% wool. I'm also send a note to Margiela, Dior and Jil to stop using blends while I'm at it.
as if wool blends are by default inferior.
The soles aren't gonna be ultra durable but they're comfortable and the last is nice. When they go, I'll try and slap some Vibrams on there and call it a day. Doubt the BV ones will be super durable either. It's the nature of that type of sole.
What's the hem opening like post shrink?
The last few pages are why CM will always drive this forum, B&S, B&M shops, e-bay whatever.
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