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I guess, but it depends how much he cares about actually designing. It's pretty limiting and not very fulfilling (of course the money probably is)... In the elapsed time since I've had the SeF, I went and picked up some MMM side zips and CP chelseas (not a huge fan of the Botega ones) anyway. YMMV. Obviously the price point is accessible, but if your customer base is primarily made up of ________ ____, not sure how sustainable that is.
As he picks up the typical KTT/NT customer base, I wonder if he'll start making new designs/proportions/patterns or just milk the "cheaper alternative" route.
Plays old broken record: People slept hard on the lamb suede harrington.
Any US stockists for the skincare/cosmetic products? IIRC South Willard used to carry it, but I can't seem to find it on the site. While we're at it... Susan Kauffmann is best ordered directly shipped from the EU?
@jet, a T-shirt contender has arrived.
So uhh did Totoakelo drop 08 Sircus? (0).
Who are you and what have you done with trash lord??
Greg might be the coziest Bond villain ever.
I wanna wear a Sanjuro to work.
So uhhh I have no idea when my SP pre-order is coming, but I haven't received anything from them yet. If they're still taking pre-orders now, it might not be ready 'til 2016?
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