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Going to New Zealand next month and trying not to pack too many pairs of shoes. Any recommendations for something that can handle mild nature/hiking stuff and light rain?
Looks like Eric from 10 past 10 owns one and gave them a solid review. Better execution than say, the Bamford iteration recently profiled on Hodinkee. I'd have to fill a lot of other wants on my list before I got to one of these, but I can see the appeal. Price isn't that bad. https://www.specialforcesissue.com/watches
Preparing for @gdl203 + mini gdl fit a la the old merino pic, except with the Leder coat.
I tried the gold embossed python devons on for fun. Not really wearable outside of an "look-at-me-on-social-media" context, but hey.
Speaking of Eidos, that cool patterned coat that someone wore in WAYWT was awesome. Didn't see it stocked in the few places I check for Eidos.
Price includes CONUS shipping. No returns. 9.5/10 condition. Has cool magnetic button snaps at the pockets. Silk.
Don't do it man
Reminds me... MTO tuxedo is on the to do list (need different size jacket/pants).
For his show on Vice, he wears a lot of fashunz.
On the flipside, the Dries shirt I just picked up came with an awfully sweat stained collar. Most of my JP purchases have been better than expected quality wise though.
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