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Is that not what the cut is already? . . .
No dice on SF10 either. Dunno.
Hrmmm extra15 not working? Owell.
Hrmmm ts(s) white tux jacket and Rota pants would be fun.
It just feels to me like sometimes you make some strides in one area and then immediately revert back this weird middle ground that's neither this nor that. Your wardrobe doesn't need to be entirely directional, but everything is just so meh. I'm not talking norecore meh, but just bland or ever so slightly off. Uniqlo stuff for work is fine (I'd imagine a lot of people do it, myself included often times), but you combine it in weird ways with your other stuff. I'm not sure...
Stanley, your Styleforum evolution (or sometimes lack thereof) is puzzling to me. Clarks tho
Co-worker called my Raf Vandals "hipster looking". She's 50.
Did you ask her to take a fitpic for you?
Silence of the conceptual wabbits.
The one I was stalking (and showed Stitchy earlier in the week) sold. Alas, it was local too.
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