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Marigela's bags for this go around are a coated black leather that's actually pretty nice in person. Same shapes as always + a backpack.
Gotta wear BD's (OC or otherwise) to work most days
Yeah I don't lift as heavy anymore (hernia and other injuries no fun), but shoulders/etc. are still problematic for a lot of brands. Have to consider the jawnz!
I'm like 5 ft 9ish 155? I'm a US40/EU50 for tops and 30 in most jeans.
Application to be male Asian Synth doppleganger since he found a female one at Pitti already. Note, I'm hiding my chubby Asian IT face. Barton Perreira / Dana Lee / JEx2 / MMM Time to go make waffles.
To be clear, I'm impressed, not objecting. The place on page 3 is more my speed with the brick wall, but yeah.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/24384/sf-cribs-the-places-behind-the-clothes Holy shit... just the first page even. In SF? GG.
OG Helmut Lang bondage one probably gets the most "love" here. Probably a lot of new KTT, NT, HB posters. ETA: dude just called Rick, Yohji and Dries basic relative to FoG... srs?
IIRC this is what Greg suggested a while back in the thread.
Not sure why you wouldn't just buy a Rick MA-1 instead...
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