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Size the time same as alpaca or merino? I wear a V in the merino, but IIRC took a IV on the alpaca.
NSC comms are all being handled over Twitter anyway right? I love my lined Norwegian Rain SB fwiw. Schneider probably less functional than the bumfreezer but it's the first time I can recall Schneider using waterproofing/Coated materials. And then of course Geller is Geller.
Schneider water resistant coat, Norwegian Rain bumfreezer, Geller shirt/sweater. Can only pick one
Any thoughts on the NR x Grenson "waterproof" boots? Or something similarly suitable for rainy weather?
I wear a suit less than 10 times a year. I still want to add a proper dress watch. The life of a Stylefarmer
I'm a 48 in Formosa, 48/50 in most fashunz stuff. I have a SB in L that I wear with a liner and usually without much layering underneath. I'm 5 ft 9 and change, drop 8 or so. I'm probably L in BF.
Let the thumbs speak for themselves.
BF olive herringbone might not be as hype, but that's a winner.
I double box and usually pad with filler of some sort leftover from other deliveries... maybe I'm too nice?
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