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Farfetch shipping is up to the particular boutique. If the boutique that the item ships from cares about packaging, you'll get great packaging. If they don't care about non-local customers much and only signed on with Farfetch to move old product, they probably don't care. I'm sure there's some minimum QC standards that Farfetch checks on sometimes, but I wouldn't bet on it.I've never had a problem with Yoox orders - I make maybe 3 orders per year. There are others who...
Yoox is essentially an outlet store. You will not get Mr Porter, Matches, LVR level packaging. Yoox does run the main webstore for several brands ie Margiela, SLP, etc.
A small sample size I know, but the women I know who wear any of the SLP oxfords as part of uniform HATE them. They're know as the "clown shoes". Supposedly not very forgiving for various foot shapes. YMMV.
Poor @nahneun, I casually followed that through the artisanal thread. RP: Barton Perreira sunglasses SLP calf L17
If you guys bothered to look at the rest of the forum there's an entire buy and sell section...I got my calf L17, but it's 90 degrees so it'll live in the closet for a while.
Need more fitpics - even if you're wearing a (very nice) solaro suit and eating an ice cream cone. Or you could shock your CM customers by wearing something full SW&D (and not that kind your store carries).
Green teddy is in stores btw. Slightly different color than AW13, but I know some people have been trying to flip the old ones for crazy money.
But then that negates the extra 5% savings. NO CAN DO.
RFT: the Styleforum instagram has been pretty CM heavy for a while now. What gives @LA Guy and @Synthese?
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