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Pro tip: that isn't one of Geller's best pieces to begin with and you didn't include lookbook or runway pics. Instead you put a pic with a bowtie... nobody who is into Geller is going to wear it like that. If you're hoping to attract a menswear/CM crowd, that piece lacks name rerecognition.
Willy's always been a really cool dude. As an anecdote, I once reached out to him for some NYC recs before a short trip (mostly occupied by a wedding) and he sent me this next level comprehensive list complete with Yelp links for EVERY DAMNED RECOMMENDATION. He might also be the most famous Popeyes aficionado.
Pretty healthy line at the Voyager event already (this was 30 mins before opening). ETA: I mostly looked at what Maas and Stacks brought. Some nice nonnative stuff (trooper pants, henleys, etc.) not in my size, some old Ervell stuff, Sasquatch Fabrix stuff, White Mountaineering cardigans/sneakers, Our Legacy pants, Dana Lee pants and shirts, W+H shirts/jeans/shorts/hitops, Rafdidas, patent blue GATs, some Lemaire blazers, Norse Projects stuff. Some Geller stuff in 46 and...
Ideal NYC trip: visit NMWA for fittings/orders then strongarm @willy cheesesteak into an all day food tour of the city. Leave.
Is it my size?
OK I'm having trouble finding the pic I had in mind. I will page our resident Margiela expert @RegisDB9. Regis, I'm thinking of some Margiela lookbook pics involving pants similar to the one here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/358758/no-man-walks-alone-official-affiliate-thread/22605#post_7847491 I seem to recall blazer + T + similar pants + boots.
If someone can point me in the direction of some good reference pics, I'd be happy to make the thread.
Side zip might get the most traction and be suitable for a lot of leather options? @Synthese or @LA Guy able to provide some ballpark figures in terms of leather options, pricing and timeline? I know it's a lot of work to formally set up a Viberg style deposit system and I don't think that would make sense without some more info. Think of the epic boot circles (5).
TBH Linjer briefs are close and pretty decent. Probably the best readily available leather brief I've seen under $1k barring random deals/steals.
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