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Random summary: The SLP pins are really expensive, in case you were wondering. If you want leather alterations done, you should call the flagship boutique. You can bring in SLP items purchased elsewhere to a boutique to be tailored (it will cost you money) or they will tell you which local tailor they use and you can do it yourself. If you purchase there, they will do minor alterations free of charge.
I feel like we talk about this every few months. While their kids are going to community college wearing full Givenchy and Rick, their parents are buying $1 million+ houses sight unseen to stay vacant until the younger sibling is old enough to be sent over too. It's not unique to China, see Middle Eastern summer vacationers in London/LA (a LA the recent Qatari LaFerrari vid) or Russian oligarchs. Plenty of older money Americans in the Bay still who try and turn their...
Wore my old ToJ suede harrington yesterday. Didn't take pics, oops.
Could've sworn I saw a tweed Bedford @ MAC yesterday.
I just got home and it's magically here at my doorstep. No idea what happened yesterday... guessing the driver was already running way overtime and decided "forget it, I'll just deliver it tomorrow" or something. Now I just need the new fan motor for my AC to come in so I can actually wear this thing.
My fishtail magically showed up at my doorstep today. Now if only my AC was fixed...
UPS making me sad
I had an indigo kano 101 that was awesome (except it didn't fit me quite right).
I wish my mortgage was only as much as 1 padded shirt and 1 pair of sweatpants.
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