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Yes, let's all speculate wildly...
RG bomber. Jil knit. Thanks @Razele. Debating about picking up the navy foulard EG baker...
It's against forum policy to post goods for sale outside of the marketplace - especially in an affiliate thread.
I think the slightly tight shoulders will forever bother me on the Rick MA-1 I picked up. I'll post it for what I paid later when I get home or tomorrow.
Here's my copy pasta for what I always recommend when people discuss cigarette smoke etc. I get a dry cleaning garmet "bag" and place the garment inside. I then CAREFULLY add either activated charcoal (not everyone has this handy) or coffee grounds (most people have these, but then your clothes smell like coffee) to the bottom of the bag and then duct tape it shut. Hang for a couple of days and that should do the trick. I'd imagine baking soda would be successful as well,...
They are made in batches by separate workshops. It's not FIFO. They'll knock out a batch of a specific model at once and then move onto another model.
A lot of ramen places will do that/used fried onions and garlic too right? For shio ramen type broths. I have a ban xeo craving now.
As an aside, it's interesting to see how CM people tend to wear Schneider relative to the way SW&D people wear it. Here, you tend to see more incorporation into business casual/CM casual. On the SW&D side of things, you tend to see a lot of black derbies/bluchers and tailored pants. There's also the basic Schneider cardigan/ white T/ jeans/ Common Projects type fit.
Formosa evaluation intensifies.
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