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Old pic.
Nah, they're awesome.
- - -
Mauro, I haven't been following as closely, but as you know, I've purchased a good number of things from you over the years. I initially turned to the brand for work basics and I'm a rewards member. I see now that you're exploring new things, which isn't a bad thing. However, when you're considering things like leathers etc., there might be a bit of disconnect. What factory things are made in only takes you so far - after a certain point of QC/materials, it's about design....
I'll try to take some pictures next to some of my other boots for reference (MMM, SLP, CDiem, whatever).
OK I will do a more in-depth review when able, been pretty busy.Initial impressions:Packaging really nice - almost excessively so.Small touches like the signature etc. are nice.Things I will consider more carefully when I have time:LastSizingSorry for the delay.
If you ordered a hypebeasty item like Arenas, they probably really sold out because that's what a lot of people went straight for.
Mine will probably get canceled (SLP stuff).
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