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Hrmm I might have to size down, you've got 10 to 15 lbs on me.
Shrug. I have experience dealing with wait times that would make an Alden fetishest feel lucky. I hear from my gunsmith once a year with an approximate estimate on how many years I have left to wait. If you contact him without good reason he tells you to fuck off. I can see why it would be disappointing to a lot of people - my first ToJ took under 10 weeks IIRC.
Sigh here we go again. Or we could all just pay more and he could hire someone to do full time customer service. Wait, nobody wants to pay more amirite?
Iise if Drew doesn't make his.
I told people to kop the black and navy ones from FW at deep sale and most people slept.
The one dbear posted is the actual sample Drew made...
Hidden placket, non button down and no pocket would make me happy, but not necessarily Mauro's thing.
AiP is expensive on an absolute scale but not as much markup as say Hermes or Valextra I don't think.
Thinking about ordering some of the Tokyo fit linen shirts, but can't decide if I want to wait for non-button down collar. My other Kamakura shirts are still going strong.
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