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Tencel is pretty great in general - not sure I'm sold on using it in that particular style, but YMMV.
They have multiple stores in New York don't they (besides the outlet)?
Really though, I've never received an answer regarding listing prices online (much less actual best prices) that made sense to me.
Little bit
Outlets. Very rare to see permanent collection items there though.
Doubt you'll see better prices than that in normal sizes. At least I haven't, EU or otherwise.
The best part about the Hodinkee watch shop besides pics etc? ACTUALLY LISTING THE DAMNED PRICES. It's like how some car dealerships still haven't figured out how the Internet works and won't give price quotes. It doesn't matter whether or not I'm going to shop their quote around. In this day and age, nobody has time to take out of their work day to drive around from place to place and waste hours being sold random options or haggling. Not having real time inventory...
New Posts  All Forums: