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Flagships get priority, but all stores can check inventory. A lot of times boutiques really have no idea when things will be coming and they don't always arrive at all stores at the same time. Boutiques have no control over what they receive in store (excluding deposits/requests). YMMV.
Almost every boot is a Wyatt now.
y u no size 50.
The mens version?
Deciding between something leopard and something rose.
I have my eye on something and got more details from Kyle.
Chesterfield and T1
It works if he named all of his pokemon after various Schneider pieces.
Price includes CONUS shipping. International, please PM. Questions, please PM. No returns - I am not responsible for knowing your size in these. These are from 2014. Style number is 330781 BT300.
I'd imagine we're talking Dries pricing here. Leopard rose jacket is so tempting.
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