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While there is some overlap, I don't think the core RRL customer is the same as the core Epaulet customer.
I always wonder what these guys think when they get something from an internet clothing nerd vs the usual stuff they work on.
I missed another fishtail? Goddamnit.
psydle a lot of people in the states ship to FJ Western, which is relatively close to me. They seem to be fairly well regarded. For more CM type stuff, there's B Nelson.
If you're referring to APC raw denim, it's usually excluded barring the occasional accident or exception... if you can find anywhere that allows it and has your size still, I would just buy and call it a day. I've been happy with my Four Sevans stuff that's a few years old, but I'm not a light nerd who modifies etc.
Engineered Garments
Dat textural interest. How heavy is that knit? Hard to tell from the few pics I've seen.
Probably someone beat you to it. Adding to cart doesn't reserve your item on most e-commerce platforms.
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