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So uhhh that IG post. do I really need another coat that I'll wear maybe twice a year?
@RFX45, do they run big?
A shirt has to be pretty interesting for me to go beyond Uniqlo, W+H, RRL or various forum affiliates - all of which are less than JE. For me that pretty much means Geller, Dries, Visvim, Schneider, and some SLP/MMM.
Holsters would be more practical than rifle bags. Maybe if you're into fancy shotguns?
Won't be out in time, but looks fun. Apparently there are similar ACG ones from last year? They go for quite a bit on e-bay though.
Going to New Zealand next month and trying not to pack too many pairs of shoes. Any recommendations for something that can handle mild nature/hiking stuff and light rain?
Looks like Eric from 10 past 10 owns one and gave them a solid review. Better execution than say, the Bamford iteration recently profiled on Hodinkee. I'd have to fill a lot of other wants on my list before I got to one of these, but I can see the appeal. Price isn't that bad. https://www.specialforcesissue.com/watches
Preparing for @gdl203 + mini gdl fit a la the old merino pic, except with the Leder coat.
I tried the gold embossed python devons on for fun. Not really wearable outside of an "look-at-me-on-social-media" context, but hey.
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