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There's a really prolific seller on Grailed that ships from either NA or EU depending on the item and seems to have FSR of most items. They also don't respond to questions when I asked if a certain size was still available... seen them carry everything from Rick to Margiela to Phillip Lim to Valentino etc. They have actual item pics, or least of one size.
Gimme (maybe?). I have a knit I just picked up from @RegisDB9 that doesn't quite work for me too. Will be posting later etc.
I sold mine to someone on this forum once upon a time too. For super cheap as I recall.
I'll probably grab some peccary gloves this holiday season (from you @gdl203). When I challenge someone to a duel, they should know that I used only the finest of gloves.
Pilati era maybe, I dunno.
Doesn't that pretty much reinforce some of the main criticisms of his chops (or lack thereof) as a designer?
Wearing Stark + Dior MIJ + CP's (and Schneider Merino). Long live Stylefarm!
Anyone tried the "Away" suitcases? There's always the tried and true luggage favorites, but I'm curious.
Sage de Cret.
These types of posts don't go here.
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