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Not sure if it's really "resolved". I dunno, I remember reading about it in CM or somewhere else. RFT: I think I'm just gonna get some vintage frames (Cazal maybe?) a la Al Pacino from Donnie Brasco and wear them all the time.
Lotuff Clegg drama is delicious.
There's someone reselling Bieber x Fear of God jeans for $3500+ (not from sample sale).
Enjoyed Atelier Crenn quite a bit - interesting food and a comfortable environment. Didn't do the pairing, brought '06 Taittinger blanc de blancs and added a glass of syrah. Dominique Crenn is very friendly and pleasant.
this deserves to be quoted.
Wearing all SLP to dinner, feels like a fashunz victim. Smoking jacket, lips shirt, jeans, Hedi 30 in black calf.
So uhhh that IG post. do I really need another coat that I'll wear maybe twice a year?
@RFX45, do they run big?
A shirt has to be pretty interesting for me to go beyond Uniqlo, W+H, RRL or various forum affiliates - all of which are less than JE. For me that pretty much means Geller, Dries, Visvim, Schneider, and some SLP/MMM.
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