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I've made about 3-5 purchases without issue. Under $1000 usd per order FWIW.
In New Zealand now on vacation . L should be my size for that sweater though. (0)
Size 40 SWD stuff. Let me know, esp Rick bombers. I'm lightweight even interested in the Givenchy sweater.
Whatever happened to the style farmer vanson thing.
This is best
Suavecito or imperial. I'm resigned to expensive haircuts.
I forgot how annoying it is to access US store links while overseas.
Hmmm @LA Guy, I guess I just need to find a makeup that speaks to me more then. 3sixteen one is as close as I've seen. Looking for non cap toe and semi structured toe in an interesting leather. Not too bulky of a last. I liked the cinnamon roughout GMTO, minus the captoe.
http://www.kotaku.com.au/2016/10/look-at-this-shiba-inu-game/ @Synthese ETA: at a beach cafe in New Zealand and there's a (non Chinese) dude wearing full Rick. MA1, skirt, jeans, runners. Pretty sure I saw some chrome hearts jewelry too.
I'm in New Zealand right now. It's always damp and cold. Ts(s) jacket might not be the most mind blowing, but it's really comfortable and easy to dress up/down. Valuable when packing light. Have my eye on something with a more pronounced herringbone maybe, but we'll see.
New Posts  All Forums: