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Don't look at the CM watch or car threads. You might have an aneurysm. Or the shoe porn thread. Or the home design thread. Or the suit thread. Or just about any thread on this forum that isn't Club Monaco, Gustin, Uniqlo or whatever.
Inis Meain Inverallan SNS Herning Nonnative Minotaur etc. etc. or for more baller knits there's the occasional heavy gauge Jil or Margiela
If someone reports you or if you aren't careful with e-bay messaging.
Ebay can ban you for making deals outside of ebay.
We blacklist people who accept job offers and don't show up for whatever reason (including taking a new offer/counter offer). I tend to agree with stitches here. Other forums have rules where first person to publicly post "I'll take it" is obligated to buy and the seller is obligated to sell. Shrug.
Saint Laurent.
Obviously the guy with the forehead tattoo enhances my overall impression of the clothes...
Need at least one of those knits in my life... even though I already have tons of heavy duty knits that are excessive for where I live.
It didn't go out I don't think. IIRC it was in final stages of prep.
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