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They said that they're combining the 2 deliveries together since their first was delayed. Maxi coat pre-order still hasn't landed.
So uhhh as someone who already owns 2 Inverallans and lives in California, damnit.
Pending, s/o @nicelynice
Price includes CONUS shipping - other destinations, let's talk. Comes with box (which is kind of beat up), but I'll wrap it or double box before shipping. Pair of black Guidi 995's in baby calf. I've treated them once with Saphir products, but they hardly get any wear in my current rotation. They have been professionally topy'ed. In terms of "flaws" - the lace on the left boot is shorter than the one on the right by a few inches, but can still be laced normally. They...
Anything under $500 was guaranteed to sell out.
I sized TTS.
Visvim drop as well. Believe it or not, we're not the only people who buy things from Notre.
Site about to go crazy tomorrow (for better or worse )
Amiri looks pretty awful.
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