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My brick bomber is still "processing" I have a hunch they didn't carry 50.
Somwhere Miran is having an aneurism.
Would've taken a pic with the Lemaire boots I had too, but I sold them. Anyway: MMM / Loake / CDiem SLP / SeF / MMM MMM SeF SLP I ordered a 41 in SeF, the MMM and SLP are 42's. I like a little wiggle room in my shoes. YMMV. I wear 42 in CP, 42.5 in MMM sneakers mostly. My 42 SLP sneakers are a little loose, same with my Raf vandals. From what I can see, the jodphur and chelsea boots have a much better shape than the side zips.
Haven's site is really really solid. Between their product shots + measurements etc. and their editorials, I can't really think of a better site.
So about that new VC dress chrono...
You will be hit by customs. Pay it now by calling in/online or pay it when it comes.
Who got da bomber?
Debating that plain sanjuro... anyone have better impressions beyond the lookbook? I got my dark brown kngr virgils too.
2 more weeks for my goddamn MMM x Mykita sunglasses.
I'll get to my comparison pics and detailed thoughts eventually. Been pretty busy IRL, sorry guys. Cliff notes based on the black calf side zips I ordered: if you think these will replace SLP/MMM or C&J/Carmina in your wardrobe, you should probably think again. They are decent boots, but you should understand what you are getting.
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