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@RegisDB9 http://www.orlebarbrown.com/ob-snapshorts-app/build I'm sure you could make use of this.
Teasing us with the Rick Owens
Is this gonna be too warm for non-San Francisco bay area climes?
You do realize that not every code is meant for frequent customers? If you venture outside of this thread, it may shock you to know that some codes are targeted toward re-engaging old customers. Or people who signed up but never bought anything. Nobody owes you a code.
The leather will age and get beat up, but you don't want the zippers to? Seems odd to me. The plastic bit, sure I suppose, although high quality molded parts are pretty durable and used in much more strenuous applications than zippers. Buy whichever you like better, not which will get the most thumbs in 3 years.
These are the ones I use FWIW. I'm sure there are other options out there too.
Woodlore boot trees have been sufficient for me. It's SLP, you aren't getting any actual lasted trees.
Yeah,I can see that. Angle does no favors either and I already have short legs.
More crummy pics of average fits Visvim/JE/MMM/SLP ToJ/JE/SLPx2
Man if that thing ever turns up in a 50...
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