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That one was so good and sold out at retail.
Knit on knit
I have a black SLP belted rider (calf). Was maybe thinking black lamb or so. A2 would be goatskin. I thought about the lined Margiela one during the Spence sale. This reminds me - I forgot to buy nice gloves this sale season. Pretty cold by Bay Area standards lately.
Dark brown A2 or a DR1? Still kinda sad I missed the size 50 cdg x Lewis leathers
Something something bubble pop. Something something black and white. I haven't heard much kpop since I stopped watching OGN.
Fit big.
Makeup/cosmetics "influencer" agencies are crazy.
There's not really "Saint Laurent tailors" for most customers.
@nahneun how do you feel about the recent 2ne1 drama? *I have no idea about the situation, but saw some hubbub.
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