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A few Fridays ago, I didn't have any important meetings so I wore 5zip + t shirt + jeans + sneakers to the office and the GM said my somewhat thin white T wasn't "appropriate" office attire. He was wearing true religion jeans with an affliction shirt.
I'm supposed to be "business casual". It's depressing to see what is considered "dressy" for a client meeting. I think someone once asked me why I wasn't wearing a belt with standard kamakura shirt + epaulet trousers + Aldens. Meanwhile they were wearing a company logo shirt and some ecco shoes or something - but with a belt.
Duck into one of the hotel gift shops I would imagine. Or one of the random shops as you head down toward Market?I'll be working late today (would also take at least an hour to get there with traffic heading up 280 or 101), but maybe I'll schedule an appointment to drop by on Saturday as I'll be in the area.
It was back to normal when I tried later in the day (same set up). No idea
I think that jacket would work fine with EG/ts(s)/VISVIM type stuff.
those run a size large right?
Reedo, you look less skinny in a good way.
Can we donate the Alden thread to CM?
He trolled really hard and was a huge dick in several threads. For the past year+ or so, but recently made some especially personal comments. That's how.
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