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You can buy the right $20k+ watch, wear it whenever you feel like it and sell it for more than you paid or at least within 10%. Pretty good for a "fun" pickup. A lot of people who are in their 20's are working toward/own houses... I wish $40k was enough for a downpayment out here
SW&D has a weird aversion to expensive things that aren't drapey leathers or distressed boots. It's like people here can't understand the desire/want for things like houses and cars, but we don't bat an eyelash at $3000 boots that we can't even try on before buying. Probably a product of age / career path?
I own a pair of roughout Vibergs. Doesn't make me want Virgils any less.
They're interesting to me mechanically, plus that romanticized aesthetic/workmanship angle. Some people don't care about watches just like others don't care about cars. YMMV. As discussed though, you can spend a lot of money on the right watch or car and make it all back and then some should you choose to part with it. I doubt I'll be spending > $20k on a watch, barring a significant change in life priorities or lifestyle... (have you seen real estate prices in the bay...
Nobody here wears Abercrombie, probably not even vintage Abercrombie when it was a made in the usa hunting brand. Lardini is fairly well known in CM. BoO runs tiny. Those sneakers from the Lee site are awful. That plaid shirt from IG is generic. Don't wear that full set together from H&M.
JLC MUT Moon phase. @dieworkwear if you follow the CM watch appreciation thread, there's users with multiple $20k watches.
Sigh Dries suits are a no go for me need a 52 jacket and a 48 or 50 pant.
My SF rec copy pasta. I can make a list for the South Bay too... (San Jose and its surrounding suburbs). It skips a lot of the really famous spots like Fleur de Lys, Gary Danko, Benu, etc. If you're not leaving the actual city: Coffee - Philz, Sightglass if you're a snob Snacks/between meal stops - Swan Oyster Depot, SOMA StrEAT food park (food trucks/microbrews on tap), show dogs Burgers - a lot of places in SF make good burgers - B Bar (Yerba Buena garden right by...
Oh word? It hit 70 now? I'm a 52 in most Dries tops. they had a limited selection at 50 off last time I was in.
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