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Button down collar size sans actual buttons would be ideal for these shirts
Here's another boring work fit. Pic came out dark so had to filter some. Visvim/Acne/DH/Visvim
That denim jacket is already super cropped...
@jet mist
@LA Guy, rent out a Uniqlo for said event. The mailer can say "Meet me outside Uniqlo".
@Rais, I have a similar Margiela but in dark green. Nice knit. Meet me inside Uniqlo after work. EG/Acne/SLPx2
I was in that weird 48/50 gap as well. Went with the 48, which makes it impossible for me to wear anything thicker than a very thin knit underneath it (definitely no tailoring) but oh well. Arm holes are crazy high for an overcoat. If I hadn't gotten it at a good price/needed the coat to be my only car/overcoat, I probably would've passed. Consistent sizing is a pipe dream I suppose (I own everything from 48 to 52 and M to XL).
That Paul Newman Daytona sold with the quickness from the Hodinkee shop.
Also, online inventory is different from boutique inventory. Sale schedules also different.
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