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SoG is the knockoff brand right? IIRC half every season used to be direct copies of other brands.
Yep, MTO. Whenever it comes I'm sure it will be too hot out here anyway, but I will make it work for the fashunz.
I'm looking forward to lounging all summer my incoming Inis tunic + beat up jeans + SLP boots.
You know the answer is VISVIM.
Hmm hammered lamb stooges...
Seems nice enough. I also have it in navy FWIW. Am I allowed to make waffles now? Are only certain types going to be authentic?
Yes, they are solid.
DL/Uniqlo/JE/MMM Probably could've gone with sneakers.
Unfortunately there is none - I have volunteered to compile a thread though (although I lack the reference picture resources that many here would probably have) if Fok wants more concrete interest before formally proceeding. He seems to think that we won't be able to round up enough solid interest to make pursuing it worthwhile. I'm not sure of model possibilities or leather options. All I know is we need at least 30 people to agree on the same model with leather being...
Would people who only read this thread and not other parts of SF be interested in a Styleforum x Jun Hashimoto group buy? We would need to all order the same style (minimum 30 units) with different leather options allowed. People seem to be leaning toward a side or backzip configuration. La Guy and Synthese would handle logistics.
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