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I really regret missing out on the kerchief tunics. Also w2c rug?
If someone bought that Margiela duffle bag from Spence and doesn't want it on arrival, let me know. PS any Yoox codes? Looks like bonus kicker on checkout expired.
FWIW they dyed that jacket several times with different colors as part of the distressing process as opposed to just thrashing a standard hide.
From last night
Bed J.W. Ford x Larose Paris fedora collaboration looks so good. Might need to proxy this....
Yep, just figured it would reach a wider audience here as well.
Only if people actually buy things. Which the average forum poster doesn't (at retail). They would transfer in a bunch of stuff they don't normally keep at the store and depending on timing, maybe get a jump start on sales and/or deposits for F/W items. Would require RSVP and be mostly Style Farmers + guests if there's enough interest. Plus Billecart-Salmon
Bay area Style Farmers. Would you be interested in a Saint Laurent private event? If so, PM me. Gauging interest. Fok if you're reading, I'm not being paid for this.
The point is I have jeans with varying cuts and hem lengths. Sometimes super skinny/stacked, sometimes neat hem, etc. It's odd for me to see such a rigid formula prescribed for jeans.Not sure what self promotion there is... unless we can trade thumbs for real money??Since we're still talking this issue: the CORE customer needs to be catered to. This would be women and not necessarily younger sub-culture type of women. It probably also didn't help that he became a headache,...
New Posts  All Forums: