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Gonna see tons of people flipping the Balmain and Raf hi's.
Justin Wong
Do those fit like the Vandals? My Vandals are slightly roomy. Those nice Balmains still available too.
Dota TI4. Evo. Dat nerd life weekend, you can keep your World Cup finals.
Price includes CONUS shipping. Best for a true 48 or 46 if you prefer a bit more oversized. Worn once by myself indoors for a few hours. 9 or 9.5/10. No tags/garment bag.
OK with pics. RG Jil Barton Perreira Still need some more pants. MMM/Dries Yoox roulette?
Damn, I could use another pair of OB bulldogs.
Yeah.. whenever I flip through those shows on TV about nightmare vacations I just think: "why the fuck would you spend your hard earned money to go to experience some struggle vacation?" It's another story if your work requires you to travel through those places. I hope you are being paid handsomely.I don't think
Non-staple suits, some floral shirting and some separates (seersucker double breasted). One or two knit items left in smaller sizes. A few EG items left (none in my sizes). It was 50% off and 20% off sale items at the register.
You can buy the right $20k+ watch, wear it whenever you feel like it and sell it for more than you paid or at least within 10%. Pretty good for a "fun" pickup. A lot of people who are in their 20's are working toward/own houses... I wish $40k was enough for a downpayment out here
New Posts  All Forums: