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I have yet to master the art of the downward angle @s3lam style (tm), but owell. [[SPOILER]] SS / MMM x2.
I think I need 42
Surely there's some readily available artisanal type stuff in LA?
Took a quick cell phone pic while cleaning one of my safe queens.
I use those ends and pieces a lot when cooking vegetables. I use the rendered fat to make fried rice or caramelized onions for toppings. I'm not really a fan of the whole bacon infused booze trend, but you could try that if you like.
Which cargos are those? Nonnative has a few different pant cuts and I can never keep them straight. Dweller?
They're pretty common... La Guy has one. I have one on order. There are also plenty of people who own brighter blues.
Bar jumper came in. Pretty cool, although I normally avoid raglan shoulders.
You can just call Fedex to see if you'll be receiving a bill once you get the tracking and pay over the phone... that way you don't sit around waiting/risk throwing it out by accident.
New Posts  All Forums: