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the based god has lifted the curse.
Yeah Haven's site is also really good. Not just for pure e-commerce reasons (measurements, pics, etc), but editorials. The nonnative bangles look nice in a wear-with-Visvim kinda way. I'm guessing still expensive relative to "authetic" Navajo and other jewelry. Pretty good pricing on DRKSHDW and other stuff too.
Some awesome Soloist stuff here, but still $$$.
Maybe I should post in @DLester's shame thread, but there's a pair I want this season that has a leopard print wave on it.
If you lift weights at all, you won't want the upper arms of the calf l17 to be any smaller. Depending on your proportions/intended layering, I could see some people sizing up. I went TTS and won't be able to fit anything more than a light shirt underneath. For whoever was asking about green Teddy pics, here's one with lame lighting.
I have Loake jodhpurs too. @Synthese maybe just fatigue from all these brands shouting "just like X without marketing markup etc" I think Epaulet doesn't need that spin and has a strong brand already. I can see why some would say it fits their identity though.
Yeah they work in the context of CD's fit - I was more speaking in general terms.
Carmina then? Maybe with the recent price hikes no, but still. It's reminiscent of the inevitable journey that new posters make trying 23423432 different CP alternatives before just buying CP's. I would say that SeF's lasts were better, although still not ideal.
I still have a lot of Epaulet stuff that I wear to work etc. and I think their best offerings/value are in that lane. Could you probably just Uniqlo it and call it a day? Yes. I'm not a fan of their more recent "approximations of items that SW&D loves that we'll market to our rabidly loyal quasi-CM customer base" offerings. The sneakers, these boots all seem a little off. Color, last, or whatever there's always something not quite right. If you look at say...
If I'm going to buy CM approximations of SW&D boots, I'd rather go with Enzo Bonafe or Carmina. Hell even Edward Green makes some nice looking boots.
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