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Need UK8... and I guess 7.5 for Detroit lasted shoes.
Just a pic of my daily MMM navy tote. [[SPOILER]]
She makes bespoke leather goods. You could probably request a box with a motor?
For a bespoke box, I'd suggest April in Paris (based out of SF). She used to work at Hermes, making custom orders.
We have a few forum members who are frequent Hermes leather goods customers, although the purchases tend to be for their significant others. AiP is probably as close as I'll get for the forseeable future and her work is hardly "cheap".
Longwalker is selling a cracked pepper ToJ chesterfield in XS.
Wearing a Geller flannel + black on blue coated SLP jeans (with no stacks) + MMM side zips at work. Feels good man.
gdl, what pants are those?
We'll see how it looks in person and without the top button done. Could be a concern.
Hender Scheme? Those will cost at least 3x the Epaulet versions. They're hand made.
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