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I might be interested in Monitaly depending on how warm it wears? Probably much more substantial than say a VISVIM caravan jacket? I just want to wear over a T and jeans with boots. Also... any uhh combat boot type variants from Buttero or elsewhere on the horizon?
MHL/JE/SLP There's tons of cool fitpic spots at work now, but I don't think I'm ready to ask random people or bring a tripod on the shuttle...
I wish I could've swung the preorder for Eidos.
Were the sherpa caravan jackets any good? I'm tempted.
Isn't hidden pockets behind front facing pockets on A2 style jackets pretty common? The bags sold great "under" Heidi and he had nothing to do with them. Women's RTW is doing much better under Vacarello. While people may moan here, nobody at Kering minds.
I had hyphy flashbacks.
Next Stylefarmer charity auction should include ______ with Manton.
Large scale herringbone, glenplaid and navy/indigo overcoats seem like obvious choices to me. I dunno, between one of those and some Geller stuff, I can probably only pick one and I now work on the second floor of a building that traps heat like no other I also ride a shuttle to work and am paranoid about sitting on my overcoats. As far as remaining items, can the "over" flap top backpack fit a 15" MBP? It looks like it should, but I want to confirm.
B+ is pretty generous.
Hmmmm how to size the overcoats. I wish Eidos cut for suiting fit me better.
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