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I want that suit. Goddamn.
Sipang is gonna make patchwork blankets out of the samples and sell them on Etsy.
I did, yeah. The collar detail and the pattern on the back are It's S/S.
This MMM runway knit is so nice, but cotton and pretty pricey (less than the DH)...
It's Dior. They make some pretty nice knits every season... they're always astronomically priced, but nice. Scar detail on back shoulder IIRC.
Variations on a theme.
Let's play guess the designer.
Ervell sample sale is always insanity.
I want to see Zissou in Archive drapey ninja'd out.MAC is nice (their main location), Unionmade is probably your speed. There's of course DH, MMM, SLP etc. boutiques too.
Was that on here? I don't remember seeing anything...
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