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Better book the domain name now.
Dat ts(s)
I wish I could get the CM approved dimple correctly.
Do the AW15 kerchief down jackets require sizing up? I remember on Sufu half the people sized up and the other half went TTS. I don't plan on wearing anything more than a tee shirt or light knit underneath.
We hate polos no matter what in SW&D. It is known.
New Fear of God sneakers are like some weird Rick and Raf Vandal mashup. Also... $1200???
No it doesn't. DH knits are farrrrrr more detailed, even the cotton ones.
Which one?
Dude came out of House of Billiam. Will be tough to take any Cloth Surgeon stuff seriously...
My Creed arrived safely. Thanks Spoo. Do those Lobbs fit a Brannock US9?
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