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To clarify: The coat is not called Frozen Waves. It was from a collection called Frozen Waves (AW12). Schneider's strength has always been his fabrics.
Use a denim specialist like Railcar.
You should see his baller sneaker and leather collection.
OG Helmut Lang bondage pants? I think Lanvin had something similar too... also, the APC x Kanye army pants were pretty much that. Otherwise EG highland pant or maybe hunter if you're ok with front pockets.
Happy birthday Fok.
Highland. Hunter pants are like W+H bush pant.
Would prefer those on Vibram soles. Look awesome as is.
Brown homespun bedford AND ghurka pant already sold out in my size at TBB... hopefully some US stockist will have one or both by the weekend. Olive moleskin bedford might make a decent consolation prize.
Caramel calfskin from some time ago. I don't wear them very often... I should rectify that.
New Posts  All Forums: