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Maybe the Infrared beasting lately will drive the prices on lingering Sport Blue 6's down some. Anybody have a pair and can give impressions? I made a half hearted attempt at them earlier in the year.
Price includes CONUS shipping. Made in Italy. 100% virgin wool. Too large for me unless I bundle up underneath, which I'll never have to do. S2S- 20" or so across back P2P- 22" or so. Seam to seam is slightly lower because of cut.
The leather ones? For du's lined up outside a Union sample sale... I'm not impressed.
It's an EG Bedford approximation.
While there is some overlap, I don't think the core RRL customer is the same as the core Epaulet customer.
I always wonder what these guys think when they get something from an internet clothing nerd vs the usual stuff they work on.
I missed another fishtail? Goddamnit.
psydle a lot of people in the states ship to FJ Western, which is relatively close to me. They seem to be fairly well regarded. For more CM type stuff, there's B Nelson.
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