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Last few pages made me kinda sad.
That field jacket isn't on the site right?
I saw your testimonial included Rach I'll probably be in for something in cognac.
Uniqlo suit + shoes that don't suck. Then buy a real suit later.
Can we institute bans for code begging again? Buy from them on occasion outside of sales and you get codes...
CM hasn't seen the baller sneaker thread.
They only come on black tape.
Wish the donegal coat was single breasted... well I dunno because the db is nice too. Visvim kilgore. Suede CM shoes. Formosa suit. MMM and Dries trousers. A certain Vanda tie I have my eye on. More Pantharella socks. Rick MA1. Maybe EG olive homespun bedford, although it's already sold out.
Regis approximation with worse pics. Schneider midnight wool / MMM gray denim / Loake Jodhpurs.
This is true I suppose. They're around the corner from each other here in SF so I stop by both relatively frequently (the place where I get my haircut is exactly in between). The biggest differences I've seen have been in the footwear and knitwear, but I haven't really looked too closely at the leathers as I feel like I have enough.
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