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If the nickname wasn't laughable enough, hearing Nick Young say a single word should confirm your suspicions. He's also a very inefficient basketball player. Iggy is awful and should feel very lucky that Clear Channel forced all of its stations to play her music a minimum number of times.
If you're in Chicago, might be worth stopping by Independence (select Bloomingdales will carry it too) some time to check it out - seems like it would be easy for you to incorporate into your existing stuff if you wanted to. /unsolicited advice
Frank, have you considered Engineered Garments?
Gonna have to compete with CM kopping power now at NMWA.
Would wear with a T shirt + beat up jeans + Tan side zips or jodhpurs. PS, how to size? Would wear with white jeans or tailored MMM/Dries type pants and black derbies or side zips. This is the tropical weight version. Makes a lot more sense for my climate than the more robust tweeds etc. that people gush over. I don't wear a full suit very often for work, but I like them. A solid suede belt. Never really figured I'd be much of a "tote" person, but I've been...
The boots will last, you will probably slip and fall a lot.
Nothing about that entire outfit interests me.
By the way, I'm still using the navy MMM bag I picked up a while back as a daily bag for work. I'm not carrying a laptop around, but it's been great for a portfolio, small notebook and a few other odds and ends.
That bag is pretty next level and probably still $$$ at 50% off
Hot Doug's / Girl and the Goat are pretty touristy but I'll be damned if they aren't delicious.
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