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Lined rancher (shearling? ) plus vintage aviators = me all fall/winter.
There's a really old n(n) rancher shearling thing floating around that I'm really tempted by. What's quality like on their stuff circa 08?
Wtf I should buy another one.
Not at all, but I remember some people in CM being disappointed. Was also some discrepancies in descriptions in hand vs machine stitching or so? Anyway, am planning to commission something sooner rather than later. The cardholder I have was a stock item.
Apparently Beateice's team makes a lot of the smaller items at AiP now, but still really nice. I have a cardholder from there.
It's at full price there (could be they changed it, but I honestly don't remember).
Saw the black type 2 denim on sale somewhere this week. Anyone remember where?
Not sure if it's really "resolved". I dunno, I remember reading about it in CM or somewhere else. RFT: I think I'm just gonna get some vintage frames (Cazal maybe?) a la Al Pacino from Donnie Brasco and wear them all the time.
Lotuff Clegg drama is delicious.
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