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So you're saying we'll get get a group order? Awesome.
Sorry wrong size I'll keep an eye out for one or something similar for you though.
That SNS rollneck!
I saw a pangolin on TV and thought of Styleforum.
All of these pieces were pretty awful. The moon landing stuff etc. Margiela has had t-shirts with similar embroidery if that's what's getting you all excited.
We'll see if it works for me
I've been warned not to buy any more "bombers" or bomber-silhouette jackets
Better to wait for items to be in stock somewhere then... kinda tough to get measurements in a showroom when there's only samples being shown.
I have 2 5-zips, one fits better with a tee underneath, the other fits better with a thin knit under. Same size, several seasons apart, different leathers. I use them differently. I don't own any DH leathers, but all the pieces I've looked at in the boutiques have been pretty nice, even if the patterns didn't necessarily always fit me.
New Posts  All Forums: