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Anyone got an Aesop connect? Or Diptyque?
Lol he was supposed to e-mail me back when batches started again per our conversation a while ago... haven't heard from him since. If I find a nice pair of MMM or SLP in the meantime, I'll probably just skip.
Amibvalent about most things on this page. I might pick up that knit pending some inquiries. I also saw this I still regret passing on that bondage MA-1 a few months back in my size and in good shape.
@Fycus got an estimated price on dat yak? And sizing? So far your sizing recs have been on point.
Union in LA, Maas and Stacks in SF and a few other places will probably carry it, but they'll go straight to regulars and be pretty heavily marked up.
@wurger would be the man to see about black oxford options trading.
I only want the unicorn if you can promise that its mane will be a uniform shade of indigo. Anything else and I want a return (with shipping paid for).
I'm not advocating it as a retirement plan. Just saying that it's do-able, much like the other hobbies you mentioned. Wear/use your jawnz.
Doubt I'll be able to make it, but Dirty Habit is fun. There are other places within short walking distance too.
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