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Barney's is probably your best "big store" bet. I don't know enough about boutiques in the Chicago area for other suggestions.
Jordan 1 black w/gum sole - texture on the panels looks interesting. Not sure how well it translates in person.
Olive moleskin bedford arrived. Now I'm second guessing if I should nip the sleeves slightly.
How am I just finding out right now that @Synthese interviewed @ghostface for NMWA a month ago??
Not Thursday pls. Mandatory company function
Makes me worry that it will stretch out on the hanger. Maybe I should lay flat like a knit.
Are you worried about colleague reactions? In even the more conservative industries, you'll find people tend to be more relaxed out here.
Parker should paint his own.
Paragon was cool.
A lot of forums separate affiliates into their own separate sub-forum away from other discussion. PS is the fabled SF SF meetup still happening?
New Posts  All Forums: