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I'm struggling to find ways to incorporate my CDiem backzips. Relative to say my Margiela stuff, the last feels bulky. Maybe that's part of why I don't wear my Guidi 995's as much either. I dunno.
Yes, please advise. Need Brochella beater attire.
They're already out of my size @ Mr P.
Unless Schneider. Then all bets are off. All is fair in love and kops.
Hopefully sooner rather than later.
I still remember that Club Monaco or whatever posting guy about how he would wear shit heavily and return it and get indignant when they wouldn't accept it. Someone Sherlock that guy out... I forget the username.
Last 3 pages perfectly encapsulate what I was talking about. We got: a Supreme reference, hunting for ways to "secretly" buy pre-release, questions about how someone can afford 2 jackets, etc. JE stuff is still pretty great for the most part and I'll continue to pick up things, but yeah...
So when another Cloak shearling comes along, you know who to call. PS, we still have some boots to kop.
It's interesting how quickly the demographic of the thread has changed. Probably a lot to do with said marketing. I'm sure it's great for the bottom line - even if it makes reading this thread more painful. Reads more like NT/KTT/whatever and less like SF or SuFu. I think brand dilution/diffusion has been touched on before. While Kith and other various collabos are easy money, it's a slippery slope. Then again, if you're cashing out how much does it really matter? ETA:...
Armor trouser measurements show same waist for size 4 and 5 FYI.
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