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Minotaur chesterfield Gray crazy cable knit Big John Handmade Slim Tapered Buttero chelseas
There's been one in SF forever...
Farming thumbs on company time??
@kgfan5 rocks the bikers pretty well. I really wish I picked up the green ones from last f/w. Also, I'll be in Portland next weekend. I'm assuming it will be rainy. Will probably spend one day doing super touristy stuff, any other recs?
As an EU 50 and US 40 in most fashion stuff, I take most outwear in a 4 for VISVIM. My VIS 101 had slightly long sleeves for me at a size 4, but fit well otherwise.
Thanks!I'm really happy with this coat btw. Thanks again @nicelynice for the tip.
Whoever bought @jwalterweather's overshirt/jacket, if it doesn't fit, let me know.
I posted it here previously.
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