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Natural light pic next time.
There comes a point where you gotta decide if you wanna wear nice fashunz or be brolic. (0). I'm not even that big, but combined with my natural semi-stockiness, it's already a limiting factor.
That fit is so good @gdl203. PS I hope everyone got their Schneider pre-orders in.
@gdl203 at Pitti. Now you can read Greg's posts in his voice.
One would hope it's because it's 10AM in the superior time zone and the time zone that the company is based in.
Damnit Stanley, that was good until the shoes.
Why no 50???
I didn't size down on my Virgils, but I like some wiggle room in my boots. I dunno, I read that the kangaroo ones stretch, but I mean, it's like sizing down on jeans right?
visvimjapan and jpharajuku or whatever seem pretty popular. I don't have much experience with them though.
Yeah, although there are other services too.
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