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Shipping is tough but I ordered some MMM jeans. Considered the SLP belt.
I'd consider a 52 with shortened lengths. My 50 was a hair tight in the upper chest/shoulders.
No. There's 3 colorways. Charcoal tonal, Green with contrast liner, Grey with charcoal liner. Shouldn't be hard to Google search the post or search the NMWA thread...
Just instakop from NMWA when they drop or hope someone mis-sized.
My friends paid someone using Task Rabbit to wait in line at State Bird Provisions for them.
Sept-Oct according to back when pre-orders happened. 1 or 2 per size per colorway.
The blind leading the blind.
What the hell is a Jordan 5 Balenciaga? Just read the baller sneaker thread. Also for future reference, don't make new threads for small questions - we have a thread for that.
If in doubt, go with the bigger size for the varsities. Especially if you have a big drop. YMMV.
New Posts  All Forums: