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I wonder how much business The Archive does online vs in store.
Probably have to prioritize regular tux rig first. My old midnight one doesn't fit anymore.
There are dinner jackets and there are dinner jackets. This is the latter. - Eva Green Wish Formosa trousers were cut slimmer in the leg - even with MTO separates I think I'd be having a lot of work done. Alas.
Would you really put an OTR GBS suit on par with something bespoke from Saville Row or one of the better Italian tailors? Doubtful.
Looks fine, jeans maybe too slim or just weird angle. YMMV.
Price includes CONUS shipping - would prefer to ship domestic. Sz 44, BNIB. Please know your size in these - I'm not responsible for sizing. No returns.
Lined rancher (shearling? ) plus vintage aviators = me all fall/winter.
There's a really old n(n) rancher shearling thing floating around that I'm really tempted by. What's quality like on their stuff circa 08?
Wtf I should buy another one.
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