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I like peace and quiet. I like driving and not worrying about parking. I like having a yard and (some) space. I like the relative cleanliness, even if it seems sterile to other people. I can visit the city if I want any of the aforementioned things (although my interests are mostly available to me without going to SF/Oakland). Do I miss out on some diversity? Probably yes, but that pales in comparison to the advantages.
Call me an old man, but I vastly prefer suburban life - and I don't have kids yet.
Suburbia 4 lyfe
Most nice suburbs in the valley won't allow for high rise/condo developments. There's also strict rules on remodeling. They also routinely veto commercial developments that would affect traffic etc. Also, most of these places have high property values not just due to proxiity to tech, but also high ranking public schools and quiet neighborhoods. On a related note, for everyone holding their breath hoping that Snap's IPO brings about a new waves of investors into "Silicon...
I'm on a jumbo. Monthly payment will vary quite a bit, but around this way people put a minimum of 30% down. Too many all cash offers to put any less. Houses still frequently sell the first day of taking offers - usually with several offers above ask.
Ahhh Los Gatos
My Mod3 wasn't built to very good tolerances and they sent me a replacement corner that still kept coming loose.
or or something I've wanted to re-buy in a bigger size for a few years (not sure if it will fit still -___-)
That might raise fewer eyebrows (5).
I'm pretty tempted to wear my bunny parka to work tomorrow. I don't think they're ready - been there a month and someone already called me "k-pop". You all did this.
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