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He wears a lot of both. And some crazy nice watches
Echo boot would've been cool with the old painted Guidi. IMO 3sixteen mini ripple is one of the best boots Viberg has going. Some variant of that would probably be easy to get orders for.
Just use Woodlore boot trees and call it a day. You aren't getting lasted shoe trees in fashunz.
Are the 100% PA hooded bombers any good comfort/feel wise and sizing? Haven't checked them out in person. I've had some in medium that were too tight, some larges that were too tight. Both mainline and DRKSHDW.
Yawn. SLP + RG
CP prices went up everywhere. People gonna look back wistfully at last season's first round of sales/codes.
Air unlimited pretty nice.
That Hodinkee Zenith is pretty tempting.
jeans/Wyatts [[SPOILER]]
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