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I have another package routing through the LAX customs center... over/under on 6 weeks for it to clear.
Taupe. Haven't seen a whole lot of the navy ones.. I guess I could try and stop by Maas and Stacks. Parking there is such a pain though.
I would agree. There's 0 reason for me to visit any big box retailer, except some of the furniture stores and Costco (if you consider those big box). UA making big moves outside of just Stephen Curry too in other sports.
Sports Authority going under affected Nike/UA stock. Best Buy having problems (and their CFO leaving IIRC) and other big box retailers too. I haven't stepped foot inside any of those stores in several years, so shrug. The Bay Area is probably not the driving force behind those places anyway.
Hard to tell how padded that is. Feel like I would be in between sizes... but then again it's a puffy vest so
Missed the RGxCP on Ssense (there was a pair hanging out in my size that I forgot about). Anywhere else?
Rick Owens tee shirts for $160 would be a steal.
I'm finding out that a lot of popular/well established stores aren't authorized retailers for some big brands.
Wouldn't be that hard for Luxire or whatever if you can source a fabric you like. Fabrics aren't always unique. Quality wouldn't suffer from a construction standpoint. The handwork on shirts from say Inglese (even OTR) >>>>> any fashion shirts. The footwear isn't some amazing construction either. You're paying for design.
New Posts  All Forums: