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Got a pair of NOS DH MIJ jeans. Options: 1. wear to death as is like it's 2005 again 2. hem 3. taper + hem Go.
You can always replace them...
Spence has the shearling one still in a few sizes. Every time I see the current season suede version in person I struggle to resist.
Looks like he just tracked his 288 GTO and LaFerrari this weekend in Sonoma.
On a semi-related note, if you like crazy wine collections and super rare cars. You should check out David Lee on his various media including instagram/YT and his page: http://ferraricollectordavidlee.com/ . He tracks his cars at least Maybe @StanleyVanBuren can attend one of his weekend car meetups.
Hermes too, but I mean these are fucking Aldens.
Wannabe Ferrari I guess.
We have until EOD of the 12th for Formosa?
Angle kinda sucks but yeah.
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