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That's counter to the main point of the white boots (having them being all white).
Same old same. [[SPOILER]]
Not gonna lie, Balmain still makes the best plain white T I've ever owned. Rick ones don't really mesh with most of what I wear, but I might buy one just to try. The rest of my nicer T's are JE/W+H. Uniqlo beaters I guess? I think I have 1 or 2.
Synthese is a unicorn riding space pirate. Don't insult his mighty steed.
The seller is a poster here. He's explained before that there's some stalker from there who always bids and doesn't pay on his goods or something.
I have two beaters from last summer that are fine for what they are. Doubt I'll buy more though.
Or you know, people who've lifted weights with any degree of seriousness.
Is it conceptual?
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