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I regret selling my chunky Margiela knit because it was slightly too big.
How many white couches have you slain?
Most of the big name gun engravers in the states aren't taking new commissions and/or don't work on watches IIRC. I'm sure there are tons of talented people who are a little less well known.
http://addict-clothes.com/products/leather-jacket/ is the brand I was thinking of FWIW. I've owned/own a bunch of leathers from ToJ/Falcon to RO to MMM to SLP to LL. Whether or not SLP is "worth" is up to you, but there's definitely diminishing returns. Iif a brand doesn't work for your particular dimensions, it won't work no matter how hard you try (there's very few leather alterations places that I would trust with even minor stuff). You might as well just MTM or find...
@sipang wins, per usual.
Nope there was another one. It had crazy colors and horse hides and stuff. It sounded kinda re-pro like. Site was kinda garbage to navigate.
What was that Japan based leather jacket company again? That used tons of different hides? I posted pics from it before, can't find it for some reason.
Schott, Vanson, Lewis Leathers, Blackmeans, etc. there was also that repro Japanese brand that was making using pretty high quality hides for a good price. MMM can be had at sale season if you're lucky for $1000-$1500 depending on model.
Mountains cardigan in blue/white melange. I wish Schneider would have just gone with a traditional collar and closure.
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