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Bummy post storm casual Friday. Inverallan/Uniqlo/JE/National Standard
3Sixteen/JE/APC/Raf Tough to see, but the boiled wool on the vest is pretty nice. Picked it up from the sample sale some time ago.
Geller interview was great. Touched on some topics previously unmentioned in other Styleforum interviews.
Subpar pic quality. Bad hair due to weather, but I want to get in the habit of posting regularly again. PE/MMM/Loake
MAC is more interesting and has much better CS than M&S. People at Archive are pretty nice as well, although I've only browsed there and not bought anything. As far as the big name boutiques go, DH service >>>> SLP service in SF.
I gave Ms. CWI a Begg brushed scarf last year. I know NMWA doesn't carry it (yet? though I doubt it), but Falerio Sarti is a good option for lighter scarves.
For the love of all things jawnz, multiquote and spoiler function. I follow a few threads in CM that are informative and interesting.
I'll get better pics again soon... Visvim/Uniqlo/DH/Visvim
Raf patent vandal club unite. Black and blue colorways both accepted.
Stwo's edit of that track is awesome.
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