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Suede harringtons are awesome.
The GAT's are feeling left out. See how they peer longingly from the shoe organizer?
I'll look into it. To be specific regarding the injury, I got lazy on my form while incline benching and felt/heard a pop. Probably doesn't help that I'm using the mouse all day.
So about that Lemaire owl maxi pre-order...
Mine is fairly well regarded (does work with an MLS team and various combat sports athletes). I dunno.
I posted in the SeF thread some comparison pics to my other boots already. I wear 9.5 in Nike workout stiuff and 9 in Converse.
I've been to sports therapist/PT/chiro licensed person twice. Done stim etc.Doesn't feel right when I rotate my wrist or when I do that stretch where you put your palm flat on the table at 90 degrees to your arm. Both palm down and palm up I feel tightness. Get occasional pain still at certain angles.They gave me a series of exercises to keep doing and monitor for improvement.
I wear same size MMM boots as CP Achilles and generally have some wiggle room.
Gives me time to order a new F5 button. Gonna have to clear my schedule of all meetings toward the end of the week.
Ummm I am so afraid of this right now with my wrist.
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