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Don't make me go buy thermal underwear.
Spence is legit. As a warning, you will probably get hit with customs/handling fees.
Context: I have lived in the bay area my whole life. Anything under 60 degrees feels "cold". I forgot I have a beater Aspesi quilted blazer (pretty useful!) that I'll probably wear with a sweater and jeans and MMM boots. Then hope for the best with crappy travel umbrellas.
Ugh rainboots? =( think I donated my old Timbs.
Too pretty? I dunno, I'll probably bring it without the lining. Or maybe my merino.As far as shopping goes, probably won't get a chance to fit it in unfortunately.
Well, I'll probably be waiting for hyped up food? None of these dammed places take reservations. Might wear old MMM boots...
I don't own any wool beanies and beard isn't doable. My gloves went MIA when I moved. I haven't owned a rain poncho since the Niagra falls tour when I was 10. Hmmm, looks like I'm gonna have to stop by Uniqlo tonight and pick up some random shit.
It's going to be high 40's and low 50's in Portland this weekend. And raining 100%. Wtf do I wear?
DreeeeeeeezTechnically olive moleskin, still want something camel-toned
You can't see the knit, but it's dark green wool with tons of variations in pattern. I'll add a detail pic later. [[SPOILER]] Sorry for messy stacks too, tried some stuff on prior.HL/MMM/JE/SLP
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