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This is a L crew. I'm usually a US 40 or EU 50 in tops. I'm a drop 8 and change.
No kops.
I get my haircut nearby haha. Barneys buys are weird this season. MMM 5 zip feels solid. RG almost nothing. Jil and Dries pretty whatever. I really wish Dries tailoring fit me. Balmain, SLP, Balenciaga and Givenchy about what you'd expect. They have a pair of those black distressed left, didn't check size.
Would wear black Versace to weddings instead of glen plaid. Am I a heretic?
Leather looks really good, much better than the super wrinkly stuff. Does he not make that one anymore?
Jil came btw @jet. Might be slightly big for me in the shoulders/sleeves. Here's a crappy fast pic fresh out of the USPS box. Virgin wool, made in Italy etc.
I hope I'm not squarely between sizes.
Klipsch S4 with awesome warranty.
People resole Rick dunks, Augusta sneakers, etc. Then again, they're like $1000 retail and some models are no longer made.
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