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Someone got a great deal on that Inverallan/Strathay knit btw.
@willy cheesesteak's god tier list is below. PS, go visit NMWA (make an appointment first). Early in the day you can go take a peaceful stroll through Central Park (I like entering through the 59th St/Columbus Circle entrance) or The Conservatory Garden, followed up with the American Museum of Natural History since it's pretty close (and even though I've went here plenty of times as a kid, this museum will always be awesome)). In the afternoon, you can check out...
People really think SW&D can be the primary customer base for anything that involves money? Or disabling adblock?
BP one of my favorites.
Nobody on this side of the forum wears driving shoes. Are you racing some old Venetian blue Porsche?
You can wear white with just about anything...
I think DH in the city closed.
The original Totokaelo space is nice.
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