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Prefer stingray for holsters.
Will probably wear with Visvim boots next time, but yeah.
Unless you're paying me to take those goods off your hands I'm not interested. PS I want measurements on everything and the ability to return things.
What's wrong with the Emil? I've never seen a bomber from RG get to deep sale in so many sizes at so many retailers.
It's getting rolled into Amazon Fashion I think.
MyHabit is closing/merging with Amazon Fashion.
I dunno for men, gf has a lot of Zara stuff including some leathers and leather pants. A pretty decent camel overcoat. Not bad TBH.
'Tis the season where posters bemoan retailers going under and the lack of 90% off deals, while refusing to buy at retail to keep said business solvent (and their buys interesting). People are getting pissy about Yoox over in CM.
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