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Old wyatts
I dunno, with a coat like that, you don't want it super slim.
Yeah they had my size (50).
http://www.styleforum.net/t/518233/japanese-online-stores-proxy-service-zenmarket-jp-official-affiliate-vendor Zenmarket.
One of you ballers needs to get the shearling rancher jacket thing or one of the fur joints. Maybe someone is cool enough to pull off the black lace shirt, but I would suggest skipping that. Hibiscus western shirt is nice, but too pricey for what it is (even by SLP standards). Rose western yoke jacket isn't as nice as I hoped it would be based on description.
Hopefully not too personal, but I wonder if @gdl203's old co-workers shop with him. Is there a small cabal of boro clad bankers roaming around swaddled in Schneider scarves?
I don't think I would trust myself around red wine with that jacket.
Probably this one
Something something upcycle something. I guess he's done collaborations with Off White, Yohji, and FoG? Stockists don't list anything online... Joyce, Maxfields, Hirshleifers, etc. Anyone feel like taking a look?
For < $150/night AirBnb in LA, I was pretty happy with it.
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