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Oregon pinots are good.
About the same as the Pascal Jolivet Sancerre I've been drinking like a madman. Loire Valley! Maybe cheaper for you there.
2012 Arbios is $30 if you can find it and I've brought it to dinners/etc with wines at 3-4x the price and it's compared favorably.
'12 and '13 are both really strong so far and look like they have potential. Depends if you want to drink sooner or hold. Schramsberg sparkling is decent and has a nice tasting.
In general, I like red wines from Stag's leap district or from Howell Mountain regions. Here's a non-comprehensive list. WAYDRN casual-ish reds: Arbios - BEST VALUE I'VE HAD IN AGES Hess cab (kinda fruity), Emblem cab (kinda fruity), Lucienne pinot noir, Shafer One Point Five, Le Pich casual-ish whites: Cliff Lede Pinot Gris, Sbragia Chardonnay special occasion stuff: Cabs - 4 winds, Shafer HIllside Select, Jarvis Estate, Cliff Lede, Cimmarosa Chardonnay - Jarvis Finch...
As an aside: 18th street has some of my favorite SF things all on one street, even though it's next to Dolores Park. Delfina for very good casual Italian food. Bi-Rite Creamery for ice cream. And Tartine Bakery for delicious baked goods. There's some random coffee around the area too (nothing amazing). Do you like your reds more fruit forward or less so? Do you like your Chardonnay more Oak forward or less so? *disclaimer: there are many many much more well versed wine...
I don't do that much super fine dining. Atelier Crenn is worth going to at least once - it's so different. Benu is probably my favorite. I've yet to try Saison, but the prices are astronomical now. I can 100% recommend Californios though, especiall if you get to sit at the counter where they work. There's so many sushi places (at various price points) I can't keep track. Got any food type preferences? Oh yeah, SF loves its brunch.I hear nothing but good things about...
I'm a fan of Jacquesson. Been on a big champagne kick lately. PS Californios in SF was pretty great. Maybe my second or third favorite fine/semi-fine dining experience in SF.
Already sold out of the floral vacation shirt??
Rancher (not sure if too warm) and tweed master piece backpack that I've been eyeing for a while. Just needs to fit MBP 15 and a few odds and ends.
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