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Subpar pic quality. Bad hair due to weather, but I want to get in the habit of posting regularly again. PE/MMM/Loake
MAC is more interesting and has much better CS than M&S. People at Archive are pretty nice as well, although I've only browsed there and not bought anything. As far as the big name boutiques go, DH service >>>> SLP service in SF.
I gave Ms. CWI a Begg brushed scarf last year. I know NMWA doesn't carry it (yet? though I doubt it), but Falerio Sarti is a good option for lighter scarves.
For the love of all things jawnz, multiquote and spoiler function. I follow a few threads in CM that are informative and interesting.
I'll get better pics again soon... Visvim/Uniqlo/DH/Visvim
Raf patent vandal club unite. Black and blue colorways both accepted.
Stwo's edit of that track is awesome.
Bartender is one of those off beat mangas that I really enjoy. Should belong in Synth's booze thread too. There was a Drops of God manga about wine too.
I kinda like Noblesse and Breaker (and the New Waves sequel). Tower of God I kinda stopped keeping up with.
Someone cleared out my wine spot's entire shipment (minus about 4 bottles) of '02 Salon.
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