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Do they not take phone orders anymore?
O. I got no address confirmation, so I guess I'm outta luck (July 2nd 2013DR).
Well @Synthese, there's always this http://www.styleforum.net/t/407788/8500-tom-ford-chocolate-brown-suede-long-hair-shearling-fur-jacket-50-eu
Looks awesome. No jacket for me it seems. Owell.
Damnit, why am I still at work?? July 2nd.
There was a dark soft calf option for a while (that I opted for).
Would wear the same way I'd wear side zips or the way I wear my cognac toned jodhpurs now. With beat up jeans and a knit or leather.
Think I'll just stick with the real deal.
I hope everything holds up mechanically.
They do not age well.
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