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Niche is awesome. Have a shirt and a pair of shorts.
Well OK let me clarify... a taller CM collar that's not spread? I mean I have tons of SW&D style shirts including Schneider etc.
Let's say both situations.
Does Mazzarelli or someone else NMWA carries make a shirt designed to be worn sans tie (but not a BD collar)?
I think a few people own their stuff. Or maybe that was on SuFu. There's always Lad Musician too.
Picked up Carminas from USPS during lunch.
United bamboo.
I've never really lusted after a Daytona, but the white dial 16520 is beautiful.. although for the price of a good example, you're in AP territory.
As a heads up, the enlarged shots of some of the jackets aren't loading properly. Getting pop-up errors. ETA: seems fixed now.
I have to find a way to rescue my Carmina delivery from USPS during my lunch break tomorrow. I had that glue residue on a pair of my austerity brogues before. I was able to peel it away, but the color of the shoe is different under it. YMMV.
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