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We can hold plants hostage to get to @conceptual 4estWe can bribe @willy cheesesteak with Popeyes@unbelragazzo can be distracted with fabric swatchesbut @gdl203...
Is it odd that I really love the idea of owning a proper dress watch (VC Patrimony small seconds I think), but would have very rare occasion to wear it?
He's French.
Wtf @gdl203 is all knowing about all topics.
So... duties?
A lot of staples/nice basics. People generally don't get too worked up one way or the other about those. Post fits in WAYWT.
Japan's cocktail nerd culture is fascinating. I've seen it briefly covered in various shows (Bourdain etc.), but everything from the long alleys of diivey micro bars to the super intricate hotel bars etc. Also, streetfood and jawnz synergy pictures. Moto shoes. Jun Hashimoto (make this group buy happen pls ) I guess if you can get M Moria to show some pics? I know @nicelynice has mentioned it, but one can't help but be curious about those astronomically priced shoes...
Has anyone ordered from the "new" LN-CC? Curious to see if their shipping is any better/worse...
Somene kop the 46 5zip in B&S, burnished gray calf like mine. Price is right even.
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