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Kunk too?
Kopped Ms CWI a Christmas gift from The Corner. Kopped myself a Falerio Sarti scarf.
Mannn my Maxtor external hard drive just took a dump on me. Generic Code43 device not recognized/error.
LMK when you're in the bay.
You should try it on first before shortening/re-selling. A little extra length on that particular make is a good thing.
MMM velcro hi's are super underrated. I almost like them better than the OG hi's. Almost.
Also, they don't make that particular model anymore. IIRC that was from the same sample sale I picked up my boiled wool vest from.
Why can't we time Hirsh out? Or 10Hannes or tons of other people? I used to report them zealously but I don't bother anymore.
Didn't a couple of other places have it too initially?
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