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Cupertino, Saratoga, Palo Alto (not East), Los Altos and a few other places were barely affected if at all 7 years ago. It's not just SF, San Mateo, Marin.
@Dbear the market we're in isn't the same as the rest of the country (not trying to stunt). People offer 20% over ask all cash in one weekend for houses even without visiting them. We're talking $1mil + asking for even town houses or small single family homes.
Houses in the right areas here don't make it past 1 weekend of open houses.
Jacket and no tie > any vest combos.
Snow Throne. Gimme 6.
Was browsing 1st dibs and some sites I found in other parts of the forum where people actual buy said furniture.
Navy tote looks promising... would probably be redundant for my needs considering the navy Margiela. Hmmm
Farmer Zissou becoming sailor Zissou? Or I need to find an architect on Styleforum who gets baller furniture at cost. The equivalent of proxying Mr. Porter founder sales?
Keith, I quite like your finalist as well as the VC.
Baller furniture is orders of magnitude more expensive than baller clothes. While randomly browsing a few sites: Oh hey, that's a pretty cool looking bar cabinet - $3800. That's a pretty cool couch (and it's not from a designer so famous that I immediately recognize it) - $11000. That dining set would fit great - $8500. OK let me go look at Costco: Veneer basic ass shit bedroom set: $3800. WTF? 5 pc dining set - $1200. WTF?
New Posts  All Forums: