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So there's a startup in SF that's business plan is to "securely link physical goods to an Internet representation of those goods, with applications for authenticity, ownership, and provenance tracking." They're starting with sneakers. They're hiring for a variety of functions including "sneaker authenticator". @willy cheesesteak The VC one of my friends works at invested into the seed round. In semi-related news... Flight Club offers financing now? That's at least as...
Depending on socks and the particular iteration, I think sizing down .5 tends to work best for me, but TTS is fine.
B. Nelson is well regarded. Whichever shop you use, make sure you leave specific instructions (if not handling it in person).
Greg, would you or someone else indulge us with a fitpic of the memory coat sans hood?
Jesse at FJ Western handles all of my cobbler needs. He's a forum favorite for much more expensive/rare footwear than SLP. Put a heel tap and topy on my Wyatts.
So if anyone size 50 is interested in a burgundy 5-zip with some wear on shoulders/upper back, I know someone who's selling one (it doesn't seem to be posted on any other forums/e-bay ATM). Just a PSA, it is most definitely not mine and I'm not gaining anything from it. Seller is the same guy I got my '09 calf 5-zip from.
Stuff can fit weirdly, at least in the past. Fabrics and colors have always been strong.
So uhh that new VC chrono is going to be somewhere around $80k?
ToG killing it.
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