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Are thumbs not passed down?
This is someone who makes almost triple what I do, but shops at Walmart.
That feel when your boss puts a pen mark on your SLP bomber and says "oops, can I clean it with some water?" So uhhh suggestions?
Handling fees are whatever the courier wants to charge. Customs charges should follow a set table.
I dunno how people here don't have safes (and hopefully insurance) considering what's posted.
On a related note, people here often mix up customs fees and handling fees.
I obviously need more 5 zips...
Nightrider going up in price by $100 today. Men's private sale didn't do much for me. A lot of cool stuff for women though.
I'm wearing a size large as well. US40 in fashion stuff... apparently a 46 in Formosa.
Greg didn't film a Charlie Chaplin short like Willy?
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