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There's been entire months of no rain here in the bay area too... we're in a pretty bad drought.
I never even saw the SC go up. Sad story.
Is Leffot still the only place making a color #8 LWB on antique edge trim? Would prefer non Barrie, but that's idle dreaming.
There were some old pics once upon a time and that's what I was told about the shirt. Unknown if pricing or details have changed in the elapsed time. Don't have pics saved or anything but I'm sure they're floating around somewhere. I have no clue about the ones dropping this week.
Nice hardware snaps and leather yoke... that's already 2 up on SLP's take.
$325 on the plaid flannel.
A lot of Bloomingdale's buys lasted deep into sale season. Some useful things if you bothered to sort through the mess.
Drew's also deaf so there's the whole "call the workshop" thing. It's all been explained before. It's not rocket science, but it's still a logistical pain in the ass. Clearly Drew doesn't feel inclined to do so. You won't convince him by posting about it here.
New rule: no posting here w/o relevant pics. JFC, if you need a jacket that badly, go kop a Rick or SLP or whatever. Sure waiting around sucks, I have a 1+ year order I'm waiting on too, but you know what is worse? The endless bitching here that will not change a single, damn, thing. If it was that easy to provide updates and Drew really cared to, he would have by now. Your post isn't going to be the one that magically creates constant dialogue.
Meermin (I have a pair of black wholecuts for black tie functions). Andrew Locke (CM forum affiliate, I have some brown cap-toe oxfords). Both have been fine for occasional use. I have nicer CM shoes too, but these aren't bad.
New Posts  All Forums: