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It's a running joke. The GM of my company will give me shit from time to time for dressing too casually - often times invoking some "rule" about how I should be dressing instead. One involved collared shirts (which I pretty much wear M-Th now, with the occasional knit mixed in). Meanwhile... company shirts and square toed Rockports or whatever.
He was kinda mad yeah, but then he left at 11AM anyway. Leather is pretty comfy. Obviously more structured than my lamb jackets, but pretty supple. Every once in a while the belt buckle will bang on something if I'm not paying attention, that's about it.
From earlier.
Shipping at cost. Includes GA wristband pass + shuttle pass card. No more Ms CWI, so available below cost to the SF homies.
Is the soft navy calf.
As I recall, you are at least one of these.
Fighting the collar requiring oppresors with the SF uniform. ToJ/JEx2/CP
RRL on sale or e-bay in that price range.
Ok I'll skip bathroom pics today.
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