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It will probably be really foggy and windy outside of a little window around early afternoon. It is like 95% of the time. SSF, Pacifica and Daly City have this weird micro climate of constant fog. It's like a wizard's castle.
They do. I've also been asked several times if I agree that the Banana Republic catalog is awesome. People also remind me that they splurge and ball out every once in a while at J. Crew. Oh, and Mad Men parties. Yeah.
Most stylish serf award?
Same cut doesn't even measure the same from style to style in the same season.
Send to me for long term testing relative to other calf... just saying.
I suggest you search and look around more before committing to Prada. Those items sound very basic too...
Barney's site is pretty awful for a retailer of that magnitude.
max-t, he of the amorphous body. I have no idea how you handled that range for the riders. Blazer looks good though in that pic.
IIRC that shirt fits really slim doesn't it? You might need the 50.
The extra piece is for patching holes isn't it?
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