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Warmer weather vibes. Niche/Big John/SLP
Hmmm I suppose I roll with an L.
Take a week of PTO for Styleforum.
I couldn't make it past 1 day ago. Pls halp. Unless no thumb comments is one of the holy rules of CM? STOP EXPERIMENTATION.
Where can I read up about CM's confusion regarding thumb comments?
I GOT 50 THUMBS OK? YOU'RE TELLING ME THAT'S NOT ENOUGH? How many reblogs is a thumb worth? Can we set up an exchange? IMO with the return of thumb comments, they should be trading at an all time high.
Come across any unicorn rustlers lately?
https://squareup.com/market/april-in-paris 50% off in stock items. AiP is probably one of the better independent leather shops in the states. The owner used to work for Hermes doing their custom orders. @rach2jlc
Mist tunic. sizing on the tunic collar is consistent with L = EU50 more or less?
We need a StyleForum approved interior designer to create optimal WAYWT pic taking conditions. (5).
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