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I think Moo got a 2 week timeout. People were missing his presence over in CM.
Yes.I'll never get Panerai.
If you think Uniqlo socks are going to be like Pantharella socks, you're in for a rude awakening.
They also don't have an Android App? Almost as lame as Forward.
Hood by Air is the special guest for Pitti 87. Alas, poor @Synthese, how can we prepare him?
ACCOUNT5. Must I register?6. How can I register?7. What does it cost to be a member?8. Why do you need my Social Security number?We collect your Social Security number in order to increase the security of online payment and to check your credit rating and registered address in connection with invoice purchase.
They really require your SSN?
Clark... get into devops or something. $$$. OK I'll stop before we derail into career advice again. For reference, I work in Silicon Valley at a boutique technical recruiting firm. Even as an engineer before, I've been in "business casual" for most of my career.
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