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People need designers to fix their often times ill-conceived ideas. If you're copying an existing jacket using existing patterns, that's not designining something. Most people on this forum probably couldn't/shouldn't do more than compare measurements to existing measurements and try to reverse engineer something.
I think for most people, turning to a Johnson (or any other repro maker) for a fashion jacket isn't going to turn out very well. There's nobody to provide the taste/design required, much less spec-ing. If you want reprowear type stuff it's a good option, but most posters here are not capable of producing something good on their own.
Yeah, thanks to @el Bert. Stil looking for a peak lapel camel coat.
Check Schneider.
I didn't like the back pockets of the ones at SP.
No. You read this thread for pics and then order thru the page.
We're Asian though.
"Stylistic advantage" might be the most CM way to discuss sneakers I've ever heard. PS Greg, we buy boots all the time! Just like we buy and pre-order winter coats that we get to wear less than 5 days a year
Pics and size chart will be on the market site I'm guessing?
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