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Hot Doug's / Girl and the Goat are pretty touristy but I'll be damned if they aren't delicious.
1. don't make threads for this kind of stuff - post in ask a question or the sunglasses thread 2. I have no idea, but most aviators that aren't total shit but are popular with celebs = Cazal, vintage or Cartier.
Golf was one of my main sports (and still is) - almost played collegiate. That's the only time polos are better than OCBDs. Maybe tennis? But those aren't really occasions where fashunz is a concern.
c4, you should make a DIY needles style rebuild cashmere sweater I believe in you.
OCBD >>>>> polo
Shipping is tough but I ordered some MMM jeans. Considered the SLP belt.
I'd consider a 52 with shortened lengths. My 50 was a hair tight in the upper chest/shoulders.
No. There's 3 colorways. Charcoal tonal, Green with contrast liner, Grey with charcoal liner. Shouldn't be hard to Google search the post or search the NMWA thread...
Just instakop from NMWA when they drop or hope someone mis-sized.
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