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Probably this one
Something something upcycle something. I guess he's done collaborations with Off White, Yohji, and FoG? Stockists don't list anything online... Joyce, Maxfields, Hirshleifers, etc. Anyone feel like taking a look?
For < $150/night AirBnb in LA, I was pretty happy with it.
On a semi related note, Readymade so hype right now.
Where to kop sherpa (shearling too baller) lined rancher coat? Wear over tee with jeans and boots all "winter".
So much want.
So Crime by Design = $450 screen printed T shirts? Worse than Lucien Pellat-Finet.
Do any of the new SS scarves shed? That's my main complaint with some of the older fuzzy ones.
Anyone eaten at Mistral in Sherman Oaks? Looking for an early dinner spot before I fly out of Burbank next week.
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