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Also, I don't really enjoy almost eating it every time I have to walk across those raised bumps at crosswalks (especially after/during rain).
I've been looking for one of those damned Cloak shearlings that @Synthese has stockpiled. What's the point of wearing the fishtail sans liner?? OK I lied, I'll probably wear it without too, but I mean... My Merino is happily hibernating still in its NMWA cocoon/garment bag.
Even walking on bad pavement is gonna beat up your soles pretty hard. Hard to really tell outside of looking at pictures of previous work or having them do a "test run". Topy job isn't rocket science, but you do want to maintain the balance.
I might not get to wear my SdC fishtail unless I go on vacation somewhere cold...
They're on display at the SF boutique. I'd imagine they would be at most if not all boutiques by now.
Prussian blue lamb suede Harrington still one of my favorite things to wear. Regret missing the suede trucker jackets... those were slept on hard too.
You should not get a 9 in Virgils.
I can't think of a reason not to put topy on these boots... especially if you live somewhere with shitty weather or snow. I've since ordered another pair of MMM side zips and CP chelseas. Not sure if I'll keep the SeFs yet, but as a public service, I might just get the damned topy/taps installed and take some pictures.
Some in Spain, some in Italy. I'd imagine a lot of overlap with Balenciaga - Kering group and all.
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