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Wait, how come I don't have your IG?
I've never been to Los Altos Grill fwiw. Are you looking for other suggestions in the area?
I wonder how WoK feels about it. Hopefully supportive and happy We worried she might disown him for the Yohji experimentation, remember?
Pretty much what Dino said. Source: materials engineering background.
Interesting, Yigal Azrouel had some fairly well regarded leather jackets and boots a while back.
That asymmetrical hem would bother me forever.
They copied Drew. He's one of the original guys from House of Billiam right? No idea of their products, but they definitely let you salad bar whatever the fuck you please for better or worse (usually worse, people have no taste).Also, to people in general who try to make fashion jackets at non-fashion jacket places: don't confuse MTM with pattern design.
Something something Geller something.
These normally go in the e-bay sales thread - no rule against posting, as long as it's not self promotion. http://www.styleforum.net/t/176245/the-official-ebay-b-s-eshop-someone-should-kop-thread
When keeping it artisanal goes wrong.
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