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Ooh me too. Broke up the awfulness of an early Saturday morning grind.
B!CD coming through as always. Haha well... FW'07
Someone know what the Joyce tag is about? I've seen other pics that have a Made in Italy tag there.
Thanks for your thoughts. I rarely wear CBD to work currently and I suppose it would be more of a social occasion watch. TBH I'm not important enough for tons of black tie functions (I enjoyed the discussion a little while back about that), so I suppose that leaves nice dinners and weddings. The random night at the symphony maybe. We'll see how the next year or so plays out, this will probably be a slow burn. I really like the VC I mentioned before, but every time I see a...
Noooo I won't know if my incoming order will fit me sufficiently yet. West Coat SW&D rep? jk I'm under-qualified.
Hey, so, can the Stylefarm be your band's style consultant?
We can hold plants hostage to get to @conceptual 4estWe can bribe @willy cheesesteak with Popeyes@unbelragazzo can be distracted with fabric swatchesbut @gdl203...
Is it odd that I really love the idea of owning a proper dress watch (VC Patrimony small seconds I think), but would have very rare occasion to wear it?
He's French.
Wtf @gdl203 is all knowing about all topics.
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