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OK tunic pre-order placed.
Bloomingdale's EG buy pretty whatever. Some of the floral shorts. T shirts. Olive bomber jacket. I noticed they picked up Geller though.
Niche/Big John (old Aloha rag collaboration)/SLP
Warmer weather vibes. Niche/Big John/SLP
Hmmm I suppose I roll with an L.
Take a week of PTO for Styleforum.
I couldn't make it past 1 day ago. Pls halp. Unless no thumb comments is one of the holy rules of CM? STOP EXPERIMENTATION.
Where can I read up about CM's confusion regarding thumb comments?
I GOT 50 THUMBS OK? YOU'RE TELLING ME THAT'S NOT ENOUGH? How many reblogs is a thumb worth? Can we set up an exchange? IMO with the return of thumb comments, they should be trading at an all time high.
New Posts  All Forums: