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Merino reissue + Geller dip dye
@Fycus is still the wizard. PS awesome rug is awesome PPS I think I'm getting sucked back into crazy Visvim/Kapital type stuff. Halp. Think like the stupid hype kerchief stuff, patchwork etc.
Stylefarmer time travel. Wearing suede ToJ + DH raws and GAT's.
Halp, I have an irrational want for these.
Me in Hawaii next month: Minotaur crinkly shirt or linen beater shirts (optional), Niche floral shorts, Sublime paper hat, and Common Projects.
@milosh buy my bomber - I'll cut you a deal.
Who makes interesting club master style sunglasses... Cutler and Gross? Regis gonna be 2 face for Halloween?
I want a hat too! Here's a somewhat better tunic pic.
Not sure I'm ready to drop the necessary funds (even at sale price)... Or this
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