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Too much fragmentation
No tripod so this will have to do. Visvim/Niche/JE/Visvim
There's someone selling a picture (laminated even!) of a pair of Yeezy boots for $300.
Me too, me too.
@Lorcan7 could probably do Haider Ackermann too.
Browse through the thread - we have a pretty wide spread of looks. You might surprise yourself.
I started wearing black jeans and my ochre suede boots quite a bit. Also ecru type shades with black. Everything went better than expected.
I read a lot of Dragonlance growing up.
Hey @Lorcan7, have you considered the SLP tunics from this past season? Think they would be a good fit for you, although the brand probably isn't something you would usually look at.
I just want to wear a white poplin shirt, jeans and boots every day. Regression? Hmmm should I buy another VISVIM 101?
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