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IIT a lot of people with distorted ideas of what constitutes formal clothing. I really hope JE goes full on wide leg or flares just for the tears and rage.
You outdoorsy folks. I'm looking for something besides my NR single breasted (with liner) for travel. Nike ACG blazer system? Something from Arc'Teryx? This won't be for any camping. Maybe light hiking, but mostly city walking in the rain etc. Also footwear wise... just grab some Nike weather stuff? I have access to Columbia/Sorel/Mountain Hard Wear stuff for cheap.
There's no way that Regis is really a dentist. And younger than I am.
Are the ACG blazer systems any good? If so how to size? Thinking of picking one up to use for travel. Maybe the cargo pants too?
So far so good.
From work event last week. Required techbro shirt, rest SLP.
Quick bathroom pic
YG would be my first choice All versions are nice though. It might be within my reach soon, but not immediately.
Kung Fu Girl Reisling. Stupid name, really good value. $10-$15/bottle.
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