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You should try it on first before shortening/re-selling. A little extra length on that particular make is a good thing.
MMM velcro hi's are super underrated. I almost like them better than the OG hi's. Almost.
Also, they don't make that particular model anymore. IIRC that was from the same sample sale I picked up my boiled wool vest from.
Why can't we time Hirsh out? Or 10Hannes or tons of other people? I used to report them zealously but I don't bother anymore.
Didn't a couple of other places have it too initially?
The topic of zippers has been heavily debated there. There are tons of high end zippers. That's all you need to know. For the layman, people latch onto RiRi because it's convenient and easy rather than the grade of YKK or other brands like Lampo or MRS or whatever. It's like looking at how tight the lockup is on a 1911 rather than truly checking out the fit, finish and handwork. They've all been around for quite some time. RiRi just happens to be the new "made in Italy" BS.
AFP: I just buy separates (currently Epaulet x2 for CM type suiting). I did luck out with a Boglioli silk blend suit though that didn't require much work on the pants. Someday I'll MTM from somewhere semi-baller like Formosa or something. Epaulet and WvG have domestic, more affordable MTM options/separates. I ordered a MTM tux once from Thick as Thieves that was decent quality, but the jacket came out really tight.
Various Takeshi Yakuza movies?
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