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Someone who buys a lot from Yoox and actually keeps it.
Gap x Pendleton. Might have to check this out in store TBH.
I kinda wanna see some real U-neck pics before I commit. I still wear the crap out of my other regular crewneck T's from Mauro though.
USPS sent a 2 day priority package destined for SoCal from the bay area to Baltimore. Fun times!
That is so good love that cord color.
Angle sucks, but maybe I can will the weather to cool off. EG/SLP/Visvim
As much as I love Schneider knits, I sometimes wish he would just employ a more conventional collar/buttoning. Anyway, pre-orders came. It was 95 today.
Wore my Jil metallic cardigan for the first time in forever. Feels good man.
I was talking about the bottom one, although I checked out both.
Old wyatts
New Posts  All Forums: