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It has little if anything to do with the fact that he's wearing Junya. Does the photography/background/poster reputation have something do with it? A little. But to the point, people post 5 figure fits that get no love... whether it's because they are poorly executed or poorly photographed. People get dumped on hard too for end of season reject pile sale kops due to "brand name".
I see you failed to refute the other aspects...
Is he CM's version of Sinnedk?
Don't suppose you'll be re-stocking the above lighter suede?
The Kanye/Hypebeast effect. Agenda was recently too right? I dunno. Sorry, no idea about gray MA-1's.
Fear of God is poorly made derivative stuff.
It's difficult to believe that you're actually looking for information about it when you frame your post with words like "ridiculous" and "clownish"? If I pasted one of the roboposed staid Brooks Brother's-esque fits that was well received in CM and used that kind of language, would you consider it as "good natured"? If nobody answers this more eloquently, I'll think of something tomorrow. For now here's a tired half-way attempt that will include a lot of generalizations...
This is the problem. You view everything through a CM lens. Not everyone wants to wear CBD outside of work or some vaguely aspirational Ivy stuff or follows every one of Flusser's rules.
I'm struggling to give you good natured advice... so I'll settle for a GTFO.
Did you know there's a small apartment high rise in Oakland called Van Buren Tower? I forgot to take a pic this weekend.
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