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I want one of those hot towel cabinets for my cube at work.
I get my haircut at a place that hosted a Styleforum meetup in SF. It's pretty nice and they have locations around the country and Toronto IIRC. Free booze + nails + shoeshine + facial + haircut combo. They have social events too, but I usually can't attend as they're during the week.
[[SPOILER]] RG Richard / JE T / APC PS / MMMxConverse / SS scarfDriving around with the scarf on plus sunglasses was pretty amusing.
Gdl pls.
My co-workers are talking about highly coveted Kate Spade bags for themselves and friends. I'm missing something right?
Just a random anecdote, but the basic Balmain T's have held up amazingly well.
https://www.ssense.com/men/product/balmain/white-leather-high-top-sneakers/108042 Size 43 left.
If that pea coat will fit me, I'm in There are a few other forums + e-bay.
Really? Oh well. Breds and broyals are nice, but I'm not paying $500+ (maybe more?) for that quality shoe.
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