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Open format is best format. I want that stupid Loewe shearling.
Nothing meaningful to add, but this recent convo has been interesting.
Numbe (n)ine x Disney stuff all so good. Kinda want the new release stuff.
A conceptual 4est sprite.
Those Hender Scheme "timbs" are so tempting. TBH I'd get more use out of black as I have the brown VISVIM boots...
So EU fashunz 50 I should go M?
How's sizing?
Linjer is a decent value prop that I've handled in person for more traditional use. I have a pebbled MMM bag for work as needed. I didn't pay retail and I'm under no illusions about its construction. If I wore a suit everyday I'd probably spring for one it the nicer briefcases either custom or branded. Hell I may still commission something as is. YMMV.
Wait where? I took a cursory glance yesterday and didn't see any interesting knits or pants.
Bring on the shearling.
New Posts  All Forums: