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Makeup/cosmetics "influencer" agencies are crazy.
There's not really "Saint Laurent tailors" for most customers.
@nahneun how do you feel about the recent 2ne1 drama? *I have no idea about the situation, but saw some hubbub.
Notre is a pretty well regarded retailer and you should also always read the restrictions? It's a standing policy that's pretty clearly stated. Something something sale shoppers.
The car dealership system is awful.
We don't need more coal miners. Eventually we will need to separate wage from labor.
They're not London black cabs. Cabs out here are generally unreliable and not well maintained.
It doesn't, but you're kidding yourself if this isn't commonplace. Automation is just speeding up the conversation.
Facebook and Open Compute is what you should read more about. LinkedIn is also starting to build its own hardware (they probably won't opensource the specs and software though). Azure has made great strides and the native support of Linux and Docker etc. reflect the shift in mindset. As far as Google goes, I'm more interested in their work in machine learning and Kubernetes. PS, Oracle bought Dyn.
That sucks (and I don't know anyone who has worked in their warehouses), but it's also not skilled labor. Is universal basic wage the answer? I don't know. Amazon's eng environment in many teams isn't as good as other leading tech companies.Uber also doesn't have a monopoly... there's cabs, Lyft, etc. There are lots of people getting into the autonomous driving game.
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