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Vass construction >>> SLP construction, but it's not like any of my SLP boots have fallen apart. Disclaimer: I topy + heel tap every pair immediately.
Color and pricing
Old blackwatch bomber (cotton) from FW12 or so? Would be awesome for @gdl203 to reissue TBH. It's my most worn Schneider piece.
Cozy. SS/SLP
Cashmere fwiw.
Dat Cabourn - interested.
Barney's SF carries Dries... Unless it disappeared in the last 3 weeks.
Kapital FW '14
Ok, sashiko stitching, but they still look and with one panel above the knee and the other leg below the knee?And the destroyed on those racks were what everyone was excited about. These ones look like someone scraped the resin/wax off of an old pair of Diors.Maybe they'll look better in person. Or in styled/filtered shots.
Embroidered jeans looking like some bootleg Balmains. or bootleg versions of the various bootlegs (Represent, Amiri, whatever). Destroyed don't really look like the old show room rack pics, but maybe just that particular shot.
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