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Ever since I moved UPS has been super unreliable. They consistently run late with delivery and sometimes show items as "delivered" even though I've been home the whole night and then the items randomly show up the next day or so. WTF.
Can you imagine @Lorcan7 and @thatoneguy successfully pulling off a wardrobe swap? I could. Imagine the style that could be farmed.
Yes, PM with questions, I don't get notifications from these threads.
Eddie has some pretty cool older Helmut Lang pieces. I wish I dressed that well when I was at Cal... or even now.
Hmmm debating a Porter bag for carry-on abuse. Anybody have a recommendation as to which configuration? Or maybe the duffel bag?
Reminds me, I regret not picking up the boiled wool Branquinho jacket from a while back I think Parker has one.
SS, RG, SLP, MM, Vis, EG, JE, CP I have random Jil, Inverallan, IM, etc. mixed in, but the above are what I wear most (including shoes). This excludes CM stuff.
Isn't Spring carrying "Robert Geller Denim" soon? I dunno just thought maybe it's some offshoot line.
So consensus is that the current denim has had some quality issues correct? And he's releasing a new denim program soon?
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