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You had to be among first customers.
Old Big John (not from NMWA) white denim that I tapered and cut for a raw hem..
Niche is fun.
Whoops, mixed it up with the other cardigan!
Hmmm I didn't see anything. Also, looks like some Schneider pre-order items may be arriving? Saw the brigade cardigan up elsewhere.
There's no way of knowing. You can call and check or just wait.
Depends on the carrier.
Farfetch is for stores that don't have an online presence (or have a half-assed one). How things are packed depends on how much that particular store cares.
Private shipping companies often add "handling fees" or "processing fees" that are independent of any customs fees. Pay them. You can proactively call to see if you have any charges pending or wait for something in the mail. Even if the amount is under $800, they are charging you for having to fill out declaration forms and whatever (if you've ever shipped internationally, the little paper you fill out is similar). Is it worth however much they're charging? Probably not,...
It's pretty breathable and light. I haven't worn it outside at all though, only tried on in the house. Part of the reason why I got it in the first place as it's significantly warmer where I live/work than say San Francisco. @TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES
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