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Nobody is saying it is?
SLP permanent collection has been available for around $2k. Maybe not anymore now that the brand is really taking off. I would say Balmain or some of the more CM-y brands like Brioni come in way higher.
Be careful casting aspersions on people's spending power. Dus will get sensitive again. Lots of people here own SLP, MMM, RO etc. and ToJ. Shrug.
It probably will. Holidays are srs business in Korea.
Keep both. Sell CM shoes.
Kunk too?
Kopped Ms CWI a Christmas gift from The Corner. Kopped myself a Falerio Sarti scarf.
Mannn my Maxtor external hard drive just took a dump on me. Generic Code43 device not recognized/error.
LMK when you're in the bay.
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