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Ssense has the Antigona for a good price.
You can lanesplit in Cali.
It's the cycle of "how come we don't have more cool stockists?? how come all the buys are boring??" followed by "when can I have it for 80% off" then followed by "OMG WHY IS XYZ STORE CLOSING" I'm not "rich" much less CM rich, but I understand that sometimes you just gotta pay retail if you want what you want in your size. If I miss out on something because I wasn't willing to pay for it, I don't freak out. If something I buy goes on sale a bit later, it doesn't make me...
Stores are cheap and don't want to get the hardware to read chips. They're also afraid of confusing customers (I'm serious). Gas in California urban areas is some of the most expensive in the country, but still cheaper than Europe. There are a lot of homeless people in SF and many other states and cities ship their homeless people over here because we have "better" support systems for homeless and mental health.
Need to post Greg + ice cream fitpic.
You mean 80% off sale customers who return half of their orders aren't good for business?
I've seen the authorized EU retailer list - barring some mistake omission they weren't listed. I've got no problem with Matches. Their shipping and packaging are pretty great to the states.
DiNic's roast pork >>>>>>>>>>>>
Matches isn't an authorized SLP retailer. No idea how they get their stock.
Free at last, free at last. Thank Fok almighty, free at last.
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