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Drew had some nice 5 zip fits
Trying to put something together for the Stylefarmer IG. I was thinking that I'd try to pick "best of" fits and then some fits that include SW&D iconic items. Sifting through mountains of fits, but I was thinking of including some or all of the following: 5-zip Schneider merino SNS stark or Ervell pocket sweater Margiela GAT or CP achiles (heh) Rick stooges or scuba or dunks Miharayasuhiro rose camo RG brick bomber Helmut Lang bondage (either pants or a vest or bomber) OL...
Canlis was surprisingly fun. Shiro's was OK. Paseo horribly overrated.
Out of those listed, I would go with the JLC MUT. Best combination of aesthetic and technical merit IMO.
@penanceroyaltea is a cool dude who knows his food.
SLP/ WvG/ SLP/ MMMxConverse
Those plain toe derbies.
Also, tried on some of the new jeans yesterday. The lightest wash pair ran a little looser than the others for me. YMMV.
I hope it works out for everyone! Every year there are tales of despair and woe though.
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