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It's Junya There's a 20% kicker code too for sale items only. LGPDAY20 Also, other Junya items in small and medium only including the quilted combo blazer
And yet we didn't see you in SF so that you could at least have internet bros comment on your clothes slightly more accurately.Nobody asks me about any of my jawnz really except the receptionist at the hair salon. Feels bad.
Vanessa's dumplings IIRC?
I have limited personal experience, but by most accounts, Chinese food in general in NY is wildly overrated even relative to other US cities/areas.
Independence maybe?
From my less experienced/learned POV, any of these 3 would be compelling (I like the Vacheron best): http://www.hodinkee.com/features/three-on-three-manual-dress-watch
I'm much closer to SJ than SF If you have time, SJ has pretty solid Mexican and Vietnamese food in general. Not much else unless you want to drive into the suburbs.
What are you doing out here Zissou?
Something about how it was a broad generalization and unfair pigeonholing of CM.
Fok, you can get the same visa (in the US) as traditional athletes while participating in e-sports now.
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