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Pretty sure that level of site doesn't make sense for someone with as little infrastructure as Mauro. IMO Haven has one of the best sites in the business.
Mellofellow and tons of other people used to post CP's. My CP's are probably my most robust baller sneakers... I'd recommend them if someone was to only get 1 pair. Also, Grailed has never been about "Grail" items. I remember seeing worn regular old Converse and used J. Crew random shirts for sale mixed in with the cross posts from here and SuFu.
@RFX45 get the VC.
We can call you dick. Does that work?
Do they not take phone orders anymore?
O. I got no address confirmation, so I guess I'm outta luck (July 2nd 2013DR).
Well @Synthese, there's always this http://www.styleforum.net/t/407788/8500-tom-ford-chocolate-brown-suede-long-hair-shearling-fur-jacket-50-eu
Looks awesome. No jacket for me it seems. Owell.
Damnit, why am I still at work?? July 2nd.
There was a dark soft calf option for a while (that I opted for).
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