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Story time: Mulberry's RTW has never sold well, especially in the states. Kate Middleton once wore a Mulberry cape/coat out and it immediately sold out in the US. Kim Kardashian wearing the SLP SL1 sunglasses has caused them to repeatedly sell out in the states. Look at the celeb JE hype. Tons of people walk into boutiques with pictures of celebs and say "I want that".
FWIW the people who make bots for buying hyped sneakers now make bots for Kylie Jenner lipkits.
Someone who buys a lot from Yoox and actually keeps it.
Gap x Pendleton. Might have to check this out in store TBH.
I kinda wanna see some real U-neck pics before I commit. I still wear the crap out of my other regular crewneck T's from Mauro though.
USPS sent a 2 day priority package destined for SoCal from the bay area to Baltimore. Fun times!
That is so good love that cord color.
Angle sucks, but maybe I can will the weather to cool off. EG/SLP/Visvim
As much as I love Schneider knits, I sometimes wish he would just employ a more conventional collar/buttoning. Anyway, pre-orders came. It was 95 today.
Wore my Jil metallic cardigan for the first time in forever. Feels good man.
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