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So the intern frantically trying to fix the code for Rick Owens items on The Corner a few years ago?
That's not a "classic" color.
That shit was legendary.
Don't forget that they were paying a lot for Hedi (et al) too... Aside from that, a lot of people were unhappy with the direction he was taking things, especially women's. I'd imagine Vaccarello will focus a lot more on women's RTW.
If you're talking about the one that is $1890: it's really oversized, size down.
Picked up some scarves.
Is this a spinoff of the Navy seal copy pasta? PS, urban CA, why are you still not shall issue for CCW??
I wish that brown suede jacket got made.
Pharrell is one of the coolest dudes on the planet. YMMV, but for that price, I'd rather go with VISVIM or some other brand.
My SLP stuff is all pretty mild. Olive MA-1, PC teddy, mid gray double breasted overcoat from I think FW14?, SS16 knee patch denim, nightriders, Hedi 30 high (calf and suede), old D01 coated from one of the early seasons, Wyatts (suede forgot which season but old, black calf chain), Santiags (suede), black/white SL10, white lows. I'll probably pick up an L17, maybe a shirt or two and a scarf and call it a day. I find SLP knitwear in general to be pretty underwhelming....
New Posts  All Forums: