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Me: so, it looks like NMWA pre-orders will be coming soon Ms CWI (who works in fashunz): is it that online store that you buy from? Me: yes Ms CWI: will there be more Schneider and Geller pre-orders? I like that stuff Me:
There is no obligation to adjust, especially if your size is no longer available. They are doing you a favor if they choose to do so. If you approach it that way, feel free to ask.
Also, loud annoying people taking fitpics for IG with clothes they don't own might give me an aneurysm. Fuck outta here with "aspirational customer" bullshit.
Think I'll take @Mr. Six's advice for bay area weather and get my first Formosa suit.
Lighting kind of sucks. Bedford is olive moleskin. Sup kunk. EG/Uniqlo/JE/Visvim
Yes This would be so much more appealing if the closures didn't alternate from snaps to buttons...
They're actually "anatomical seam chinos" I thought about wearing some flannel pants and black shell derbies, but it was raining so I said fuck it.
New Lange stuff looks nice. New JLC peretual is cool, but will suffer from the previously hashed out problems.
More awful pics.Jilx2/MMMx2Metallic/cotton/cotton x cashmere/calf [[SPOILER]]
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