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I have some SLP napkins hand distressed by Hedi for sale. PM me. Also, atelier distressed shoe boxes.
All these new announcements really just make me want to save for a Patek 3940. A less ambitious option would be the VC traditionelle small seconds as it seems to trade at a very attractive price used. I wear suits a handful of times per year, so I just wear my Pepsi every day. I still have an older turned beel datejust with the silver dial, although I should probably part with it (gets minimal wear).
As a big cardigan lover, the most polarizing areas are the collar and waistline.
Took a new job with a pretty substational pay cut (at least for now). Feels bad man. Also, am i weird for not liking to sit on my long coats while driving?
How warm are those Barbours?
Womenswear did relatively poorly under Hedi. He's always treated it as an afterthought. It also doesn't fit anyone. Also alienated the core customer.
As much as people freak out here, Vaccarello was picked primarily for his womenswear and it will sell much more than it did under Hedi.
Ah yes, the semi new spin on the annual "non baller version of a baller version of a non baller sneaker" discussion. MMM still the most comfy.
Boutique and online store inventory are separate and handled by different warehouses. If want an item enough to pay retail and ensure my size, it's not going to change my opinion of the item if it makes sale.
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