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Canadian tuxedo with suede shoes? There is a very slim chance that you are pulling this off well.
You thought about Minotaur or Nonnative fisherman style knits? There's always the CM Italian brands too.
Yeah, your friends all vanish.
Last time they basically didn't ship anything I wanted to North America. I don't have the full rundown. When Raf newer holo velcro strap hi's went super deep on Ssense, people started flipping on grailed within 8 hours.
They won't ship those to the US. If someone wants to proxy I will pay. Nobody was able to proxy Balenciaga for me last time... they won't ship to North America. Also, they have been known to declare full retail value on customs.
To clarify my original post.... I'd probably opt for used RO + JLC MUT to cover dress and sporty needs.
If you read one page back it says January 2015... Now about that waxed black denim
frilly's Nautilus perhaps? Or one of the APs.
I would avoid this particular style altogether, regardless of toe box. YMMV.
Will it be your onewatch? I dunno, I would spend $25k differently (my "nice" watch owning experience is pretty limited). I'm down to my Datejust now... I'd probably add an AP and a JLC MUT moon phase or something with $25k.
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