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Cleanliness is next to sprezziness.
I'm wearing mine today.
Isn't that the way it should be though? It's a tradeshow right?
@agvs and @Lorcan7 hair + brand aesthetic synergy battle.
1. Niche Linen "Bombacha de Ciudad" flower print shorts: I own these, they are awesome. Pair with T shirt + white sneakers. Pair with linen shirt (roll sleeves up) + sneakers. Yacht optional. Supermodels mandatory. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/sale-section/linen-bombacha-de-ciudad-flower-print-shorts.html 2. ts(s) Green cotton herringbone riders shirt-jacket: Pair with workwear or even some tailored looks. Most easily combined with white T + beat up indigo...
Here @Biggskip, I wore green in the evening. All MMM with novis anatomical seam black jeans and side zips. PS, this knit is awesome.
I saw at least 5 middle aged people being arrested walking from the parking structure to my first stop for errands. This was around 11:20AM. Then a huge parade that blocks off one of the biggest streets for the entire day. Took me 1 hour to drive 6 miles to the next place I had to go to.
Crummy mirror pic. St Patrick's day sucks. RG/Phillip Lim/APC/MMM
Show her how many thumbs they get you.
Maybe even a few decades?
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