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There's only size 1 and 2 left in some of the shirts already? Gotta be some sort of glitch as I don't think Schneider goes under size 3. I'll guestimate V or VI when they go live properly I guess... I've taken both depending on the collection.
GG. Glitch/updating process preventing me from kopping. Nice first drop.
Probably like EG. Early adopting accounts grandfathered in/allowed to sell online.
Where do people see the future of the Hulk sub? I prefer it to the black faced anniversary edition... I wonder how these will age? Apparently there were several variations too? They seem to hover around $7800 or so on TRF.
Well, damn.
But, but, but, everyone on SF is a master pattern maker and perfectly understands restraint when making design suggestions. They also always do their homework and read threads before posting.
Price includes CONUS shipping. Size 30 SLP MIJ. Mr. Porter called it 100% cotton, but the tag lists 98% cotton 2 % elastane and 100% cotton. D01 cut (17.5cm) jeans that I had tapered professionally (while BNWT) @ Railcar from the knee down only. They're essentially tapered to match 15.5cm from the knee down. Worn twice around the house for a couple hours to assess fit. Waistband across back un-aligned: 16" Thigh: ~ 10.5" Hem: ~ 6.25"
Might be too small for me too. I'm at the border.
Plaid shirt w/ leather yoke pics went on IG btw for those of you who were asking about it.
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