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To clarify my original post.... I'd probably opt for used RO + JLC MUT to cover dress and sporty needs.
If you read one page back it says January 2015... Now about that waxed black denim
frilly's Nautilus perhaps? Or one of the APs.
I would avoid this particular style altogether, regardless of toe box. YMMV.
Will it be your onewatch? I dunno, I would spend $25k differently (my "nice" watch owning experience is pretty limited). I'm down to my Datejust now... I'd probably add an AP and a JLC MUT moon phase or something with $25k.
The real debate is whether or not nuts belong on a sundae (barring allergies). Laurence Fishburne had a fun little scene about this in Hoodlum.
First one reminds me of the Jil from last year (or was it the year before)? Breezy has it.
I would take a 42, but I only own the high tops. YMMV.
Please tell me you will be carrying that red speckled/marled knit from Gray that was in Synth's writeup? Reminds me of the Jil knit from last year (but hopefully with better proportions). There's also this
Tell me this fits big.
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