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What you can rely on every time: Ssense site not loading. Unionmade orders being cancelled. People whining about customs when they're saving hundreds or thousands of dollars. Someone coming through and asking about Club Monaco or J Crew type codes. One of the sites slipping up and letting a Styleforum approved brand that should be excluded onto the sale list. (I will forever regret that Corner Rick Owens sale). People posting about whether or not they should wait for...
It says more info to come c'mon....
2013DR and BCDR models come from a separate, (even) slower workshop. (0). I'm in the same boat.
I'm a couple inches taller and about 10 lbs lighter than you Steel and I went with a L. I have a Spring weight bedford in L as well.
John Lobb. Priced similarly to DH or SLP.
I'd be surprised if there were any significant discounts barring samples or overstock items, just based on brand positioning etc., but who knows. Anyway, x-post from Friday WAYWT. Nimbus wash.
Just buy Uniqlo and call it a day in that budget. Maybe if your body type is such that it happens to fit Brooks Brothers, you might find a few decent options during corporate sale times. $500 is a no mans land when it comes to suiting... waiting for a lucky e-bay thrift find is not sustainable.
The private sale ended. I don't think there's an active code.
It's mostly because of the hordes of affiliate link spammers.
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