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You can call the shipping carrier to see if you will be sent any fees. I usually do this and just pay over the phone rather than waiting around for something in the mail.
Someone beat me to those boots Sad story.
John Allan's Razor Club. They have a few locations in the US and one in Toronto.
Lulz Hood by Air and Marni as the guests. I await tales of our bedraggled chronicler pressing bravely onward through whatever the themed art installation is (ping pong last time?). The various brand write ups are always nice, but I really enjoyed the "swap" article with @unbelragazzo. Good luck to the SF contingent and we look forward to your tales of triumph and woe. I'm assuming Greg will be there too (not for SF duties)?
I go every two weeks, but it's technically unlimited as it's membership based. My hair grows super fast anyway, so it has to be done. I know some people who work close by who get cleaned up once or twice a week or go in for an old-school shave on weekends. Everyone I've seen who works there has completed multiple programs and continues to attend seminars etc. In the end, we are creatures of habit. If you find something/someone that works for you, just roll with it. Getting...
I'm in the process of buying those. Back off you fiends!
I want one of those hot towel cabinets for my cube at work.
I get my haircut at a place that hosted a Styleforum meetup in SF. It's pretty nice and they have locations around the country and Toronto IIRC. Free booze + nails + shoeshine + facial + haircut combo. They have social events too, but I usually can't attend as they're during the week.
[[SPOILER]] RG Richard / JE T / APC PS / MMMxConverse / SS scarfDriving around with the scarf on plus sunglasses was pretty amusing.
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