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New LV sneakers look just like qasas...
I haven't had any problems... like 7 pairs or so.
I bring all of my shoes/boots there for topy or heel needs. I don't have super crazy instructions and just let him do his thing.
FJ Western.
Looks like United Bamboo stopped making theirs? There are some interesting ones that hit sale from Margiela and a few other makers right now.
Hmmm someone link me to the FB group?
My cobbler (who is used by a lot of people on the forum) mentioned that he's no longer able to use the polishes that he typically carries/uses. He also no longer does dye jobs. And the flammable business permit price doubled. He thinks next up are the glues...
The brown suede Wyatts with bronzeish studs? I kind of forgot about those.
I'm still wearing my lamb suede Harrington. Looks and feels fine - I don't wear it in downpours or whatever though.
Minotaur green shirt?
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