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I'm in tech recruiting. I have friends and relatives who are involved with university recruiting at various companies. Facebook, Dropbox and Twitter etc.are all offering better packages than that now for top level new grad hires (in development).
Dropbox $8600 a month plus they put interns up in one of those new condo high rise buildings that's $2k a month rent for a studio. Even the Yahoo types are $50+ an hour now for interns. It's kinda impressive and sad at the same time that Google's 100/100/100 model for new hires is considered a baseline now. $100k salary / $100k signing bonus / $100k options.
Ruth's Chris is the Tory Burch of steakhouses.
That's what some companies out here are paying college interns...
Sprezzatourists. So good.
I'm not in the city proper so it's tough to for me to make it up there before MAC closes during the week. I will be stopping by for sure on Saturday (even if nothing's left ). Will report back though.
Damn I want that flecked suit, was still $1050 or so on sale at Barney's. MAC= a shop in SF that has no webshop and doesn't do phone orders.
The Margiela bracelet I got Ms CWI a while back.
Fuuuuuck what Dries left? Batik baker?
Barton Perreira/ Schneider/ Jil Sander/ Epaulet/ Alden
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