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Shearling fit could benefit from: Scarf delete Replace pants with beat up jeans Replace shoes with brown boots or even white sneakers
Hai Ky is awesome - cash only though.
One of these days Frank will show up in full Devoa and some Layer-O boots.
"What do you mean?? After making me take all of those ridiculous pictures of you in your new clothes for random people on the Internet and making me late for work you don't even want to post them??"
A Michelin galaxy chef who specializes in preparing rift creatures.
OK yeah I guess this is terminology fail on my part.
Too small for me. Definitely too small for Synth
I own that watch and am wearing it right now.Turned not fluted bezel. It's a nice everyday watch for my purposes (business casual to casual). I've worn it with suits too as needed. Also, thanks to everyone I reached out to for input/advice regarding my purchase.
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