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I've kind of avoided trying those flannels on becuase I think I'll want one and that's stupid money to pay for that kind of shirt.
They have Helion Openstack etc, but yeah.
There's already quite a few brands making cheap approximations of Viberg/Visvim footwear.
B!CD, I doubt Everlane will ever make a blazer for you to add to your collection.
HP has a lot of more conservative enterprise clients. Shrug.
Pretty sure CM is several orders of magnitude bigger than SW&D whether it's about readers, B&S, etc. PS I know some people who work at nastygal (0) and they've been there for quite some time now FWIW.
Will we see pre-orders for RG too??
I still haven't even worn my Schneider merino coat. And I have a SdC rabbit fur lined fishtail coming this fall.
I got no tracking still. YMMV
Here we were thinking Rais was some sort of futuristic merc captain, but really his sister is the captain and he's part of the maintenance crew.
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