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A vast majority of people will not look good in zipped rider style jackets.
Your favorite topic Charly I know... but uhhh RiRi is still for rider options only right?
The Williest (tm). Extra arm zip used to keep hot sauce handy for Popeyes.
Nah I like them and that was my initial reason for getting them. I also have some slightly more formal Alden black cordovan derbies (cap toe).
Rider pebbled derbies came. Will be useful foul weather shoes.
Hmmm should I kop the garment bomber?
Anyway, in the spirit of the thread... Geller garment dyed bomber is still available for a stupid good price.
Not where you think. At least not currently
A lot of my friends are in SF (and a few in the East Bay), but I grew up/work/live down here. Work in Mountain View, live at the SJ/Cupertino/Saratoga border.
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