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Yes fedora. Hmm green...
No vis 5 zip (it's on the bench). Tried on a bunch of knits, too bad they didn't have the cotton/linen one with articulated sleeve detail in my size...
I dunno how well it would mesh with the rest of my wardrobe (I only have non fashun hats)... I guess only one way to find out? Color suggestion?
Your look will likely change too
I kinda want a LaRose hat navy or charcoal...
I dunno but I'm having sudden thoughts of those old DH studded belts. I think Undercover had a few nice ones too... hmmm Fok, can you think of any other interesting studded belts?
I want these... how to justify
@el Bert's olive khaki Helmut Lang coat. Still on the hunt for something interesting camel toned.
Yeah went from engineer to tech recruiter. I get mailed coupons all the time so it was worth.
I keep one of these for guest coats and it supports a decent amount of weight (the extended arms, less so). There are options with a shelf on the bottom too. http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/commercial-grade-adjustable-folding-garment-rack/1011977235Not the sexiest, but does the job and I have other priorities around the house to get to first. I used to be an engineer, can't be bothered to make one currently
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